Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Election Recommendations

De Paula, Lopez, and Stogner
The upcoming Election on June 3, 2014 gives us three opportunities to positively change politics in San Mateo County.

Generally I hesitate to make recommendations on how, and for whom people should vote, as I tend to piss people off with my angry, biased, and too-frank comments.

But, as all of the local papers have made their ill-advised, County-Mouth-Organ recommendations, I figured I’d make some recommendations of my own, and hope that you’ll vote for these good folks in spite of how miserably intolerable I am….

Vote for Mark De Paula for County Supervisor in District 2, Vote for Michael Stogner for County Supervisor in District 3, and WRITE-IN Juan Lopez (deputy Sheriff) for the office of Sheriff of San Mateo County.


Sheriff  (For voters in ALL San Mateo County Districts):

The current Sheriff (Sheriff Greg Munks) is running uncontested on the ballot. (He’s the only candidate listed.) Munks was busted along with his Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos in Las Vegas in 2007 in an FBI sting at an illegally operated brothel that was using underaged, possibly trafficked prostitutes.

Munks with his scholarship recipients.
Munks and Bolanos were released, and have never spoken publicly about their status, other than Munks’ comment: “I believed I was going to a legitimate business -- it was not. (I won't) be answering any more questions or talking about this anymore in the future..” (Even though the brothel was at a private residence, not a massage parlor, and prostitution (adult) is not legal in that part of Nevada. Authorities describe the location (pdf) this way: "run-down apartments and homes with mattresses on the floors and the stench of cigarettes, urine and feces in the air") A credible source has indicated that the ensnarement and release of Munks and Bolanos  poisoned the sting operation, resulting in the release of other men who were there to take advantage of sex slaves -- some of whom were underage. Two of the several people running the brothels were convicted and received suspended sentences. Bolanos said that he didn't go in, he was just waiting in the limo; as there was no apparent investigation, I suppose we can either assume Bolanos is either lying or telling the truth.

Sometime subsequent to this (2010), the Sheriff disbanded the County Sex Crimes Division citing budgetary concerns, in spite of the fact that the San Francisco Peninsula is one of the most significant areas of rampant trafficking activities in the entire country.

An article in the Palo Alto Daily Post has documented a recent incident that occurred in a public venue in which Mark De Paula (running for District 2 County Supervisor) asked Sheriff Munks what his status was with regard to the “Operation Dollhouse” sting. Munks’ reply was to suggest to an officer with him that De Paula “probably doesn't belong here.” The other officer escorted De Paula out so that they could “discuss” De Paula's undesirable presence.

Munks is clearly not the guy who should be in charge of investigating trafficking crimes or sex crimes against children.

Write In: Juan Lopez (Website, Video Statement, Mercury News (pdf)): Fortunately, there is a formal write-in campaign for Juan Lopez. Look around – you’ll see his flyers posted in the local Starbuck’s etc…

His name won’t appear on the ballot, but HE IS a REAL and viable candidate. Just write his name in on the write-in line rather than voting for Munks.

Juan Lopez is, and has been, a hard working Sheriff’s Deputy in San Mateo County for many years. Here are just a few points from his platform. Lopez has said that he wants to run a clean campaign, and indeed, does not appear to have spoken ill directly of Sheriff Munks, but he has made clear his intention to run things a bit differently:

Analysis of Crime Trends
Currently there is no crime analyst or sustained analysis of crime trends in the County. I will change this by creating a full time position to direct the resources of the county efficiently and inform you of crime trends which need to be address.

Protect Against Sex Crime
Currently there is no sex crime unit at the Sheriff's Office. It was disbanded several years ago. This decision was short-sighted and flies in the face of reality on the ground, with approximately 300 such cases received a year by this office. Not to mention the need to pro-actively monitor sex registrants in our jurisdiction. I will change this, restore and fully staff the unit - to protect our children.

Protect Against Domestic Violence
Currently there is no dedicated domestic violence unit. I will change this and fully resource what county leaders have already identified as an important issue.

District 2 County Supervisor:

The incumbent is Carole Groom. Carole was very recently caught in a significant lie with regard to the protection of Sam Trans accounting whistleblower Ling La, who was terminated after she reported hundreds of thousands of dollars in accounting discrepancies. (Mercury News (pdf))

This kind of behavior is reprehensible, and Carole should not be re-elected.

Vote Mark De Paula (Website): Fortunately, De Paula (The very same guy who was trying to get to the bottom of Sheriff Munks’ bust detailed above) is running against Carole Groom. Mark IS on the ballot, so just tick the box next to his name if you're a voter in District 3.

Mark has been a longtime resident of the area – he grew up here. He’s promising to serve only one term, and is for transparency, independent oversight and auditing, and balanced budget, among other things.

District 3 County Supervisor:

Vote Michael Stogner (Website, YouTube) who is running against incumbent Don Horsely.

Stogner is a long time victim’s advocate and taxpayer advocate, and champion of removing corruption from local government. He was one of the first people that I can recall to really call attention to Munks’ misbehavior in Las Vegas, and question his current status, as well as question why the County's District Attorney  in communication with Munks about the issue would call it a non-issue, and that it would all blow over.

Stogner’s platform includes focus on elimination of corruption in San Mateo County government, as well as many critical budget reform oriented goals: balanced budget, pension reform, etc... as well as  elimination of prosecutorial misconduct, single-point database for whistleblowers, and many other good and necessary reforms.

Go read his website and watch his position videos; you'll see that he is motivated to serve the people of this county, and serve them with integrity and passion and respect. 

VOTE Mark De Paula District 2 County Supervisor
VOTE Michael Stogner District 3 County Supervisor
WRITE IN Juan Lopez for Sheriff