Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Child Psychiatrist Who Trained With Ayres at Judge Baker: "We Were Advised NOT To Do Physicals in Therapy."

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Because Ayres has been telling everyone in San Mateo for over forty years that he was trained at Judge Baker to do regular physical exams on children in therapy, we've been hot on the trail of other Judge Baker-trained child psychiatrists to ask them whether this was in fact, true.

The reason we think this is so important? Jurors from the first trial have told us that a number of jurors actually believed Ayres when he said that he had been trained to do physicals during therapy back in the 1960s.

So what are the folks here at the Williamayreswatch to do?

Find someone out there who can back Ayres up, of course!!

However, we're here to tell you that so far, we've come up short. Very short.

In previous posts we've talked about our interviews with Dr. Stanley Walzer, Dr. Jacqueline Amati-Mehler and Dr. Joseph Mullen - all of whom trained with Ayres at Judge Baker in the early 1960s who all say that his assertion that they were trained to give physicals to kids in therapy is a load of crock. We've also talked with Dr. Dan Ditmore, who told us that he wasn't trained to give physicals there either. He even recalled that there was an onsite pediatrics unit where all Judge Baker children were physically examined by pediatricians.-

Last week we spoke with Dr. Gordon Harper, who graduated from Harvard Medical School and trained at Judge Baker in the early 1970s. Harper told us that Ayres' explanation about his Judge Baker training was nonsense - just a "dodge" he said, that all child psychiatrists who molest children use.

Today, in our ongoing Judge Baker series, we lucked out by finding yet another child psychiatrist who actually trained with Ayres in the early 1960s.

He is Massachusetts child psychiatrist Dr. Lee Willer.

Dr. Willer's articles and research on child psychiatry have appeared in a number of journals, including the Journal of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; the Journal of Psychiatry and The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, to name just a few.

Dr. Willer told us that neither he nor Ayres nor anyone else at Judge Baker had been trained to give physical exams during therapy when they were there. "In fact, we were advised not to do physicals on children," he said.

It's not only child psychiatrists at Judge Baker who are saying this. We've talked to child shrinks who've trained at Yale and Johns Hopkins and Columbia and so on, and not a single one has said that they received any training to give physicals to children in therapy. When they heard Ayres' Judge Baker excuse, they snorted with derision. Then they got angry. They all said that what Ayres was doing was against the law.

Still, we'll keep hunting for that elusive someone who can back Ayres up.

Something tells us, though, it's gonna be a cold day in hell before that happens!


  1. How is that so many people in San Mateo were duped for decades by this imposter?

  2. Maybe DS can add a PayPal button and we can hire a private plane for all these East Coast doctors.

    At this point with the number Trapellar has interviewed who state physicials were not given it appears only a charter flight will do!

    How many more will it take before the fog clears out for Solveig and Ayres?

    Gotta be a little discomfort in knowing your colleagues that actually knew you from Boston are speaking out!

    They are all the same age as Ayres.

    DDA what gives on this information?

    Can San Mateo County afford the plane ticket for Dr. Willer?

  3. If the D.A. does not follow through on this information, and after verifying it, use it in the re-trial, I will begin to wonder if perhaps the County does NOT want to win this case, and thus open up a bigger can of worms (i.e. suits against Juvenile Services, etc.). Am I being paranoid???

  4. Dr. Etta Bryant says that it's ok for psychiatrists to give physicals to children!

    So if you want your child to have the lovely experience of having his penis "massaged" or being digitally anally penetrated, perhaps that service CAN still be found even though Ayres is no longer "practicing."

  5. Great reporting!

    I hope "Beverly" (isn't that the name of the dissenting juror?) is perusing the solid information, names of potential witnesses, and evidence which this blog has divulged.

  6. Etta Bryant was brainwashed by Ayres. That letter to the paper she wrote was dictated by Ayres. What she says there is almost verbatim what Weinberg said about his training in the trial.

    Why no one from the DA's office thought to bring in the doctors Ayres actually trained with to say this was a lie, is beyond comprehension.

    They let Weinberg set the agenda.

  7. Ayres used to tell his victims as he was molesting them:"This is normal. I'm a doctor."

    Then he victimized and conned his former partners; Children's Services; the San Mateo Police Department in 1987 and numerous parents by saying "Giving physicals to children in therapy is normal. I'm a doctor. I was trained to do this at Judge Baker. "

    Then he victimized and conned the jury by saying "What I did was normal. I'm a doctor. I was trained to do this."

    The San Mateo District Attorney's office became just one more of Aryes' victims when they failed to bring up his training in Boston. They didn't bother to challenge him in his lies. They didn't challenge Weinberg when he said Ayres was simply acting on the therapeutic model he'd learned 50 years ago. Instead, the DA's office dove into the minutae of the detail of the physicals that Ayres did. By not framing this in the context that he was not trained to do this in the first place, the DA's office became just one more victim of Ayres.

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Anonymous at August 26, 2009 7:14 AM!

    ayres has been leaving a trail of victims behind him for quite some time.

    Some of the people he conned have even done more damage in his behalf, despite the warnings that have been there all along, and should have waved them off: Juvenile court judges, some of his partners, his wife, to name a few.

  9. To that victims list I would add the entire San Francisco Bay Area for failing to make a single phone call to Judge Baker. One call would have exposed Ayres' lies years ago.

  10. After reading the information here that's been coming out about Judge Baker, I am beginning to wonder whether the San Mateo District Attorney's office really wants to win this case.

  11. I don't understand why the DA didn't call Dr. Mel Brown, one of Ayres' former partners, to testify. He lives in the San Mateo area; he trained at Judge Baker around the same time as Ayres.You can bet your bottom dollar that Brown would gladly have testified that he never received any training to do physicals on children in therapy..

    It wouldn't have cost the DA a dime to have Brown testify.

  12. Weinberg and Ayres must be laughing up their sleeves at the Judge Baker screwup.

    I bet they couldn't believe their good luck that no one from the DA called Ayres on his lies about his training.

  13. Alan Jackson, the Los Angeles prosecutor who won the Phil Spector case ( Doron Weinberg is still licking his wounds over the loss)just made the Top 100 California Lawyers list that's put out by the legal paper, the Daily Journal.