Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ayres' Competency Trial is Delayed

[Original post: 09/24/2010 09:29am PST by Deep Sounding]

 The ayres' competency trial has been delayed until January 10th.

The judge indicated that this would be the "LAST" time delay would be allowed. Just like all of the other last times.

What a crock of shit.
Fuck You San Mateo County.

[Update: 09/25/2010by DS]:
As commenters have noted: no word in the press about the delay being granted. People from The San Mateo Daily Journal DID pop in here yesterday afternoon to read about the results though.

[Update: 10/12/2010 by DS] (Never did post this update earlier, been busy and also pissed off):

Apparently, this time the beast's asshat attorney, Jonathan McDougall, really, really, REALLY believes that ayres has dementia or Alzheimer's or something, and he needs to have really REAL tests done. Good thing McDougall waited until just before the competency trial to realize this, otherwise they might have had the really REAL testing done by the time of the already scheduled trial and could have continued without delay. At least the judge has promised that this will be the LAST delay. For Reals.

Articles HERE and HERE.


  1. Merry fucking Christams San Mateo County! Beth Freeman will be off in Hawaii while the circus of clowns go after people who forge her signature. No wonder criminals get away with it.

    Weak, weak, DA's office!

  2. It's not Beth Freeman anymore. It's 39 year old Judge Lisa Novak.

  3. I believe that the competency was to be heard by a different judge, and the "regular" judge will resume after the competency trial. If ever...

  4. In Ohio, in March, 2009 pediatricians Dr. Mark Blankenburg and Dr. Scott Blankenburg were indicted i on 75 counts of child molestation, possession of child pornography, and bribing the boys to stay quiet.

    It only took SEVEN months for Ohio prosecutors to convict Mark Blankenburg. Scott Blankenburg pled guilty two months later.

    This was a far more complicated case than the Ayres case. And besides that as pediatricians the Blankenburgs (unlike Ayres) had a legitimate excuse to be examining boys.

    Does the San Mateo DA's office ever take a look around the country at other similar cases, and notice that other DA's offices are able to achieve a higher success rate with molestation cases involving doctors? Have they noticed that other DA's offices have been able to resolve these cases in a much speedier fashion?

    Weak, weak, weak DA's office.

  5. Bernie Ward (using the same lawyer ayres used in the first trial) was reported, charged, tried, convicted, and has already served some time for his crimes, and ALL AFTER ayres was arrested and BEFORE the biginning of ayres' first trial.

    I guess ayres wasn't just whacking off in his OWN pants pockets. Wonder how many different ways he's "satisfied" all of the local politicians, doctors, and judges?

  6. Over at the Male Survivor website, a poster named Catfish had this to say about the latest Ayres delay:

    You really have to wonder. And then if one of the victims has had enough and deals out some justice, they will be all over it.

  7. Nary a mention in any of today's papers about the new trial date.

    There was a time when every last little delay was reported by the press. But now they're tired of this case too.

    This case has become a joke and a footnote, thanks to the San Mateo District Attorney's office and all of the judges.

  8. Exactly what the County wanted to begin with. San Mateo County officials seem enthralled by people who like to have sex with children.

  9. Convicted on 21 Counts of child molestation yesterday in San Mateo County, Tarquin Thomas was arrested AFTER Ayres. And the prosecutor Aaron Fitzgerald got it right on the first try. Perhaps we might borrow prosecutor Fitzgerald for the Ayres trial?

    From the SM Daily Journal.

    In San Mateo County,a jury on Friday Sept 24, 2010 convicted Tarquin Thomas English software designer living in San Mateo of repeatedly molesting two boys — including one he was in the process of adopting — whom he filmed and photographed nude and performing sexual acts.

    The late hour and large number of charges against Tarquin Craig Thomas, 44, meant jurors were only able to return 21 guilty verdicts before adjourning for the day. The two dozen remaining, including those pertaining to a third boy and the attempted kidnapping of the foster child, will be read on Monday morning as well as decisions on special allegations about substantial sexual contact and multiple victims

  10. Although today’s news about the Thomas case is good news, I don’t know that I’d use that as the sole basis to hold Aaron Fitzgerald in high regard.

    Also in the news today is the news that the Erwin Giovanni Martinez retrial (originally he faced 15 counts of molestation) has been waved off, as Martinez has accepted a plea deal: No contest to two counts of false imprisonment with credit for time served. (I assume no sex offender registration.)

