Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ayres is Competent

william hamilton ayres, who molested many young boys while they were under his alleged psychiatric care and who has been deceiving the court with a competency gambit to avoid retrial for his heinous crimes, has been found competent by medical professionals at Napa State Hospital.

According to the new article in the Mercury News (pdf) DDA McKowan had this to say:

"We are amazed by this because it goes against everything we thought we knew about his condition. We are extremely happy and hope to get to trial as soon as possible."

Neither side was willing to comment about the content of the medical report.

My speculation is that it says what we've been saying all along: ayres was NEVER incompetent. The office of the DA should not be surprised, as they were provided video evidence of ayres competence before they accepted that determination.

The Mercury News calls this a "shocking turn."  Not so much, as far as I can see... perhaps the DA was shocked.... let's just face it... everyone knew all along. 

We'll know what the report says in a couple of weeks, I suppose.

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  1. But, but, but, Wagstaffe TOLD the mother of an in-statute victim in August, 2011, that the fact that Ayres "was using a walker wasn't helpful for his mental competency." He also told her that he couldn't justify the retrial to the taxpayers.

    Call me cynical, but my bet is that Wagstaffe is mad that his office has to retry Ayres. He will find a way not to do so. That's why parents need to ask for a change of venue. Now.