Friday, August 3, 2012

Malingering Child Molester william ayres

william hamilton ayres, who molested many young boys while they were under his alleged psychiatric care and who has been deceiving the court with a competency gambit to avoid retrial for his heinous crimes, had a hearing today, covering the certification from Napa State Hospital that he IS indeed competent to defend himself in court, and to set bail.

At the hearing today, The Napa State report remained sealed, but the prosecutor was able to reveal more about the content of the report. According to the prosecution, ayres NEVER DID accept any treatment, and therefore was not "cured" by anything Napa did. Further, the report indicates that ayres was decidedly NOT acting as though he had dementia, and it was so apparent that laypeople, Nurses and Janitorial staff, all recognized that ayres was not suffering dementia. The report says that ayres is malingering.

The prosecutor called ayres' actions an elaborate two-year hoax. She indicated that even people at the county jail recognized that ayres was not suffering dementia.

However: bail was not set, and ayres will be returned to Napa State until decision can be made about bail. There will be another bail hearing next week on August 8th, at 11am.

The defense attorney argued that ayres has been free all this time, and is not a flight risk. Prosecution argued that in light of ayres' elaborate hoax, we don't know what his state of mind is. The judge wants to hear more.

The defense contested the certification, and so a hearing will be required. This will not be a jury trial, but instead will be a hearing to last about 7 court days, in front of the judge who heard matters today, and who presided over the competency trial.

More to follow later.

[Update: 2012/08/03-11am PST]: There is an article in the Mercury News (pdf) now, with similar detail.


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    1. Yeah... pretty much.

      The only people shocked by this shockingly shocking bombshell news are... well... the newsrags... because they haven't been following the circus very closely.

      Solveig and Barbara, whores to Satan, and ayres' failed "director" son Robert (Hi, Robert!) are not surprised.

      The DA is not surprised.

      The court should not be surprised.

      Shyster McDougall is not surprised.

      None of us are surprised.

      Everyone acted like Satan himself had come and personally made the revelation though.

  2. So everyone on staff knew Ayres was competent? How come the only people who didn't know Ayres was competent were those at the San Mateo DA's office?

    For several months last summer Ayres' medical colleagues told the victims' families that Ayres WAS mentally competent and not impaired. They reported seeing him by himself,holding court at restaurants, acting competent, talking lucidly on any matter of subjects . Apparently, EVERYONE in Ayres' medical circles knew he was competent.

    The team of THREE INVESTIGATORS hired by the desperate families of victims who tailed Ayres to a restaurant in San Francisco last August and who listened to Ayres hold forth on his business ventures, the Iowa Straw poll, and joke about how one could use Alzheimer's to their advantage in the courtroom, stated that he was competent and lucid.

    One person who worked at Ayres' old office building at 215 N San Mateo Drive reported seeing Ayres by himself, lurking around his old office and then getting off and driving a car. These tips were given to the County, but no one acted on them.

    Seems like EVERYONE knew he was competent. Why then did the DA's office tell parents of the victims from June to 2011 that Ayres was NOT mentally competent, would NEVER be mentally competent and NO JURY would ever find him competent to stand trial and that they would NOT RETRy him for mental competency ? Why did Wagstaffe tell the mother of a victim in August 2011 that because Ayres was using a walker, that "wouldn't be helpful to his competency ? "

    Why did Wagstaffe tell the mother of a victim in August 2011 that he "couldn't justify to taxpayers a mental competency retrial because of the expense" but then the County has been paying Napa to house Ayres for the past nine months? Gotta be way more expensive for the County than holding a competency retrial.

    What mental block did Wagstaffe have in August 2011 about retrying Ayres for competency when everyone in the world knew Ayres was competent?

    Why did Wagstaffe PROMISE San Mateo Supervisor Dave Pine one day in August 2011 that retrying Ayres for mental competency was " a serious option " but then THE VERY NEXT DAY, after he'd seen the investigator's video that SHOWED Ayres to be mentally competent, Wagstaffe in an extremely nervous fashion told the mother of a victim (she described him as talking "faster than a machine gun" ) that he WOULD NOT RETRY AYRES?

    It boggles the mind that when presented with convincing evidence that Ayres WAS competent that Wagstaffe would change his mind about retrying Ayres in less than 24 hours after he spoke to Dave Pine. Looks like Wagstaffe knew all along last August he wasn't going to retry Ayres, but was telling Dave Pine what Pine wanted to hear. Very dishonest action.

    Is it incompetence or corruption or both? You decide.

  3. Ayres used a walker ALL during the criminal trial in 2009 . The DA didn't seem concerned that this would affect his chances with the jury then.

    So why, suddenly, did Wagstaffe tell the mother of a victim in August 2011, after seeing the surveillance that showed Ayres was competent, did Wagstaffe suddenly bring up the walker? He said that this "wouldn't be helpful in a competency trial with the jury." Huh?

    They convicted that 90 year old Nazi from Cleveland who was in a wheelchair.

  4. Here's Joshua Melvin's article in tha CoCo Times on it

    I have a theory on how people drag out justice to deny justice and abusing SOL's. I think a study will show that there is a process similar to the grooming process by which justice is denied. In my experience the people at the other end of the phone seem to want to help but manage at every step to thwart and divert. I'm betting if it is ever studied a pattern will appear that occurs in all locals and in each case where certain steps in the process are diverted or delayed leading to the eventual goal of denying justice. This is how grooming was discovered, by studying the cases and seeing the patterns.

    1. Oops here's the correct link