Wednesday, July 25, 2012

william hamilton ayres Child Molester to have new bail hearing

Hearing update:

The report and "Certification" was completed by Napa State Hospital and provided to Jonathan McDougall, the asshat attorney for child molester william hamilton ayres and the prosecution yesterday. McDougall "has not had an opportunity to discuss it with his client." (Bullshit, because Barbara Ayres is now his conservator, and she was present in the courtroom.)

The nature of the "Certification" was not discussed, and McDougall had the report itself, but not the certification sealed. 

What was discussed was that ayres needs to be transported back to the custody of the court within 10 days. (This means jail.) At which point there will be a hearing to set a court date, and for a bail hearing. 

McDougall indicated preference for ayres to stay at Napa until (whatever the next step is.) Prosecutor McKowan indicated that she didn't think Napa would have any interest in keeping him there, and that it was costing the county money.

I'm not 100% certain at this point, but it seems that this means that ayres has been found competent, and by the nature of the discussion surrounding the sealing of the report, it would seem that the report could cause some prejudice against ayres, were it to be released. 

On August 3, 2012 at 8:45am there will be a hearing to set a court date, and to hear bail arguments. (Remember that ayres had his bail money returned to him after he was committed.)

More detail will follow later today, and there were news reporters present and digging for more information about the nature of the certification, so there should be more information in the paper today. I'll post links as I get them.


  1. The prosecutor said that the Napa stay was "costing the County money." Huh? The DA's office itself, as well as the courts, juvenile hall and children's services paid Ayres hundreds of thousands of dollars since the 1960s basically to molest kids. And she's worried about the cost? What about the County, sending victims to Ayres like lambs to a slaughter?

    Also, Mckowan told two mothers of victims in July 2011, that she didn't want Ayres going to Napa, as he - and this is a direct quote "wouldn't get better there." So now he IS better?

    For the love of God, get a change of venue and remove the Ayres case once and for all from the corruption of Steve Wagstaffe's office.

  2. As the California Bar is still investigating Mckowan intensively for misconduct on the Ayres case, she must NOT be the prosecutor again. Of course, Wagstaffe, who fears massive lawsuits against the County, will find a way not to try Ayres again. That means he will keep Mckowan on the case, who will try every which way not to prosecute him again.

    She told parents of victims multiple times last summer that "no jury will ever find Ayres to be competent." Get this fucking case out of San Mateo and into the AG's office. NOW.

  3. I want to thank all of the victims; their parents and friends of victims who pooled their money last summer to hire a private investigator to tail Ayres. The investigator and his team 's surveillance PROVED that Ayres was competent. But prosecutor Mckowan REFUSED to take the calls of the lawyer representing the families who had hired the investigator. She said " I don't believe he's competent" and then wouldn't speak to him.

    Wagstaffe then told a mother of a victim," We can't retry Ayres because we can't justify it to the taxpayers." Hell, his county has paid thousands to Ayres for forty years.

    The Sandusky case showed how a pedophile case can be won. God help the Ayres victims if their case is stuff with corrupt Wagstaffe and crew.

  4. Mckowan told the Mercury News reporter she is "happy" that Ayres has been found competent. If so, then why did she REFUSE to look at the surveillance video by the investigator hired by the families last year ? Why did she tell the lawyer for the families that she "didn't believe Ayres was competent and that he would NEVER be found competent?" What is wrong with her?

    Victims need to get her off the case and ask for a change of venue, to another county. Wagstaffe and co. are corrupt to the core.

  5. I hope Ayres blew all his bail money on attorneys fees etc. How about setting that bail at 2 million? Make sure he sits in jail waiting for his retrial.

  6. My son was a patient of ayers in the late 1980s. In hindsight therewere red flags, one being a post card sent to my son from ayers, unprofessional, and seemingly romantic in it's tone. I'll see if I can get any information from my son.

    Where is Joanna Perry now? Anyone know?

    Given the way he ran his practice, the fact that my son was misdiagnosed possibly to suit this man's agenda, and the fact my son did not want to return, stating he believed he was gay, Among other thongs suggest to me he may be extremely devious.

  7. To Anonymous, July 26, 2012, 11:)6 am:

    Johanna Perry is still working in San Mateo. Contact info here:

    777 BOREL PL STE 406
    San Mateo, California 94402
    Phone: (650) 342-7220

    Wow, Sandusky used to send romantic cards to his victims, too. Thanks for posting. Keep checking this blog for news of the civil suits against Ayres. You can find contact information about the lawyers representing the victims there.