Saturday, June 6, 2009

6:10 PM NEWS BLIP - More to follow

This is a brief update of information from people on the scene. More will follow this weekend. There is no court for tomorrow.

It sounds like there will be:
4 out-of-statute victims allowed as witnesses
2 parents of out-of-statute victims as witnesses
7 in-statute victims
1 (at least) parent of in-statute victims.

Quite a few "character witnesses" will be allowed to perjure themselves on the stand, speaking about ayres' "good" character.

At 1:40PM Victoria Balfour was asked to leave the courtroom, because Weinburg said she might be called to testify. Sounds like a sneaky tactic to get her out of the courtroom, and nothing more than that. Big Bad Wolf [oink, oink, snort] (Did someone let Svea Schwein in here?)

At 2:45pm SOLVEIG AYRES drove up in a new-ish looking Grey Honda Civic to pick up ayres, who was waiting on the side of the street for her to come and get him. Guess he didn't want to have to haul that albatross walker all the way to the car. If Solveig didn't drive before, she does now... maybe she took a driving class to prepare for all of those solo trips about town, to GleeClub events and such.

So... mixed bag of good and bad news for today. As I mentioned earlier, we will have more detail in a day or so.


  1. Wow, quite a bit going on.

    Jane Doe would like a plate number on Honda Civic for future sightings. I could look for the blue handicap tag or dude in baseball cap, plaid lumberjack shirt aka Ted Kasinki's brother, or walker rack on back of Honda Civic.......

    Oh maybe walker folds up......

    I will find a way to get plate number......sounds like the Swein's have found parking in the get-away zone and Svea can really drive, who woulda thunk that.....

    Ayres used to have an Infiniti G20 (the smallest model) before his BMW, I used to wonder how he fit into it. Had a lot of dents, perhaps that is when Svea was no longer allowed to drive.....

    Hand out....NO let her drive, she can drive if she wants to!

  2. I'd bet that someone paying that close attention probably knows the plate number.

  3. Maybe the Honda is a rental, just like the condo. It was rented under the name GleeClub.

  4. Is Etta Bryant one of the "character witnesses"? Will it be allowed into evidence that she tried to intimidate a potential witness for the prosecution? Is there other evidence out there that might just discredit her a wee bit?

  5. If Weinberg says Balfour is a potential witness, then he has to cough up evidence to the judge that supports that claim. Many believe he's just bluffing and that he has no evidence. Some have offered the theory that he's just punishing Balfour for having started this case. One suspects, though, that he actually admires Balfour for the work she has done . But Weinberg has to put up a good show for his client, to let him know he's getting his money's worth.

    Weinberg needs to produce the evidence or get off the pot.

  6. Wouldn't it discredit Etta Bryant that Ayres sued her via PPA and was threatening to take assets of members and she still defends and visits him? For most people that would be a deal breaker as a character witness, remaining friends with him after that shows pure craziness.....Maybe Jeffrey Weiner should get up there he was personally named a defendant by Ayres in the suit against PPA.

    If Etta shows as a character witness people will see she has been hopelessly brainwashed or Ayres is personally "paying" for witnesses!

  7. I would imagine that there is not a chance in hell that Jeffrey Weiner would stand up and defend ayres. In the lawsuit papers that the good doctor filed against his former partners, the papers stated that they were "bitter" about being dragged into ayres' problems with the molestation civil suit.

    Bryant's gonna look like a horse's ass up there on the witness stand.

    Wonder if Solveig will testify.

  8. You are not kidding that Bryant looks like a horses ass, but the one that takes the cake is Ronnie Sue Leith, personally I would rather look at a horses ass than her mug! If she is called to the stand you will know what I am talking about, her parents had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her.

  9. It would be great fun to see people like Dr. Jeffrey Weiner testify against ayres. Too bad ole Hugh Ridlehuber is no longer here to take the stand.