Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Earlier Court Date Scheduled for Molester william ayres


There is a hearing with the topic of "Further Proceedings" now scheduled for September 7, 2012 at 8:45am.

Huh... How about that, suddenly time is of essence for child molester william ayres. 

I'll monitor the situation, and update the calendar accordingly.

[8/29/2016 Wednesday Update]: Re-verified date with court schedule. No change.


  1. "Child molester"? How about "Rapist"?

  2. The San Mateo Private Defenders Association - the same association that has repeatedly defended Ayres during the criminal investigation and has refused all requests to review and investigate the hundreds of juvenile cases involving Ayres- has received an award.


  3. James Fox was a counselor at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall in the mid-1960s. At least one of the boys he was in charge of was molested by Ayres. To date, Fox has refused to respond to this victim's letters, calls and emails about Ayres.

    Gerry Hilliard, who was head of the San Mateo juvenile defenders until recently, and who told the press during the criminal investigation into Ayres in 2006, that he didn't believe the victims and that Ayres was the most professional and finest psychiatrist he ever worked with - worked in probation in the 1970s. Waddya bet he worked with juvenile boys?

    Judge John Grandsaert worked on cases involving juveniles when he was a prosecutor in the DA's office. Did he ever have any dealings with Ayres? Did he ever hire him to evaluate boys? Or did he work on any cases where a juvenile defender had hired Ayres? Waddya bet he did?

    Wagstaffe says his office never used Ayres. That is a false statement. We know that Marta Diaz hired Ayres in the 1980s to evaluate boys when she worked in the DA's office. We also know she tried to get the police to stop investigating Ayres in 2002 and then continued to send boys to him for the next 15 months.

    When Diaz was moved out of juvenile court in 201, Gerry Hilliard praised her in the press as the finest most professional judge he'd ever worked with.

    Hilliard has never said a word of support for all of those juveniles he and the Private Defenders sent to Ayres like lambs to a slaughter.

    We also know that Wagstaffe prosecuted the case of one Ayres victim who at age 12, was threatened by Ayres and then molested by him. Ayres warned the boy to keep quiet or he'd make sure he got a bad sentence. This victim committed a burglary as an adult, and Wagstaffe prosecuted the case.

    Just think of how many men the DA's office has prosecuted who were molested and threatened by Ayres. Hundreds, in all probability. So Ayres was molesting juvenile boys, who then turned into hard core criminals as adults, who were then prosecuted by Wagstaffe.

    Ayres gave the DA almost all of their business. The county unknowingly was paying Ayres to rape and molest juveniles, and it is the County's fault that they became even more troubled and turned to a life of crime.

    Every single one of those juvenile cases where Ayres was involved need to be reviewed.

    Wagstaffe's office should never have been permitted to be near this case. Grandsaert should NEVER have been permitted to preside over this case.

    And someone needs to be investigating Diaz for her interfering with a police investigation and Wagstaffe for covering up for when a government agency tried to investigate her.

  4. Omg. The foregoing post describes what sounds like a massive conflict of interest.

    The more I read about this rapist, the worse he sounds.

    Rapists never stop until they are put in and kept in prison.

    This is somewhat off-topic, but does anyone know why rape has a statute of limitation? The limit seems viciously arbitrary. Murder is the only violent crime that is worse than rape, imo.

  5. Look at what Kathryn Yolken, a private defender who sent boys to Ayres, said after Ayres settled the molestation civil suit with Ayres. We know that private defenders were sending boys to Ayres as late as 2006. Also note that Yolken worked as a prosecutor in the San Mateo DA's office. Did SHE hire Ayres to evaluate boys when she was in the DA's office? The victim who filed the civil suit called Yolken after Ayres was arrested. He was furious with her statement that she didn't believe the allegations. She never returned the victim's call. Typical for a San Mateo County person whose job was supposedly to help children.

    Oakland Tribune, The (CA)

    County lawyers defend accused doctor

    July 16, 2005
    Section: San Mateo
    Jason Dearen, STAFF WRITER

    A confidential settlement between a prominent San Mateo County child psychiatrist and a former patient who accused him of molestation has evoked a passionate defense of the doctor by county lawyers who have known and worked with him for decades.

    A former president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dr. William Ayres, 73, has been the recipient of referrals by the county's juvenile courts system for decades.
    But one of his former clients — now a man of 40 who remains anonymous — claimed that Ayres molested him repeatedly during counseling sessions in 1977 and 1978 when he was 13.

    Ayres' attorney, Donald Putterman, said the settlement is not a recognition of guilt.
    Despite the allegations, attorneys who work in the juvenile courts system said they would still hire Ayres and allow him to work with their clients.

    "I will continue to use him. I don't believe he did anything wrong. He's a fabulous psychiatrist and a great person," said Kathryn Yolken, a juvenile attorney and former county prosecutor who has worked with Ayres since 1989.

