Wednesday, March 17, 2010

URGENT: Ayres Re-Trial ON HOLD

[Original post date: 03/17/2010 06:19am PST by Deep Sounding]
[Update: 03/17/2010 01:15pm PST by Deep Sounding]
 The ayres re-trial is on hold, while they evaluate the old molester with regard to his alleged mental incompetence. The "medical evaluation" will be finished April 28th. At which point team ayres will come up with some other strategy for delay. Meanwhile the trial date is vacated.

Read Joshua Melvin's report here.
More detailed report by Michelle Durand here.

According to Durand,  IF ayres is found "incompetent" he'll go to a state mental hospital for treatment until he's better. Sounds cushy.

According to the version in the Mercury News, this incompetence claim stems from a "recent medical event." You'll note that WAY BACK IN OCTOBER, I predicted that that's what they were gunning for when they sealed his medical records.(It's about the 5th paragraph down... starts out: "The defense filed a motion to seal 3 exhibits.")

Also this afternoon: Our good friend over at the Mills Peninsula Health Services Lawsuit Watch blog, has delivered some cheer this afternoon, in the form of yet another choice topical photo linking back to us over here. (It's on the far right side of the page, for newer readers.) Thanks, Patient Advocate!

ALSO: There is a new civil suit filed against ayres. 
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  1. BUT the beauty of this is this: he has to go to a state mental hospital if found incompetent. We know he won't be, but can you imagine how ayres is feeling today, knowing these are his only two options?

    A state mental hospital or a trial, where he will be convicted.

    I think this is a most interesting turn of events.

  2. I hope they give ayres a physical at the state mental hospital and a complete one too......I am sure they have a special for a patient like him. Oh and set up a cot for Solveig, no need for her to keep the rented condo. Are the taxpayers going to foot the bill for his trip to the nut ward?

  3. I am so, so sorry to hear this. Mentally incompetent like a fox ... I bet Doron Weinberg did suggest it, but Ayres was arrogant enough to figure he didn't need it ... or was afraid of the results.

    You can't make stuff like this up.

    My heart hurts for the men waiting to testify, the ones with lawsuits on hold, and you, too, DS.

    I don't think that the state mental hospital in Coalinga (a candidate for Ayres' new home, where the sex offenders go) is such a nice place, and it's one of those facilities where inmates contract Valley Fever. Atascadero of course is another possible residence, but I think that's for more violent offenders.

  4. I don't know that the implication is that he spend time at a facility for offenders at all. He hasn't been convicted of anything, AND he's out on bail (He can ALREADY do most anything he pleases, and I don't see why that would change.)

    If they find him incompetent to stand trial, it's a very different situation than being found criminally insane... Unless there's some kind of plea bargain in the mix.

    Not a very acceptable trade-off if you want my opinion. (And even if you don't... (grin))

  5. And I say IF they find him incompetent.

    As I said in the original post:

    The "medical evaluation" will be finished April 28th. At which point team ayres will come up with some other strategy for delay.

    If he's actually found to be incompetent to stand trial, I'm going to be "SHOCKED." (Unhappy, but pretty darned surprised.)

  6. Nope, there will be no more delays. (Unless Ayres tries to off himself.)

    Don't forget that the Boston case is active and alive. Who knows what will happen between then and now? You never know... Ayres might just have to plea bargain.

  7. Just saw this on the San Mateo Daily Journal forum:

    A citizen reports.....
    that he spotted Ayres in downtown San Mateo, alone, this past Monday, walking very purposefully with his walker.

    Now, would a mentally incompetent person really be allowed to be out by himself ?

  8. What a boon for the County of San Mateo and all of those naughty judges who kept sending him victim after victim, if they get to wash their hands of the whole mess by brokering a deal in which Dr. Ayres goes to a mental institute for some time, and then after enough time for the press to totally lose interest, quietly lives out the rest of his life.

  9. Inability to aid in your defense for the elderly could include physical incapacitation which manifests by inability to see, hear, or speak, immobility, or excretory issues, described as the “three Ps—pee, poop, and puke!

    McDougall said ayres had a "medical event", could be any one of the above.

  10. If he's so incapicated, why was he roaming around the main street of San Mateo at lunchtime by himself the other day?

  11. Maybe he escaped while Solveig was at the Masterworks Chorale.....maybe he was setting up a scene whereby they reported him missing, OR maybe Solveig told him his books were on the train tracks.....just saying it doesn't have to be a mental thing "medical event".....who knows what he has dreamed up in his demented mind.

  12. Maybe the "medical event" has something to do with Ayres slipping on wet pavement at a public swimming pool.

  13. Man, I hope someone is tailing this guy.