Friday, August 7, 2009

the Wait

On July 27th, 2009, the jury deliberation ended in no decision; a mistrial. The jurors were STRONGLY in favor of conviction on felony molestation charges by the end of deliberation.

There is a hearing scheduled for August 28th, 2009, at which time Judge Freeman will be officially notified by the DA's office about how they wish to proceed.


  1. Wonder what the spiritual advisor of that juror who was dismissed befor the trial would predict?

  2. Believe me, the retrial is a done deal. The DA just can't officially say anything until the 28th.

    But it's full steam ahead with a new trial.

  3. Why hasn't the DA's office brought up the thousands and thousands of dollars' worth of presents Ayres bought for the boys ? Some of the victims who testified were wooed with presents.

    I'd bet anything that the proprietors remember Ayres all right. Bet the bills came to his office instead of home, cause he didn't want Solveig questioning where the money was going.