Monday, May 24, 2010

The Uncommon Tangent (Vol. 1 Issue 2)

[Original post: 05/24/10 10:45am ] 
More bad luck for Jonathan McDougall, the attorney who former "child psychiatrist" william hamilton ayres has hired to represent him in his criminal trial on multiple charges of child molestation. (Other lawyers represent him in the five separate civil cases against him for the same kinds of charges.) :

I've reported before that McDougall has had lots of trouble finding competent high profile defendants to defend in court... its seems that McDougall is constantly taking the moral high ground, and instead of just pushing through and taking money from high profile (and obviously guilty) clients, he is being honest and responsible, in that as soon as he gets the slightest indication that his clients might not be intellectually up-to-snuff and incapable of assisting in their own defense, he reports his suspicions to the court immediately prior to the latest possible time he could report these conditions.

Well, I've been following the Alexander Robert Youshock case because it parallels the competency evaluations in the ayres case, but is further along in the delay process,  and so far, we seem to be on the same general schedule. The doctors in the Youshock case needed more time, then couldn't agree, and a tiebreaker doc was brought in. Essentially the same thing has happened in the ayres case, because they couldn't find non-biased doctors to evaluate him. 

Anyhow, in the Youshock case, the third doctor was supposed to have his report by last Friday, but according to the San Mateo Daily Journal, he needed more time to finish it. So now he has until June 3, 2010.

I'm shocked at this delay. Shocked, I tell you - just shocked.

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