Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday, February 21, 2014 
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Spiedo Ristorante
223 E 4th Ave, San Mateo

The Libertarian Party of San Mateo County will be presenting "an event to engage local residents and Libertarian Party members about the issue of corruption in local government, and what you can do about it." Read their full statement and Invite to Attend here.  It appears that Michael Stogner is an invited guest speaker.


  1. Those citizens who have been coming forward recently about the sickening lies by San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe are STRONGLY encouraged to attend and voice their complaints.

    Wagstaffe:You. Are. Going. Down.

  2. The FBI in San Francisco is asking that any citizens who have knowledge of slimebucket and congenital liar DA Steve Wagstaffe covering up crimes by cops and other San Mateo County employees to contact them.

  3. Wagstaffe; Peter Lynch; and slimebucket Sean Gallagher and the rest of the corrupt crew are all going down.

  4. The FBI office in San Francisco is asking that any former employees of the San Mateo District Attorney's office with knowledge of corruption by DA Wagstaffe contact them.

    To be a whistleblower is a noble thing indeed. Do it. Call the FBI.

    Recently Wagstaffe bragged that the FBI would "never "investigate his recent corrupt handling of a sex crime.

    Wanna bet?

  5. Any reports as to how the evening went ?


    Posted by Michael G. Stogner, a resident of another community
    13 hours ago
    I was pleasantly surprised by the attendance at last nights meeting I would guess between 35-40 people that were interested in this topic. Not the Corruption part because that is commonplace but the "What can we do about it." We talked about Corruption at the Supervisor level with the example of a 2002 Grand Jury telling the Supervisor to put together a Whistleblower reporting mechanism which to this day has not been done. Recently Supervisor Don Horsley
    wouldn't allow Controller Bob Adler and Supervisor Dave Pine to present a Whistleblower program to the Supervisors. SamTrans accountant whistleblower was ordered to contact Supervisor Carole Groom to report alleged fraud, this is a very bad idea because Groom contacted the management people at SamTrans to warn them instead of being there for the whistleblower, also she is a board member of the Transit District = Conflict of Interest. I'm not sure why anybody should report anything to a Supervisor especially if they are members of Service League, which Mike Scanlon is the President. We also talked about who controls the information about arrests, and booking info and special favors given to police officers by District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, and what is newsworthy. We talked about the high percentage of people in our jail waiting for trial, and we discussed the fraud and perjury in our courts and nothing being done to stop it. Some suggestions Yelp of Elected leaders, Citizens Oversight meetings. Giving Grand Jury more power.
    What I really liked was this group of people were there to solve corruption in SMC.

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    Posted by Thank you to Michael Stogner, a resident of another community
    6 hours ago
    A big thank you to Victim's Advocate Michael G. Stogner, who agreed to serve as a keynote speaker at the Corruption in San Mateo County event last night. It seems from his report that there was a very productive discussion. San Mateo County is in the heart of one of the most highly educated and affluent parts of the USA, but in many ways is being run like a corrupt "back" county from the 1930s. It's time for this to change.

  7. Somewhere out there - and we know this- there's a former prosecutor from the San Mateo DA's office - who is going to come forward to the FBI to spill what they know about the corruption.

    Wagstaffe, Guidotti, Mckowan; Gallagher and Lynch - you have become too arrogant, careless and stupid. It's just a matter of time.

  8. From San Mateo Daily Journal (house organ of Wagstaffe- sheeple reporters can't be bothered to actually check police blotters or court records- otherwise they would have learned that Wagstaffe and his crew: Guidotti, Gallagher, Lynch and Mckowan - and most likely Ivan Nightengale are congenital liars)

    District attorney proud to serve the public
    August 04, 2008, 12:00 AM By Susan Robles

