Sunday, August 1, 2010

Advertisement in Patriot Ledger

Advertisement found in the Patriot Ledger July 31, 2010

[Original post: 08/01/2010 07:00am, PST]
This advertisement about william hamilton ayres (accused of molesting many young boys under the guise of practicing psychiatry) appeared in the Patriot Ledger paper yesterday, July 31, 2010.

If you saw this advertisement, and then came to this site because you were a victim, you now know that there are others of us out here. (I am one of them, and there are plenty of others.) Go ahead and call that number - it's not me, but it's safe to call. And if you were in the Boston area at the time, contact Sgt. Detective Robin Demarco as well. If you were in the San Mateo area, (later in ayres' "illustrious" career) please contact Detective Rick Decker at the San Mateo Police Department as well.


  1. What a creepy photo. Wonder where it came from?

    Let us hope Massachusetts victims see the ad and come forward.

  2. I wonder what caused his obscene weight gain in the years after this photo was taken?

  3. Everyone who knew him at Judge Baker in Boston has remarked that he was such a nice looking man. What happened?

    The school principal who did the sex ed series with Ayres was in shock when she saw his arrest photos. She says she can't believe how badly he's aged.