Monday, August 5, 2013

Surprise! Another Pedophile Child Shrink.

John Visher - Capitola Child Shrink
I just recently learned about yet another child shrink who has been accused of molesting children (and possessing a large-ish collection of child porn.)  He has stated that he served "high-risk" youth and treated "sexual problems." Practically a hunting license, if you ask me... Read about the John William Visher case in the Santa Cruz Sentinel (pdf)

This one likes little 8-9 year old girls, and possibly even younger boys apparently. It's been practicing "psychology" for around three decades. Imagine the destruction, if allegations are true.

As seems to be usual, the accused has a sizeable gaggle of daft family and friends supporting him in court.

This case seems like it should be fairly high profile, given the quantity of accusations and child porn collected, along with the duration of practice of the alleged shrink. But apparently, it's been rather back-burner even in the press, much has been the situation with the william hamilton ayres child molestation case.

We'll try to keep our eye on this case as well.

REMINDER: Sentencing in the ayres case is CHANGING - See the post immediately below this one!

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