Monday, May 20, 2013

Supervisor Pine: Motion to Rescind Lifetime Achievement Award

NOTE: In case you missed the news -- ayres has been found Guilty.

According to several sources, Supervisor Dave Pine has placed a motion to rescind the January 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award in Psychiatry given to william hamilton ayres for his “tireless effort to improve the lives of children[…]”  on the County Board of Supervisor's Meeting agenda.  The rescission item is said to be appearing on the June 4, 2013 Council Meeting Agenda.

A newspaper article covering Pine’s motion appears in the Palo Alto Daily Post.

Supervisor Pine has for several years been compassionate to the families and friends of the victims of ayres; having met with parents over their concerns that prosecution delays seemed unreasonable and that urgency to convict seemed relaxed.

For quite some time, families and friends have seen ayres out in the community behaving competently while free on bail. When the prosecution seemed to believe ayres’ stories of dementia, and seemed to be ready to concede that ayres was not competent to defend himself, the group of families and friends hired private investigators to tail ayres to show that he was indeed acting in a competent fashion.  Supervisor Pine was made aware of these reports, and expressed concern to the District Attorney’s about the pending decision.

Pine and a reporter planned to attend the hearing the morning that the DA conceded ayres’ incompetence, and verified the time with the prosecution and the court calendar. When they showed up, they found that the hearing had already finished before the scheduled start time. The reporter from the San Mateo County Times said that the “Time of Ayres’ retrial hearing is suspicious.”

As the retrial was slated to get started back up, and families and friends wrote the Board asking for focus, Pine and the rest of the County Supervisors brought pressure to bear, clarifying for the District Attorney’s office the desire that the County had for strong and successful prosecution of the case; resulting in additional strength added to the prosecution bench, and re-invigorating the prosecution in finding strong witnesses.

On the Rescission:

After ayres changed his plea to “No Contest” and the Judge found him guilty of the charges against him, several communications were made to the Board of Supervisors from friends, families and victims like the ones below:

Board of Supervisors:

I am a victim of William Ayres, a psychiatrist who worked in and contracted with San Mateo County agencies for many years evaluating juveniles for court cases, and who recently (May 16th, 2013) was found guilty of 8 counts of child molestation with special circumstances. There are at least 45 KNOWN victims of this child molester, most of them out-of-statute for criminal prosecution. There are likely scores of other victims.

It is known that police and other county agencies received complaints about Ayres in 1987 and two in 1994.
On January 15, 2002 this body (The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors) approved:

Resolution (1945) honoring William H. Ayres, M.D. for his lifetime of achievement in the field of Psychiatry, service on the Children and Families First Commission, and for his tireless effort to improve the lives of children and adolescents (Supervisor Rich Gordon)

I now implore you, the current Board of Supervisors, that given William Ayres' May 13, 2013 admission that the facts of the criminal complaints against him are true and correct, to rescind the inappropriate Lifetime Achievement Award given to this child molester by the County of San Mateo.

I hope to see this item on a very near future Board Meeting Agenda.

I also hope you understand that I prefer to remain anonymous in my request.

Thank you for your time in considering this very important, and yet easily resolved matter.
-[initials redacted]

Dear All,

If I could put my 2 cents in, I am all for the rescinding of Ayres LA award. My best friends younger brother, JD, was also a victim of Ayres. The no contest plea and subsequent date of sentencing is a bittersweet victory for my friends family.

The August 6 sentencing date falls on what would have been JD's 50th birthday, and the following day will be the second anniversary of his suicide. There are a few other documented suicides of Ayres former patients, and there are surely others that we don't know about, considering he had hundreds of young boys under his so called care over the years.

This man is a monster of enormous proportions and should have been locked away decades ago. Many people in high places turned a blind eye to the complaints that came in over the years.

Finally, there is no doubt in my mind that Ayres will have a convenient medical or otherwise problem that will extend his sentencing date, or keep him out of jail altogether. He has 2 1/2 months to devise a way to fool the system yet again. If he ever ends up behind bars, it will be a huge surprise to me. He knows how to manipulate the process.

[initials redacted], my heart goes out to you.
My input, Jonathan Henry Huddleston

Dave Pine has been a compassionate County Supervisor, and his efforts are greatly appreciated. Pine has now submitted a motion, and hopefully, on June 4th, 2013 the Board of Supervisors will vote to enact the rescission of ayres’ Lifetime Achievement Award.

