Monday, March 22, 2010

The Bad Luck of Little Johnny McD

[Original post date: 03/22/2010 08:42am PST by Deep Sounding]
Looks like Jonathan McDougall is having a spot of bad luck, being able to find some clients to represent in a rousing court battle.

He managed to find himself a "Media Extravaganza" type client (at least locally) in representing wannabe Columbine copycat Alexander Robert Youshock. But unfortunately back in December it seems that maybe McDougall became suspicious that his client might not be mentally competent to "aid in his own defense." We're not sure what happened that made McDougall come to this conclusion, but it does seem like the criteria for this particular gambit to be successful are pretty rigid. (massive stroke, with brain damage would be a good example.) So it looked like poor McDougall was not going to get the media exposure that he'd like!

Imagine McDougall's dismay when, just on the cusp of learning whether his high profile client was actually competent or not, there was a switch of doctors, requiring another month and a half of delays for a re-evaluation! What astounding bad luck McDougall has!

His consternation must have been at an ALL TIME PEAK last week, when he learned that the doctors were STILL not finished with their report, requiring almost another whole month of delays. What a crushing blow to McDougall. He must have nerves of steel to put up with that almost FOUR MONTH delay! AND earlier that week, McDougall had just learned that his OTHER high profile client, william hamilton ayres, charged with multiple counts of molesting many young boys ALSO was likely not mentally competent to stand trial!

I certainly hope for McDougall's sanity sake that ayres doesn't also have multiple problems with the doctor report, requiring more and more delays! The odds that that poor man's two high profile clients are both incompetent must be ASTOUNDING!

Judge: So like, over on this report thingy, it says here that ayres is Okie Dokie -- See right over there, under the "Mental  Incompetence" section, the little "Nope" box is checked??

Little Johnny: OH... Incompetence -- I thought it said Incontenence! ayres said he was having trouble peeing in that dixie cup is all.... My bad. Oops.. Sorry judge.

In case you're confused by this whole post.

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  1. Someone on this blog predicted that Ayres would try for the Vinnie Gigante defense. Vinnie pretended he was nuts and would show up to court in his pjs and bathrobe. No one in NYC was fooled. He was still convicted.

    Little Johnny McD's maneuvers seem very amateurish. It almost makes me miss the grand flourishes of Whiney. Don't think he would even stoop this low as to try to pull this off.