Thursday, July 5, 2012

Robin Sax: Commentary on Lynch Trial

Robin Sax, the Fox 11 Legal Analyst (Los Angeles) discusses the William Lynch trial in this video segment.

Note that Robin Sax is a former Assistant District Attorney, and agrees with all of us, that the DA in this case should never have chosen to prosecute Lynch.

She also is very frustrated that the SAME DA's office could have prosecuted Lindner for his child molestation, but did not. Further, the "retreat" that Lindner is housed at (Sacred Heart Jesuit Center)  is a haven for Jesuit pedophiles, and she points out that there are EIGHTEEN schools within a mile of the Jesuit den of iniquity.

She appeared in at least two segments. Both clips are at The best clip is the interview with Robin and KFI Radio Host Bill Carroll. The second is a shortened promo-type clip.

Remember to head over to The William Lynch Legal Defense Fund. 
(Again, I don't normally post fundraising links - I think this is the second one. I'm not in any way affiliated with these guys... look up and phone the Garagos & Garagos law firm to confirm if you want to donate but worry that my link is not legitimate!) 


  1. Excellent reporting by Ms. Sax. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Thanks so much for reporting this. I have attended the trial, and how this ever made it to trial I dont know. Statute of limitations needs to be repealed in CA!

    1. Thank you for identifying a solution to this problem. Now, how can we the concerned public initiate action to repeal the statute of limitations to prosecute pedophiles? All feedback is sincerely welcome.

  3. Just in: Will Lynch found NOT GUILTY!!!

    Congratulations to Will, a true hero, while his cowardly abuser refused to answer questions.

    I hope that Lynch will gain some measure of peace after testifying.

    And congratualtions to his legal team Pat Harris and Paul Mones for a superb job. Judge seemed to be against them at every turn, but in the end they all prevailed.

  4. I'm glad for Mr. Lynch. I hope he and his brother can now feel they have done something affirmative to defend themselves and get some peace out of that and the suppport they were given by the community and those jurors.

    As for Ms. Sax mention of the lack of action by the DA's office, sadly I think this is an endemic problem left to us by the wholesale destruction of our regulatory bureacracy starting in 1980. Along with the removal of the long term dedicated Public Servants who made that system work with replacement by people whose intent was to prevent any action from being taken with the long term goal of justifying shutting it down.
    I've had another run in with the greed based corruption that has spread throughout our nation today. Our system is kind of like AA, it don't work right if you don't work it right, and it appears nearly everyone is on a bender.