    Yolken, who has prosecuted and defended child molestation cases, said she does not believe the allegations against Ayres. "I've done a lot of sexual assault and molestation cases, and it doesn't ring true," she said.

  6. Look at this: County of San Mateo- Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission, August 25, 2009 (This occurred after the Ayres mistrial)

    Three "Guests" attended the meeting

    Gerry Hilliard: Managing Attorney, Private Defender Program- Juveniles

    Kathy Yolken: Attorney at Law

    James Wade: Deputy District Attorney in Charge of Juveniles.


    But for forty years, the Private Defenders had actually been PROMOTING delinquency by sending juveniles to Ayres, despite victims' complaints. Whatever chance those boys had for redemption and a clean life were gone once Ayres got through with them.

    The Justice Department needs to come in and do a clean sweep of San Mateo County. No one is being held accountable and no one is doing anything to get to the bottom of how many juveniles were raped by Ayres.

  7. Judge Grandsaert (who is currently under investigation) and Hilliard- Ayres' number one supporter - served on this committee together for four years:


    Agenda Board of Supervisors November 14, 2000


    25. Recommendation for appointments of Mark Raffaelli, Gerry Hilliard, John L. Grandsaert and Lawrence W. Silver to the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Commission with terms expiring from date of appointment through the year 2004

  8. Gerry Hilliard's San Mateo Private Defenders hired Ayres for four decades.

    To date, the Juvenile Defenders have refused ALL Freedom of Information Requests to disclose how much they have paid Ayres to evaluate (read: molest ) boys since 1963. They said that this information " would not serve the public's interest."

    Judge John Grandsaert worked on juvenile cases when he was at the San Mateo DA's office. Did he hire Ayres? How much interaction did he have with him on cases where Ayres was hired by Private Defenders?

    Hilliard was an Ayres supporter, and judging from his refusal to offer public words of support for the juveniles who were molested by Ayres- is most likely still a supporter.

    Where does Grandsaert stand on this? Was he pals with attorney Kathy Yolken when they both worked as prosecutosr in the DA's office ?

    Did Yolken hire Ayres when she worked at the DA's officef?

    Yolken worked in the DA's office when Marta Diaz was there. Both Yolken and Diaz were huge Ayres supporters during the criminal investigation. Diaz tried to get the police to stop investigating Ayres. Yolken in 2005 told a reporter that despite Ayres paying out hundreds of thousands to one of his victims, said she was going to continue to hire him to evaluate boys.

    What FEDERAL agency is going to step in and investigate all of these monsters and their connection to each other? When is someone going to order an investigation and review of each and every juvenile case Ayres worked on?

    If the San Mateo Juvenile Defenders was still sending juveniles to boys in 2006, some of these boys would still be under the age 18. Could be fifteen, sixteen years old. Perhaps Ayres punished some by sending them off to California Youth Authority after they resisted his sexual assaults.

  9. I read these comments and it irked me. SO I called the FBI and after getting sent to the right person (VM) I left a message about this website and asked that they investigate the San Mateo County DA office.
    BTW the Justice department won't even take a complaint and if you manage to get through to a person and tell them why you called they transfer you to a message that says they will not look into local matters!
    Seems wrong that they won;t look into Government corruption. I never got a callback from the FBI and I am aware others have also made the same request.
    7 More days and we find out what the SM DA's office has in store for us.

    1. I'm glad you called anyway, even if they don't respond.

      By the way: I think that in 7 days, we'll find out what other shenanigans the defense has cooked up... I suspect THEY are the ones who asked for the previously unscheduled hearing, not the prosecution. I assume they'll be trying other avenues to spring ayres from the pokey. On Tuesday, there is a conservatorship hearing scheduled. Perhaps they will try to establish that ayres should be released into his daughter's custody or some other nonsense.

      Currently the "Competency Hearing" is scheduled for October 1, 2012.

    2. To anonymous Aug 31 12:54 pm:

      Someone gave you the wrong information about the justice dept. The FBI started an investigation into San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe in January 2011 as to whether he covers up crimes committed by County employees. I know of at least five people who were asked to come into the San Francisco office for an interview with two FBI agents.

      They stated to the people who were interviewed that they had their "suspicions" about Wagstaffe. The agents asked for assistance in getting fiormer employees of the San Mateo DA's office to come forward.

      The FBI and the justice department investigate district attorneys and judges. The civil rights section of the justice dept in DC investigates the violation of civil rights of juveniles. (This was true of the juveniles who were raped and molested and threatened by Ayres)

      My suggestion is that you write to Jonathan Smith, head of the civil rights section and talk about the juveniles, judges and the DA. And the County times and Atherton Almanac have done stories on the FBI investigation into Wagstaffe.

      The justice department investigates corrupt police and DAs . Someone gave you bad information.

      Write to DC but you gotta make it to the point. Goggle Steve Wagstaffe and the FBI investigation and you will find stories. The Ayres case may be part of the corruption they are looking at.