Update: There are now Editorial/Opinions from Michelle Durand and Michael G. Stogner in the San Mateo Daily Journal.


  1. Thank you, Supervisor Pine.

  2. Deep: What time is the meeting and where will it be held? And are victims and families and others welcome to speak?

    1. Yup, interested parties should show up to speak if they want.

      Meetings normally start at 9am, and are located at:

      County Government Center:
      Hall of Justice & Records
      400 County Center
      Redwood City, CA 94063

      I'll post more as the Agenda shows up in their list of agendas, in case any timing changes happen.

      Here's the website:

  3. Replies
    1. If so, they don't list it anywhere obvious.

      Maybe finding it is a test to see if you're worthy of sitting in on a meeting.

  4. Looks like the San Mateo Board of Supervisors doesn't give out actual Lifetime Achievement Awards. They do, however, as they did in Ayres' case, pass resolutions to honor various citizens for their lifetime achievement in the community.

    Can one rescind a resolution?

  5. Tragically, a man who was molested by Ayres was himself murdered in 1981 after a parent discovered that the Ayres victim had molested his child.

    The effect of the abuse is widespread and affects spouses, children, grandchildren, friends.

  6. I sent in a request to Gordon in November 2011 asking that he work to rescind the award.

    Here is his response:

    Gordon, Richard


    Dr. Ayres was recognized by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors upon his retirement from the First Five Commission and prior to any knowledge of the allegations against him. I have no role in this issue as a member of the State Assembly. The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors could consider rescinding the resolution, but it would be highly unlikely that this would occur given that the resolution was presented prior to the surfacing of other facts.


    But numerous victims had been going to the police, to Children's Services, to Ayres' partners, to the California Medical Board about Ayres since the 1960's!

    We just learned a couple of days ago that yet ANOTHER victim told the police about Ayres in 1993, but the police weren't interested in hearing about it and the complaint was never documented.


    1. On several occasions, I sent inquiry to Gordon (via email, via submission to his "contact me" link, and via facebook)about asking the board to consider rescinding the award, and I never got any response back, not even an automated "thanks for your concern" type of email. Further, I was banned and blocked from his facebook page for my efforts.

      Here are the details.

      Needless to say, I'm not a fan of the old hag.

  7. Good letter, Mr. Stogner!

    Letter: San Mateo County: Time to start healing
    May 21, 2013, 05:00 AM Letter


    Supervisor Dave Pine has taken the lead by putting the Lifetime Achievement Award that was issued to Dr. William Ayres in 2002 by the Board of Supervisors on the agenda. He is asking Adrienne Tissier, Carole Groom, Warren Slocum and Don Horsley to vote in favor of rescinding it immediately. I support this issue. For some reason, former supervisor Rich Gordon felt this was the right thing to do. I have always disagreed with him on this issue. This last week, William Ayres put an end to almost 50 years of suffering for the victims and families and admitted to eight felony counts of child molestation. There were more than 45 men prepared to testify. We San Mateo County can say how sorry we are to the victims and families by sending a letter, email, phone call or show up in person at the board meeting to tell the four supervisors how to vote on this issue. This is your county. Nobody has been looking out for the children or the families. Get involved, say something, this is a great opportunity to say I’m sorry.

    Michael G. Stogner

    San Carlos


    Meeting is on June 4, 2013 at 9:00 am.

    Individual emails for Supervisors:

  8. The San Mateo County DA's office needs to be taken down. For Wagstaff to act like the DA did a good job is pathetic. Victoria Balfour and the victims, their families, are the ones who opened this wide open. Wagstaff and Mckowen and my recent contact, John Warren, Chief Inspector of DA's office, needs to be replaced. Warren was replaced by another questionable homicide investigator, Robert Morse (Bones). His wife, Priscilla Harris Morse, who was once head of Risk Management for San Mateo County, told me herself, " if I only knew the bad type of people who work for this county." She was with me in front of Judge Diaz. I said, "do you see the type of bozos I'm up against?" She said, "BOZOS, that is too comical, this woman is a BARBARIAN" How dare Malissa Mckowen put Victoria Balfour down in any way. How dare the county DA take any credit for Ayres to be convicted ever!!! We need to replace a lot of folks in this county, including the whole district attorneys office and anyone who supports them!!!!!!!!!NOW
    That includes the county CPS; just watch what becomes clears about these fools!!!!!!!!