Friday, April 16, 2010

Boston Police - Updated Contact info for Boston Victims

[Original post: 04/16/10 11:10am]
Back in October/November of 2009, this blog was contacted by the Boston Police Department Crimes Against Children Unit, asking any potential victims of william ayres from his early Boston days to contact them. Since that time, their point of contact has changed.

Massachusetts has a unique law with regard to statute of limitations on these kinds of crimes in that, while the perpetrator is out of the state, the clock stops running: the number of "years" between commission of crime and now essentially holds while the perpetrator is out of state.

In this case, it means that potential victims during the time that ayres was in Boston are still within statute, and their cases could potentially still be prosecuted after all these years.

Here is the new contact information provided by the Boston Police Department Crimes Against Children Unit:

Sgt. Detective Robin Demarco at the Boston Police Department's Crimes Against Children Unit:
Office number: 617-343-6186 or 617-343-6183.

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  1. Thanks for posting,Deep

    I wanted to add that there may be victims out there who were molested at Judge Baker by other child psychiatrists, like Donald Lee Rife, who worked there from 1964-1966. After he left Judge Baker, Rife was caught molesting young boys in Vermont and elsewhere in Massachusetts and finally, Florida. While Rife has had his licenses revoked he is still footloose and fancy-free in Florida. Last we heard, he was teaching kids boating at the Boca Ciega Yacht Club in the St. Petersburg area.

    Again, victims of William Ayres; Donald Lee Rife and anyone else, should contact Sgt. Robin Demarco in Boston immediately.