Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get your Head Checked

Phineas Gage

If you've heard about "Operation Dollhouse" and you voted for the re-election of Sheriff Munks in the June 2014 election, then you should know that it's well past time to have your head checked. 

Go ahead and schedule that CT-Scan with your neurologist; there's at least an off chance that the progression of the damage can be abated.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lopez, Stogner, De Paula and more!

Election Day is nearing.

The Mercury News(pdf) has refused to endorse incumbent Sheriff Munks, and instead has recommended Write-In Candidate Juan Lopez.

Even though Lopez is new to the political scene, according to the Merc, "He has worked patrol, jails, gang investigations, sex crimes unit, community policing and inmate transfers" in San Mateo County since 1987. Additionally, Lopez launched the San Mateo County Sheriff's office community policing unit. I feel that it is significant to note that Lopez is championing bringing back the County's sex crimes unit -- Something that the current sheriff discontinued due to "budgetary concerns" a few years after being busted by the FBI in the "Operation Dollhouse" raid on an illegal brothel said to be employing underage prostitutes. (For which no apparent investigation of Munks happened, and for which Sheriff Munks has never clarified for the public, beyond saying that he wasn't going to talk about it...)

The Mercury News reports that Munks refused to come in for an endorsement interview, "noting in his response that he is "running alone on the ballot.""

Michael Stogner and Mark De Paula have both spent some time during their campaigns pointing out the importance of writing in Juan Lopez. If you are in Stogner's (District 3) or De Paula's (District 2) voting district, you should thank them for calling attention to the Munks issue by voting for them as your County Supervisor!

NOTE: To vote for Juan, (and you should) you need to select the "Write-In Candidate" option, and fill in the name "Juan Lopez."

----- On different tack, but one not completely unrelated: -----

On June 14, 2014, USA Swimming is slated to induct executive director Chuck Wielgus to the "International Swimming Hall of Fame"

Many victims of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of swimming coaches within the organization have stated that Wielgus has in many of the cases helped to quash knowledge of these abuses from spreading, acting to protect the abusers; much as bishops and cardinals in the Catholic church have downplayed or covered up abuses in order to protect the organization.

These victims have started a petition that is worthy of your signature, asking that this induction into the "International Swimming Hall of Fame" not occur.

You can read a story about the matter on Yahoo.
You can read and sign the petition on