Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reminder: Upcoming william ayres child molestation Hearing

Hearing Reminder:
August 3, 2012 8:45am

There will be a fairly significant hearing on Friday, August 3rd, 2012:

william hamilton ayres, who has been charged with molesting many young boys under the guise of providing psychiatric treatment, and who has been avoiding prosecution by claiming that he is demented, and does not have the capacity to defend himself against charges, has been declared to be competent by a team of evaluating doctors at the Napa State facility.

The hearing on Friday will allow the opportunity for the defense to YET AGAIN challenge the finding that he is indeed competent to face charges, and also to set bail, as he has been given until Friday to clear out of lockup at Napa State, and is therefore back in custody of the court.

It remains to be seen if ayres will be released without bail and  if the DA will pursue the matter if ayres continues to claim that he is incompetent.

Also of note: There was a report that was sealed by request of the defense that accompanied the certification of competency. That report may detail WHY the doctors were able to cure his dementia in spite of his refusal to participate in any treatment. Perhaps ayres decided to take his medication after all, and got better, or perhaps they found another cause for his alleged dementia...

Or perhaps they simply state that he was never demented to begin with.

We may hear answers to these questions on Friday.

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