Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ayres locked up

ayres remanded into custody. Wheeled out under armed guard.

More to follow.


  1. Say that again?

    I don't believe it.

    He'll probably soon get out.

    1. I'll say it again: Wheeled out under armed guard.

      $olveig had the bailiff collect ayres' watch and remand it into her cu$tody before they carted him off. She wanted to go get it herself, but she wasn't allowed near the prisoner.

      If you read the San Mateo County Times article, you'll see part of what the next gambit to get him released is... more to follow.

    2. Defense attorney Jonathan McDougall ... said in court [the psychopath] plans to try to withdraw his no contest pleas to the molestation charges. - Excerpted from: Peninsula child psychiatrist sent to jail as his molestation victims applaud, by Joshua Melvin, San Jose Mercury News, August 7, 2013.

      * * *

      This is tiresome BS. The psychopath should not be allowed to withdraw its no contest pleas. What's next - a fourth and a fifth trial, ad nauseam? Enough jerking around the court already. Be done with this, go to, and stay in prison!

      Given the severity of its crimes, and the number of people whom it victimized over the course of several decades, a prison sentence of eight and 22 years is not long enough.

      The shamelessness of this lying scumbag is staggering.

    3. Yup.. that's correct. I'll have a bit to say about that... If I ever get today's article written... (Still working on it.)

    4. I've just realized something about that watch.

      Does time mean anything to people who have Alzheimer's disease? Well, no. So why does the psychopathic pedophile wear a watch?

      The pedophile keeps giving itself away.

  2. I was in the court room this morning. Ayers' lawyer made a feeble attempt to have him (the so-called Dr.) remain released. After numerous testimonies that summarized Dr. Evil's behavior and the suffering of many victims, the Judge did the right thing and remanded Dr. Ayers into custody.

    1. McDougall seemed washed out today. Good to see!

  3. I was looking at this just as the story about the poor boys killed in the care of the State of Florida came on CBS. I am in tears, of joy for it finally being locked up and sadness as I too was seriously abused in the Custody of a State child protective service.
    I hope any victims seeing this report get comfort from it.

    I have never heard of anyone trying to withdrawal a No Contest plea. I hope that fails and maybe gets McDOugal sanctioned or worse.

  4. This was so long coming. Ayers obviously had connections or he would have been brought to justice years ago. Authorities knew of his activities long ago and did nothing. I do not know how some people sleep at night. There should be NO Statute of limitations on child molesters for the lifelong pain they inflict on both the victims and their families. If there is a statute of limitations victims suffer twice - once by monster's like Ayers and once by the system that is supposed to protect them and didn't. This is a perfect case to sight to change the law. Ayers basically gets a get out of jail free card for all those he molested outside the statute of limitations. Cheers for Victoria and all who helped in finally bringing him to justice. The pain he caused to the victims and their families cannot be measured and I pray for them all. Thank you for the blog and updates it is a lot of work on your part and very appreciated.