    Growing up in both Potomac — a suburb of Washington, D.C. — and Los Angeles, Sean Gallagher thought he might go into architecture or advertising.
    Last week, Gallagher, 43, began his stint as the supervising deputy district attorney for the South San Francisco branch.
    "Being in public service is the most satisfying job for me,” said Gallagher, who sits in his new office lined with unpacked boxes.
    Though he says he would be worried if someone always wanted to be a lawyer, there was a part of Gallagher that knew he would follow in his father’s footsteps.
    His father, James Gallagher, is a government contracts lawyer in Los Angeles and moved the family there from Potomac when Sean was 12-years-old.
    After attending UC Santa Barbara, Gallagher went on to Loyola Law School and was admitted to the California Bar in 1990. His success in his four years as the deputy district attorney for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, earned him a spot on a selected team of prosecutors handling crimes of a sexual nature.
    "I knew that if I was going to be a lawyer I would be a prosecutor always,” said Gallagher.
    The need for change and a fresh outlook brought Gallagher to the Bay Area in 1995. He joined the San Mateo County district attorney’s office where he was eventually assigned to the Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit in 1999 for two years.
    He said that prosecuting such heinous cases can be hard to stomach and that most attorneys can only handle it for two to three years before they have to move on to something else.
    "A lot of those cases are depressing because you have this innocent child who has been hideously victimized, a lot of the time by someone they know,” said Gallagher. "But [the cases] are terrific because they’re hard and sometimes the kids end up doing better after they testify and know that they were an essential role in putting this person away.”
    During his time in that unit, Gallagher held a record for most trials and most days in trial of any prosecutor in the district attorney’s office.
    He also served as the prosecution deputy for narcotics and the political corruption deputy before taking on the role as a homicide prosecutor in 2004.
    "There’s nothing better as a DA than to work homicide,” said Gallagher, who never wants to stop doing homicide cases.
    After four years in homicide, 10 first degree murder convictions and five life sentences, Gallagher said choosing a most memorable case is like trying to pick your favorite child.
    His last case, People vs. Joseph Cua, just wrapped in June. Gallagher successfully prosecuted Cua, who was found guilty of murdering his elderly employers in their Millbrae home two years ago. Cua’s sentence will be determined on September 13.
    His new position as a supervising deputy district attorney will allow him to mentor young prosecutors starting out in what he considers to be a rewarding job.
    "So much of it comes down to money and it would be horrible to try those cases,” said Gallagher. "I like public service and doing my small part to give people vindication and justice.”

    Mr. Gallagher: May we be the first to say that we are proud that you are going DOWN!

  9. Here's the REAL difference between Wagstaffe and his crew and the real pros at corruption in Chicago and New York.

    Wagstaffe, Guidotti, Lynch, Gallagher et. al all leave paper trails of their corruption and lies. In New York and Chicago, the prosecutors are too savvy to do that.

    Here's Wagstaffe's MO: tell crime victims and their families that he will do EVERYTHING to get the criminal prosecuted - even promising them (gasp!) to try the case himself- only to drag the case out for months and months, during which time he refuses to respond to phone calls and emails from desperate victims and their families. When his back is to the wall- when for example the AG's office pressured him to make a decision about a sex abuse case- Wagstaffe will then lie and tell the families that he is not prosecuting the case because the victims' statements are not consistent.... which contradicts every single expert's testimony which says it is consistent.

    In the case of families of inmates, as stated here before Wagstaffe LOVES to tell them that the inmate is innocent, that he will do everything he can to help them, that he will make a call to the Innocence Project for them. Then he makes sure his prosecutors go to the Parole Boards and fights tooth and nail to keep the inmate in.

    Wake up, sheeple. Wagstaffe is a bad, bad guy who protects child predators like Sheriff Greg Munks and Carlos Bolanos and child pornographer Luke Lonergan, and County predators like Cardell Brown and William Ayres.

    He is a bad, bad guy who retaliates any crime victim or family member who complains about his false statements.

    If you have any experience of Wagstaffe lying to you, you need to contact the San Francisco office of the FBI. And contact the media.

  10. From ALL reports: Karen Guidotti is a complete idiot.

  11. This is a typical work day for Steve Wagstaffe:

    1)Meet with families of crime victims or inmates and lie about how he is going to get justice for them.

