Wednesday, August 7, 2013

News article update:

There is an article in the Merc News.

Also, Chanel 7 news was video taping outside the court. Will post links as I find them.

I will post a detailed update, but will be later tonight, as it will take some time for me to work through it all.

Update - 7PM PST:

Here's a link to the KTVU News Story.

Sorry it's taking long for my post. It will be some time yet... Diligently working on parts of it!

Update 11pm PST: 
Still working... almost there.

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  1. What a lying phony SOB Wagstaffe is. If he had wanted Ayres to be in prison, he would have, as the Pennsylvania DA did in the Sandusky did , made sure that Ayres had been convicted within months of his arrest.

    Wagstaffe lied to a government official two years ago about his intentions with Ayres. All he has done is complain about how much this has cost the County. Too bad. Wagstaffe with his false and cloying soundbites to the press is about to get the shock of his life with the flood of lawsuits coming against the County.

    Vote Wagstaffe, the most corrupt DA San Mateo County has ever had, out next year.