Wednesday, August 26, 2009

on the Docket

William Ayres - Accused Child Molester
THIS FRIDAY, August 28th at 9AM PST:
Criminal Molestation Retrial hearing:
The DA will inform the court of the next steps in the ayres case. The DA's office has publicly announced their intent to go ahead with a retrial. Friday's hearing sets the next steps. The hearing will be at 400 County Center, Redwood City. (Same place as the first criminal trial.)

Superior Court Clerk's office: 650-599-1170
ayres' criminal case number:SC064366


  1. Wow. Sexual harassment charges in addition to sexual misconduct charges.

    How is Ayres paying for the lawyers in these civil suits?

  2. Yes, Sexual harassment is on the list, way down at number 5 on one of the lists:

    1. Sexual Contact with a patient.
    2. Sexual Battery
    3. Sexual Assault
    4. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    5. Sexual Harassment
    6. Professional negligence
    7. Breach of Fiduciary Duty
    8. Failure to protect child
    9. Negligent Supervision, Negligent Hiring/Retention
    10. Fraud.

    ALL are fitting and accurate charges.

    That one's on this document.

  3. Interesting to me are Defendants John Doe 2, et al...

    They refer to an entity or entities who at some point in time knew of the abuses of John Doe 1.

    I suppose this either refers to others in practice with "John Doe 1" or his insurers perhaps, but I'm not absolutely clear on that point.

  4. I believew the other John Doe's are Ayres' former partners in Peninsula Psychiatric Associates.

    Did all of the other victims in the civil suit have the same charges?

  5. I also believe they are referring to the former partners of the PPA....

    Piercing the corporate veil it was called in the lawsuit Ayres filed against the PPA.

    In case you are wondering why the civil judgement (victim Steve A.) never appeared on the Medical Board of California Website as one settled against Ayres.....

    This is a dirty trick played on patients if the lawsuit is settled on behalf of the PPA Corp.(remember my posted attorney letter on MPHS Lawsuit Watch).....

    The partners were very upset that it was settled under their name.

    This protects doctors even further as any malpractice judgements agsinst them must be reported to the MBC if they are over $30,000.

    Also, a doctor at Mills-Peninsula killed a patient, the payout $950,000, but since the hopital paid for "it" you would walk in the ER never knowing Dr. David Adams was found to be the negligent party and held the most responsibility for the patient's death. In essence, it was his fault.

    Dirty trick played on patients to keep the incompetent doctors going and keep the lawsuits atrributed to the CORPORATION.

    Well , let us hope that the CORPORATION pays through the nose!

    Does that answer another reason why until the MBC revoked Ayres lic. you nor I would have never known he settled a lawsuit?

    Dirty, dirty, secret that hurts patients!

    Why else do you think Ayres made the decision to settle the civil case on behalf of the Corporation?

  6. It appears that all four cases to be "Managed" on 21 August 2009 have essentially the same charges. There is sometimes the discussion of "Punitive Damages" listed as a separate item.

    Also of note: Most of the "Case Management Conferences" that have occurred in the past have a disposition of "Continued"

    Possibly awaiting the outcome of criminal trial, each side hoping for some support for their position?

  7. From what I hear, now that the first trial is over, it's full steam ahead on the civil suits. This hung jury actually puts the civil lawyers in a good position now. That's what I'm hearing.

  8. I would think so Trapellar.

    I wonder if the books can be admitted in the Civil suits?

    Remember a Civil suit is only a preponderance of the evidence, that amounts to 51%.

    Administrative Law has a 71% ratio.

    Criminal Law well we all know that is the highest burden of proof of all.

    So think about it the Civil cases are looking quite good for the victims.

    In fact, if they can get all the former partners listed eventually as "DOE 1,2,3" then I think things will unravel for a lot of folks and the assets they worked to build could be torn down....who knows the limits of the older med/mal policies, after that you go after personal assets.

    The former partners would surely deserve that for the cover-up!

    Come on, the cops came in 1987, they all knew!

    God bless Greg H., he reaffirmed my belief that when I went to the cops in 2003 that I did the right thing.

    Dr. Jennifer Bock-Hughes who covered for her colleague called me at work and in a very pejorative tone said "what you did is very unusual", (she was all in a tizzy because I filed a police report against her colleague)! The nerve to call me at work.

    Well thanks to Greg H. from the past I found out it wasn't so unusual!

    More patients should go to the cops!

  9. I was a patient and the bastard is guilty as charged. It was 1969, saw me once, forgot about it till an article at RENSE.COM brought it up. Always wondered why I had such an empty feeling inside or go on to act out sexually towards people I loved

  10. Thanks for posting, Anonymous at August 17, 2009 4:35 PM!

    I'm glad you found us, and I hopefully things will improve for you as time goes on. (We're all hoping for that, I think!) I think it DOES help to know that there are others out there, even though we certain wish there weren't.

  11. I still want to know what Barbara Ayres has to say about her father's trial. Will we ever hear from her? Is she in touch with her parents? Just what is the deal between Barbara and her parents? Does she believe her father is guilty? Is that why she didn't turn up at the trial?

  12. To victims out there in-statute or out of statute- who have still not come forward:

    We hope you will call Detective Rick Decker and report the abuse by Ayres.

    Detective Rick Decker: 650-522-7675