    2)Fends off calls and angry emails from families of crime victims and inmates about his prosecutors who have lied to them. Agree with the families that the prosecutor has committed misconduct and that he wil take care of the issue.

    3)Never contacts the prosecutor who has committed the misconduct and then stupidly prays that by avoiding the issue, the conflict will disappear. Wagstaffe is too stupid to realize that by ignoring the issue the problem festers and grows.

    4) Spends and wastes a ridiculous amount of time fiddling around with his stupid cases of interest cases for the press but always leaves out the most high profile cases like the Luke Lonergan case and the San Mateo Deputy Sheriff Troy Smith violence case.

    5) Works out at the gym with a convicted felon, who was convicted of rape

    6)Stays at the office as long as possible so as to avoid being with his wife

    7) Tries to avoid thinking about the serious skeleton in his own family closet - one that soon will be exposed to the public.

  12. This is a typical work day for Steve Wagstaffe:

    1) Gets in at 5:00 AM and stays late to avoid going home to his wife, whom he married when he was too young. She's got some years on Wagstaffe but seems nice enough. Why is he avoiding her?

    2) Meets with desperate families of crime victims or inmates who are in emotional pain. Lies and lies,in a fawning I-understand-your-pain voice about how he is going to get justice for them.

    #)Avoids calls and angry emails from other families of crime victims and inmates to whom he and his prosecutors who have lied to on prior occasions. Makes his secretary say he is not in, when actually he is, and is watching sports on cable TV in his office- the cable is a gift from his mentor and corruptor in chief, Jim Fox... Hey, Jim!, did you have fun disciplining those juveniles at Hillcrest back in the 1960s? We've been hearing some really bad stories about you!

    3) Stupidly prays that by avoiding the issue, the conflict will disappear. Wagstaffe is too stupid to realize that by ignoring the issue the problem festers and grows.

    4) Spends and wastes a ridiculous amount of time fiddling around with his stupid cases of interest cases for the press but always leaves out the most high profile cases like the Luke Lonergan case and the San Mateo Deputy Sheriff Troy Smith violence case.

    5) Works out at the gym with a convicted felon, who was convicted of rape.

    7) Daydreams about the time some guys in the DA's office hired a stripper to perform in his office.

    8) Laughs about how many lies he has told to decent families of crime victims and thinks how stupid they are for believing him

    9) Never thinks for one minute that the feds will catch up with him. But they will. Oh, yes, they will.

  13. Oh, yes, almost forgot the most important issue!!

    Wagstaffe spends a LOT of time worrying about whether that big skeleton in his closet, involving his own flesh and blood, is going to be made public.

    We have news for him: it will.

  14. Deep: I hope YOU write about corruption in San Mateo County. Ayres was part of it.

  15. Deep-

    Given the astronomical number of complaints from both crime victims and criminal defendants about lies and corruption coming out of San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe's office, have you given any thought to throwing your hat into the ring for another candidate to run against Wagstaffe?

    What about San Mateo Board Supervisor President Dave Pine? He was the only Supervisor to listen to the Ayres victims after the DA's office lied to and mistreated them. He seems like the only Supervisor with a shred of moral fiber.

    How 'bout it Deep? What about a post urging Pine to run?

  16. When does this all END? Why is Ayres still alive?

    Deep, can you write something?

  17. For fuck's sake, get rid of that fucking crook Wagstaffe NOW. He is abusive; his prosecutors are abusive; he doesn't care about victims. He cares about no one but himself. Get rid of him NOW!

  18. Wagstaffe's office sent juveniles to Ayres. Ayres raped them. But Wagstaffe has repeatedly lied and said his office never sent boys to Ayres.

    Wagstaffe MUST GO. Email San Mateo Supervisor President Dave Pine if you want Wagstaffe to go:

  19. I have been trying to get Mr. Wagstaffe's attention since 2012 and to-date - NOTHING has been done in our case. Emails have gone unanswered & I've stopped phoning. I agree, he must go and hopefully get someone that actually cares about justice.

  20. R. : You will be very, very missed.