Friday, July 25, 2014

Bad Justice - Marta Diaz

Bad Justice:

The San Mateo County Court has re-appointed Judge Marta S. Diaz (pdf) to the Juvenile Court after having removed her as a justice of that court several years ago.

Some highlights from Judge Diaz’s bio: 

Diaz appointed Stuart Forrest to the head of the Probation Department after Forrest's long history of working with youth in San Mateo’s juvenile justice system. Recently, Stuart was found guilty and convicted of being in possession of hundreds of pornographic and sadistic images of young boys.  Here’s what Diaz had to say in a county news release about Stuart at the time she appointed him to head of the probation department: "I've known Stu for a very long time. His modesty and leadership skills are only exceeded by his ability and integrity."

Diaz also was a significant figure in the career of convicted child molester william hamilton ayres:

Diaz is observed to have been personal friends of the ayres family, and was responsible for referring many young boys to ayres for “evaluation” during her career in the DA’s office and as a judge. (Note that there were OTHER judges who also referred cases to ayres; many of whom have expressed regret for having done that).  In spite of the fact that at least four reports claiming sexual abuse had been filed (pdf) with the county between 1987 and 2002, and, in spite of the fact that Diaz was aware of the investigation by police who were building their criminal case against ayres, she continued to refer boys to ayres for “evaluation” for another fifteen months. Convicted child molester william ayres himself testified that this was so in depositions given in 2004.

Further, Diaz is reported to have tried to get the police to stop investigating ayres, claiming that she and ayres were very good friends. More than two decades ago, it is said that a defense attorney for a young boy told Diaz (then a prosecutor) that his client had been molested by ayres. Diaz denied that that could be happening, that she knew ayres well.

In March 2009, Diaz was asked about these claims by reporter John Roemer of the Daily Journal, and she responded that certain private citizens have a little “jihad” against her – She said: “I don’t care. I know it’s all bullshit. All will come out.”  (Yup, you stupid bitch – the truth did "all come out", and your sick-fuck friend is rotting in jail.)

After making the above statement to the press -- and shortly after the conclusion of review and action on a complaint filed with the Commission on Judicial Performance -- Diaz was removed from the Juvenile Court and reassigned. 

I guess the San Mateo County Court feels that now that people are no longer focused on her extraordinarily poor judgment, they can put Diaz back to work making devastating decisions for the county’s youth. 

william hamilton ayres was arrested on April 5, 2007 on charges relating to his molestation of many young boys while he was alleging to provide psychiatric care to private patients as well as referrals for evaluation from the juvenile court system in San Mateo County. After years of  playing demented for the courts, ayres plead "No Contest" and was found guilty of all charges against him on May 16, 2013. ayres was sentenced to 8 years in prison on August 26, 2013. ayres is no longer under the conservatorship of his daughter Barbara Ayres of Sacramento, CA

ayres has had significant interaction over the years with local politicians on boards like the "Children and Families First Commission,"  including the DA who was serving when prosecution began Jim Fox and Assemblyman Rich Gordon. In fact, Gordon nominated ayres for a lifetime achievement award for his "Tireless effort to improve the lives of children." ayres has also been vocally supported during his criminal trial by local head-shrinkers like Bart BlinderEtta BryantMel BlausteinHarry CorenTom CieslaRobert KimmichLarry LurieMaria LymberisRichard ShadoanCaptane Thomson, and Harold Wallach.