Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Just in: Ayres has been denied bail for now... Judge Grandsaert ( who needs to watch his step) said he can't rule on the issue of bail until the issue of competency is resolved.

 Ayres is not going back to Napa.

He will remain in jail.

Next hearing: October 1, 2012.

Wonder if any of Ayres' former victims are currently being housed at the Redwood City Jail? Wouldn't be at all surprising.


  1. This all could have been avoided had the San Mateo DA done its job last year and won the competency trial. When even the Napa drivers could tell that Ayres was competent when transporting him, it boggles the mind that Wagstaffe and his crew DID NOT WANT TO RETRY him and said that he would never be found competent.

    1. There should be a change of venue in this case. There is a conflict of interest because San Mateo County will no doubt be dealing with lawsuits for their part in giving Ayres access to his young male victims if he is convicted of sex crimes.

  2. Remind me again why Wagstaffe and crew were ADAMANT that Ayres was not fit to stand trial last year?

    Why did Wagstaffe say he couldn't justify the cost of a retrial?

  3. Good. There aren't enough years left in his life to rot there for the appropriate time. But this is a modest start.

    To Robert ayres: piss off you sack of dung.

  4. This is great this is a nice stay in jail for Ayres. He whined about Napa, oh not adjusting well etc. The only person who will be happier is Solveig with the much shorter commute to visit hubby.

    It's not likely Ayres can tunnel out like in Shawshank Redemption, he doesn't have 20 years left to do it and the jail people won't let him hang the kind of posters he likes.

  5. Wonder if Ayres is missing Doron Weinberg right about now?

  6. The DA and police IGNORED tips from parents of victims in the summer of 2011 that Ayres' medical colleagues said they had seen him all over San Francisco, behaving in a normal, if grandstanding fashion.

    Because the tips were ignored the poor parents scraped $5000 together to pay for a private investigator to tail Ayres. The investigator's team who followed Ayres to a restaurant observed that he was totally competent, pontificating on politics and business ventures.

    But when the lawyer for one of the families called the prosecutor to ask her to hold off on declaring Ayres incompent, she refused, stating " I don't believe he's competent. No jury will ever find him competent to stand trial. " She refused to return the lawyer's calls. Finally he got through to DA Wagstaffe, who after seeing the surveillance declared arrogantly that it would have been much better had the parents' investigators gotten Ayres in a car.

    Really, who does Wagstaffe think he is? Why didn't the DA's office hire an investigator to tail Ayres if it didn't think the surveillance was good enough? Why did the prosecutor not even want to look at the survellance Not only was there no thanks or graciousness by Wagstaffe or the prosecutor to the parents for hiring the investigator, but there was anger and resentment.

    Shame on Wagstaffe's office. He and his office have shown over and over that they do not care or respect the feelings of victims.

    But karma is coming for the DA. Just wait.

  7. During the Ayres criminal trial, one of his victims got a DUI on the day of the opening arguments. It was his third or fourth DUI. During the entire length of the Ayres trial, this victim was locked up in the Redwood City jail across the street from the courthouse. I used to visit him there.

    Every time he tried to deal with what Ayres had done to him, the emotional pain was too great to bear and he would drink himself into a stupefying stupor. I remember once in 2008 his girlfriend pulled up a picture of Ayres on the victim's home computer. The victim backed away from the photo with a look of sheer terror and fear.

    He was given the choice of going to rehab but he couldn't bear the thought of facing what Ayres did to him without anesthetizing himself with alcohol.

    That victim drank himself to death at age 44 in 2011. I would learn at his memorial party that he had told his rehab counselors in 2008 that Ayres had given him alcohol laced with a sedative and then raped him. Ayres' threatened him and said "If you let me do this to you I will make sure you don't go to juvenile hall."

    I know of another man serving life in prison for a series of robberies. He stole a candy bar when he was 10 and was sent to Ayres. In juvenile hall, Ayres molested him and threatened him. This man, who was from a good, educated family became a Hell's Angel. He said that what Ayres did to him in juvenile hall "destroyed his life." He told me," In my heart and soul I know that had I never met Dr. Ayres my whole life would have turned out drastically different. I would have given something to society."

    It's quite likely that Ayres will meet some of his victims in jail. He evaluated hundreds and hundreds of juveniles over the course of 40 years in San Mateo.

    I am sure that's what Ayres fears- crossing paths in jail with the boys whose lives he ruined. I hope he does.

  8. The case will never get to trial.

    And even if it does (which it won't ) at least TWO victims say they will not be returning for the trial to testify. Shame on the DA for not treating the victims and their families well.

  9. Funny how ALL of the San Mateo County employees involved in the case today were on their "best "behavior.

    Could it be because they're all ...... under observation?

    Just askin'.