Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get your Head Checked

Phineas Gage

If you've heard about "Operation Dollhouse" and you voted for the re-election of Sheriff Munks in the June 2014 election, then you should know that it's well past time to have your head checked. 

Go ahead and schedule that CT-Scan with your neurologist; there's at least an off chance that the progression of the damage can be abated.


  1. Don't worry! Wagstaffe and Munks won't be serving their full terms this time around. Mark. My. Words.

    1. You should go to and click the "Letter to the Churches" menu option and contact the author.

  2. How does one contact Lamont Phemister who wrote the Letter to the Churches and also had a paid ad in the Palo Alto Daily Post about why citizens should not vote for the corrupt Wagstaffe and Munks. A number of citizens are interested in getting in touch with Phemister . Does he have an email. ?

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Thanks for your message. Sorry I didn't see it before. As noted by another writer, you can get contact info on my web,

      PS Did you see my ad on the March 7-8 weekend in the San Mateo Daily Journal, lower right hand corner of page 8, titled "Trust Deputy Lopez And Evelyn"?

      Looking forward to hear from you.


  3. Ok, I see there is a phone number for Phemister listed on his web page.

  4. Sgt Jim Tanner in the San Mateo Sheriff's office also wrote a letter of support for Munks and Bolanos after they were caught in the house of prostitution for underaged girls.

    Tanner needs to go too.

    Also: what officer in the San Mateo Sheriff's office whose last name begins with "C" has been sending out pornography to his fellow deputies from his office email to their work emails?

    Recall Wagstaffe and Munks.

  5. There is currently a grassroots movement a-brewing .. they are working to do something about Wagstaffe and Munks.

  6. Last week Half Moon Bay reporter Mark Noack reported that San Mateo Sheriff Munks and his henchmen wouldn't allow him to attend a meeting where Munks, Supervisor Don Horsley and many, many deputy sheriffs spoke with the Hispanic community. Ostensibly, Munks and crew were supposed to address the community about the shooting of the Serrano girl by a deputy sheriff. But an attendee who did get in reported that the cops were just all about bragging about their accomplishments.

    Finally one by one the angry Hispanic residents got up and shouted " You're not addressing the issue. You haven't apologized."

    Then one Hispanic woman stood up and said to Munks and the deputies: "What about the pornography that you are all sending each other?"

    The attendee said that Munks and crew just froze.

    Reporters in San Mateo and clearly many Hispanic citizens in Half Moon Bay have now seen the 2009 document written by the San Mateo Deputy that talks about crimes by cops.that were covered up by Munks and Wagstaffe. In this document, it lists the actual names of San Mateo deputies who have exchanged pornography with each other while at work and some of their email addresses.

    Bravo to the Hispanic woman for speaking up about the porn being sent by deputies to each other.

  7. At a meeting between San Mateo Sheriff Munks and his henchman and the Half Moon Bay Hispanic community last week which was closed to the press, reports from an attendee say that the community broke out in anger at Munks' refusal to answer questions about the shooting by one of his deputies of an Hispanic teenage girl, Ms Serrano.

    Then one Hispanic woman stood up and shouted at Munks and the deputies : "What about all of the pornography you are sending each other?"

    No doubt she is referring to a document that was written by a deputy sheriff in 2009 that complains about how the deputies in the San Mateo Sheriff's office are all sending porn to each other, and which San Mateo reporters have copies of.

    The attendee at the meeting said Munks and his crew just froze.

    1. Did they (Sherriffs) answer the Q. about the emails ever at the meeting?

    2. They asked about the porn they were emailing each other.

  8. From the 2009 document written by a San Mateo Deputy Sheriff - which all of the reporters in San Mateo County have, which includes the actual porn that the deputies are sending each other at the office as well as the email address of those who are sending and receiving.

    Subj: Fwd: Rah rah rah... stick in her ass!
    Date: Monday, October 12, 2009 15:22:13
    From: f******

    To: j********

    And too many more names to list here. Most received the porn at their San Mateo County government address

  9. Here's the story by Half Moon Bay Review reporter about Munks not letting him attend the event where an audience member asked Munks about all of the pornography his deputies are sending to each other:

    Sheriff Greg Munks came out to tonight to talk to the residents of Moonridge. So did Supervisor Don Horsley, Mayor John Muller, City Manager Magda Gonzalez and enough deputies, county officials and Moonridge residents to fill up the neighborhood meeting hall.

    It was perhaps the largest gathering of public officials on the Coastside since Farm Day. In fact, the only folks who were conspicuously absent were the media. I was the only reporter who showed up, and when I walked up to enter the meeting hall I was promptly told by a MidPen Housing employee that I wasn’t allowed inside.

  10. Word is that Munks had his rival in the election , Juan Lopez, arrested yesterday. Was this retaliation?

  11. From Atherton Almanac 11/14/2014

    Candidate for sheriff in June election arrested in Alameda County last night
    Deputy reportedly arrested at gunpoint for alleged 'conspiracy'

    by Dave Boyce / Almanac

    Juan Lopez, a deputy in the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office and a candidate for sheriff in the June 2014 election, was arrested on conspiracy charges at his second home in Newark on Thursday night (Nov. 13) while visiting his two sons, according to his attorney.

    Mr. Lopez bailed out of Alameda County jail and is scheduled for arraignment in San Mateo County Superior Court on Dec. 16, attorney David Washington of Stockton told the Almanac.

    When asked to elaborate on the charge of conspiracy, Mr. Washington said he had no more information.

    Mr. Lopez is on administrative leave, as he has been since mid-summer when an investigation of Mr. Lopez began on election campaign fraud and mortgage fraud, Mr. Washington said.

    Deputy Rebecca Rosenblatt of the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office did not comment on the arrest, but said that Mr. Lopez is being investigated by the District Attorney's Office.

    A warrant had been issued for his arrest, but Mr. Lopez was unaware of it, Mr. Washington said.

    At the time of his arrest, Mr. Lopez was outside his house. Officers from an Alameda County task force arrived with sirens wailing and lights flashing, Mr. Washington said. The officers, with guns drawn, ordered Mr. Lopez to put his hands in the air and get down on his knees, and he was then handcuffed, Mr. Washington said.

    Plainclothes officers from the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office were also on the scene, but arrived later.

    Mr. Lopez was taken to a holding area in the Alameda County jail where he remained, alone, for one and a half hours, Mr. Washington said.

  12. Sure, DA Wagstaffe and his little corrupt pal Sheriff Munks covered up a major felony by DJ Wozniak, head of the Deputy Sheriff's; Wagstaffe eedoesn't charge his pals at Sam Trans with fraud; he writes fawning emails in support of his weasel pal Munks after Munks is caught in a brothel with underaged trafficked girls in an FBI sting, and yet Wagstaffe sends in eight armed undercover cops to arrest Lopez for election fraud *cough* ?What a sick mother fucking DA's office and County. Somebody please arrest Wagstaff and Munks for their crimes against citizens.

  13. Deep: do you have anything to say about the latest news about Juan Lopez?

    1. Sure Do:

      Lopez would have been wise to find employment at another SO or PD before running for San Mateo County Sheriff.