    The Martinez case was prosecuted by Fitzgerald: THIS trial ended in 3 acquittals and hung on the remaining 5 charges (Wait 3+5 doesn’t equal 15! – Yeah, that’s because Judge Bergeron had already tossed out 7 of the charges.) They were going to re-try, but apparently a slap-on-the-wrist plea deal was easier for Fitzgerald and the DA.

    I think the problem is a general sense of laziness in San Mateo County with regard to prosecution of sex crimes cases, particularly when the victim is a child, and there is no physical evidence that the “CSI” team can talk about. Many of the cases that have been basically dropped by the DA have been cases that would require some groundwork to prosecute (along the line of bringing in experts to show the jury that: No, small children don’t usually make up stories like this; No, psychiatrists are not trained to do physicals, etc…)

    Comparatively, Fitzgerald hardly had to lift a finger in the Tarquin Thomas case: the jury got to watch videotape of Thomas in the act. In fact the defense attorney had to BEG the jury to not get emotional, and to “consider the camera angles” because maybe it only looked like there was penetration.

    The bottom line is that San Mateo County is not doing a great job with child sex crimes. Perhaps letting sex offenders off on non-sex crime charges and not registering them as sex offenders is San Mateo’s way of dealing with the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury’s declaration that San Mateo isn’t doing a very good job of monitoring sex offenders. Don’t put them on the registry, and you won’t have to monitor them!

    (Keeping Munks in place at the SO may be the other half of their monitoring program.)

  11. The County Times finally got around to reporting the reason for the delay today:

    Ayres' lawyer is asking for another round of tests for dementia and Alzehimer's.

    Enough is enough.

    The parents need to hire a private investigator to tail Ayres.

    He should be very easy to catch. The investigator should just stake out the local swimming pools.

  12. Have any investigators looked into the backgrounds of Ayers' supporters? It's typical that child molestors have a few "friends" who share their interests. Usually how they form a connection with other adults since part of the child fixation is a problem with "connecting" with other adults.

  13. I look at this site every couple months to see if anything has happened --

    what I mean by anything happening is, has there been any justice.

    The answer is no.

    Guess if you can keep forking out the money and using your influence, then sure enough dementia and who knows what all will creep up and then again there will be no responsibility taken.

    I can only say that it is a sad and appalling story, and shame on those who have "enabled" this.

  14. Comments have been disabled for previous posts, so forgive me if this one seems irrelevant to the current topic.

    As a former friend of the Ayres family, it really kills me to see so many ugly things said about Robert and Barbara. During the years I was friends with Bob, I knew him to be an absolutely exceptional person. Intelligent, altruistic, an achiever in school (indeed, elected class president) and the truest of true friends.

    Say what you will about Dr. Ayres if you have knowledge of the case, but there is no reason to speculate cruelly about or otherwise mischaracterize his children. They're good people.

  15. To Anonymous at 4:28pm on Nov 14th:

    You said: " Say what you will about Dr. Ayres if you have knowledge of the case, but there is no reason to speculate cruelly about or otherwise mischaracterize his children. They're good people "

    I sat there through most of the trial while Robert and his mother carried on (IN THE COURTROOM) with friends and supporters, in an almost wedding-reception-like environment in front of victims and families of victims, at one point, after proceedings had finished for the day, again, while IN THE COURTROOM with families and victims present, one of the “party group” proclaimed merrily “Dinner and dancing?” which Robert seemed to find amusing.

    Robert vigorously and with animation nodded in agreement with ayres' defenders and roll his eyes theatrically at comments made by prosecution witnesses. Robert may have been a nice guy at one time, but his familial bias has made him cruel to the people his father has victimized.
    I sat there quietly and respectfully, watching the evil sub-human who molested me on trial while this buffoon Robert and his twisted mommy and all of their vacuous friends made mockery of the proceedings and ayres’ victims.

    You may have known what he was like in the past, but I know what he is like today. This is not speculation, and YOU are WAY out of line.

    I have been purposely easy on Robert of late, as I have come to realize that it is very likely (speculation) that he was also molested by his father, based on what is known about the psychological behavior of molesters given his established pattern.
    I have been almost entirely hands-off in my discussions of ayres’ daughter, other than to mention that she did NOT appear at trial, and there is very credible evidence (including some that was not allowed to be admitted to the trial) there is good reason that she didn't, and I hope only the best for her. She, unlike her brother, had the good sense not to sully herself by defending a molester.

  16. Let's hope he is found competent. I was one of the victims. This charade goes to show you money can and will buy your way out of the system. That's why the system is flawed in so many ways.