Thursday, August 21, 2008

About the "Etta Bryant Molester Defense"

I recently received an email in response to my posting on Etta Bryant's defense of Ayres. and to those that seem to accept that excuse:

He quite clearly takes exception with the idea that Ayres' "medical exams" were necessary.

This letter is from a man who says that it's OK to use his full name. I'm actually not going to print his full name name. If he INSISTS, I'll go for it and put his full name here! I'm just going to call him "Dave" for now.

Hello Deep Sounding

I was a patient of Ayers (can't call him a doctor) in 73/74 and there was some inappropriate behavior involved. I was going to testify in the original civil trial when they settled at the last minute. I just want to comment on the excuse that physicals involving the genitals are necessary. I was recommended to Ayers by my father who was my pediatrician. Even if it may be normal to check out some physical characteristics in a regular patient of a non-medical family, what is the excuse to do it to someone who obviously is getting regular physicals from a prominent and qualified professional. Ayers is guilty as hell and I would let anyone know who wants to. Anyone still defending him obviously does not care what he has done to others.

Thank You for Your Time


  1. I would like to add that San Mateo Juvenile Courts could care less what happens to our sons! They would rather send them away, lock them up in hopes that they will be forgotten about!
    Thank you for posting your story if no one talks it never well stop.
    So please keep talking let your voice be heard.


  2. Bravo to Dave for speaking up.

    Will Ayres plead guilty ? How can he bear to hear all of those victims testify against him ?

    If it's any compensation to the victims, "Dr" Ayres is spending at least a million dollars for his defense. Let's hope he ends up bankrupt -- that is, if he isn't already.

    And Solveig- when are you going to crack and tell the police what you know ? Are you going to save yourself or go down with the ship ?

  3. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
    These parameters were developed by William Bernet, M.D., principal author, and the
    Work Group on Quality Issues: William Ayres, M.D., and John E. Dunne, M.D., Chairmen.
    Members: Elissa Benedek, M.D., Gail A. Bernstein, M.D., Etta Bryant, M.D.

  4. Thanks for posting that!

    The above document states:

    "Physical examination of the physically abused child. Ordinarily the mental health professional would review the examination that has been done by a pediatrician. Photographic documentation may be useful."


    "Physical examination of the sexually abused child. Ordinarily the mental health professional would review the examination by a pediatrician or by another qualified clinician. It is important to take precautions to preserve evidence."

    I couldn't find in there the part that says:

    "Go ahead and do the "exam" yourself with no other staff present, in a non-clinical environment. And make sure you don't document the results of the examination either..."

    It seems like Etta Bryant and Ayres may have forgotten what they wrote in these practice parameters.

    They're available here, maybe you can help me find that missing part:

  5. I hear that a psychiatrist named Dick Shadoan is a pal of Ayres and another Etta Bryant type. Shadoan helped Dr. Ayres become one of the nominees to run as president of the American Psychiatric Association and still refuses to believe that Dr. Ayres molested boys.

    Guess if Shadoan admitted to himself that Ayres was a pedophile, that would reflect badly. Get over it Dick and save yourself before it's too late !