Thursday, November 8, 2012

THIRD Altar Boy files suit against Father Michael Kelly: Police Continue to Investigate Kelly

UPDATE January 14, 2014:
Kelly has just been CRIMINALLY Indicted, and request for extradition from Ireland has been filed.
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Yesterday, Father Michael Kelly,  the  priest who was  found liable in a civil trial for raping a 12- year- old boy at Annunciation School in Stockton, California in the 1980s,  and then fled to his native Ireland before that trial was over -  was hit with yet another molestation lawsuit.

This is the third lawsuit filed against Kelly and the Stockton Diocese by former altar boys who served with Kelly.  Back in September, a 24-year-old man filed a suit stating that Kelly had molested him when he was a 12-year-old altar boy at St. Andrew's in San Andreas, CA in the early 2000's.

The two recent lawsuits were filed by attorneys John Manly and Vince Finaldi, who also represented the first victim, Travis Trotter, in the civil trial against Kelly in April.

There are  a number of news stories today  about the  latest lawsuit filed this week.

Link to Stockton Record story: Third Child Sex Suit Aimed at Stockton Diocese

According to the paper, the latest Kelly victim,  22, states that Kelly molested him at Mokelumne Hill Church, a small mission church affiliated with St. Andrew's Church in San Andreas, California.

Kelly was sent to Mokelumne Hill Church AFTER a psychologist warned the Stockton Diocese in 1999 that Kelly had pedophiliac tendencies and should never work with nor be left alone with children.  

Despite those warnings, the Stockton Diocese  assigned Kelly to be the lone priest at Mokelumne Hill Church, where he  had plenty of opportunity to be alone with the altar boys in the small rear chamber of the church. 

Sadly, the lawsuit states that this latest victim tried to commit suicide in 2011 as a result of the abuse.

What's encouraging is that the Calaveras County Sheriff's office is continuing with their criminal investigation into Kelly. The District Attorney's office there spoke to the Stockton Record: "Calaveras prosecutor Dana Pfeil said her office is awaiting the Sheriff's office to conduct interviews with multiple other victims to complete the criminal report. "

If you are a victim of Kelly or have any knowledge of any victims, please contact Sgt. Chris Hewitt at the Calaveras County Sheriff's office: 209-754-6500.

Or contact civil attorneys John Manly and Vince Finaldi in Irvine, CA: 949-252-9990.

Link to Modesto Bee story, Former Altar Boy Makes Sex Abuse Claims Against Stockton Priest

Lodi News: Former Lockeford Priest Michael Kelly is Facing More Abuse Allegations"

Sonora Union Democrat: Another Alleged Victim Sues Church"


  1. The lunatic fringe known as the Friends of Father Kelly have been up in arms at attorney John Manly's efforts to find new victims.

    The Calaveras Enterprise reported in July that they were hassling the investigators at the Calaveras Count Sheriff's office. Actively trying to interfere with a police investigation. What us wring with these lunatics?

  2. Any updates on Ayers?

    1. Nothing going on that I'm aware of. ayres posted bond, so it seems like they've given up on the reduction of bail idea... probably wouldn't get money back from bondsman, so no real point.

      I've been waiting for motions to start, whining about this or that, but nothing so far as I can tell.

      I call the court clerk with some frequency to check for changes in schedule, and I don't see anything new as of December 3rd.

      When I check for updates, I always update the "ayres' Court Dates" tab: If you look at the banner image, the tab is immediately below on the right side of the page. If you look at the page, you'll see a "Date Last Checked" row, and If there is no change, I'll note it there. This way, you'll always be able to tell when the last check was.

      There are also instructions to call the court clerk there. The never ask who you are or why you're calling... they don't give a rip.... If you call for yourself, and there are changes not noted on the blog, please always feel free to comment on the most recent post, or call the voice-mail line or drop me an email.

      Here's the link to the court dates page:

      Wish I had more news; I fear we'll be hit with motions at the last moment.