Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Judge Freeman Nominated to Federal Bench

A San Molesteo County Big Deal:

According to the San Mateo Daily Journal (pdf), as was rumored just before the start of the ayres re-trial:

Judge Beth Freeman, judge in the criminal trials of convicted child molester william ayres, has been nominated to the Federal Bench by President Barry Obama.

Ooof. Almost didn't preside over a high profile conviction -- good thing the DA finally felt the heat under their seat! Maybe Freeman should think about attending Buy a County Supervisor a Beer Day.


  1. Freeman was mealy-mouthed in the 2009 trial. I will never forget her curtailing the number of out-of-statute-victims who could testify because she said, " We don't want to pile on."

    Why in hell wouldn't they want to pile on? In the Dr. Earl Bradley case, they included statements from more than 100 victims.

    Freeman has gotten more hard line this year about Ayres ONLY because she wants to be nominated for a federal judgeship.

  2. Well she better make sure she throws his rear end in jail and doesn't fold for an easy out. He is a criminal of the worst kind. Picking on little defenseless kids.

  3. I recomend any interested parties send a letter to tyhe whitehouse asking the nomination be recinded. I just did.

  4. The history of SM County mishandling child abuse goes back to the 70's at least.
    " was the girl's injuries that finally got the attention of Child Protective Services in San Mateo County. Still, Nathan managed to avoid prosecution before moving to Concord with a promise to San Mateo County authorities that she would quit the day care business, Pipes said."

    Any word on the investigations of the DA? Or mishandling of the ayres case? Or any of the other public officials who obstructed this investigation and trial?

  5. In plain English, can you please tell me what the civil trial, to be held this coming Monday, is about? Just curious.

    1. It's not the trial yet, it's a motion by plaintiff to compel ayres to do an official deposition for the trial. ayres' attorney keeps delaying; wanting to wait for the conclusion of any appeals to the CRIMINAL matter now.

      They always retaliate for these kinds of motions by trying to force the plaintiff to go in for a "psychiatric evaluation." (Which will have to happen at some point, but each side wants to compel the other first.)

      The plaintiff attorney is trying to keep things on track for the currently scheduled start of the civil trial in September, and ayres' attorney is trying to put the civil trial off indefinitely.