Sunday, June 10, 2012

San Mateo County: Come have sex with our children!

San Mateo County: Come have sex with our children!
The Scott Del Marshal McKibbin Issue:

On Friday, June 8, 2012, Scott Dell Marshal McKibbin was sentenced to only three years of prison time for molesting a young boy. Prior to the sentencing he was out on only $50,000 bail.

According to an article in the Mercury News on April 5, 2012 [pdf], McKibbin was originally charged with six counts of oral sex with a minor and three of luring or arranging for the 16 year old boy to travel to have sex with him. McKibbin met the boy online, help him get a passport, and taught him how to skirt the rules about flying without an adult. He bought the young boy a ticket to fly from Vancouver, Canada to the US for the purposes of sex. 

McKibbin was arrested when the boy's parents discovered his emails to McKibbin after they realized that their child was missing. The police caught McKibbin at the airport where he went with the boy to make arrangements to delay the boy's scheduled return flight. 

McKibbin was not required to register as a sex offender for this case because he's ALREADY registered as a sex offender in California -- he doesn't appear on the Megan's Law list though. He was previously convicted after he gave a 14 year old boy alcohol and had oral sex with him.

According to the Mercury News, McKibbin's defense attorney says that "McKibbin and his family have suffered greatly because of the case..." Hey, here's a tip to avoid suffering in the future, McKibbin: STOP MOLESTING YOUNG BOYS.  These guys and their attorneys are really nothing more than the scrapings at the bottom of the crap barrel.

Here's the kicker though:

McKibbin is only sentenced to three years because deputy district attorney Melissa McKowan made a deal with McKibbin, and dropped all charges except for ONE plea of NO CONTEST on ONE oral copulation charge. I'm guessing three years translates to about a year and a half time served if we're all lucky (and we probably won't be lucky.)

According to the San Mateo Daily Journal [pdf], District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe "called the outcome 'reasonable' for the case."

I don't know what the problem is with people in San Mateo County. The reasons given for the light plea deal are that the boy knew he was traveling for sex.... so I guess that makes it harder to get a conviction. I don't know if this is because the District Attorney of San Mateo THINKS the public is really that stupid, or if it because the people of San Mateo County really ARE THAT stupid.

The Judges in San Mateo County appear to be equally willing to play along with a "just look away" policy when young people are being sexually abused in the county.

I have no idea what the victim and his family might be thinking at this point, but I'm guessing that there must be a grave disappointment in the People of San Mateo County for continuing to allow this nonsense with our District Attorney and Judges.

As Attorney Robert Allard said to the Palo Alto Daily Post (not published online) in April of 2012 [pdf]: "It's open season for pedophiles" in San Mateo County.

It's well past time to start voting these people out, folks.

Unless, of course, you're a child molester. In that case, come to San Mateo County and have sex with our children -- we go easy on you here.


  1. I find it amazing that this is still going on. As a patient of ayers in 1974/75 and being what the state would be considered a victom, whether I consider myself one or not, I know for a fact that he is guilty. It is obvious to me that the prosecution was never interestede in prosecuting ayer because I was scheduled to be a witness in the original civil suit that was settled out of court the day of the trial if my memory is correct. Yet, although my name was out there and I had given a deposition for the civil suit I was never contacted by anybody working for San Mateo county prosecuters, I did speak to a San Mateo county detective on the phone once and then never heard from them again. My only contact has been with Vicky Balfour and some comments I write amybe once a year on the watchdog site. I do hope that deep sounding and Vicky are getting something out of this emotionally for all the time and effort in this case, because it has to be frustrating. I was recpommended to ayers by my pediatrician who was also my father, and I wonder if reports on ayers go as far back as the 60's why wasn't the medical community informed. I do believe that if there had been any information out there to the area pediatric community my dad probably would have sent me and other patients to someone else. If ayers is ever let out of the hospital and does not go back to trial I'm sure that something bad will happen to him, if he ends up in prison he'll just get P.C.ed up anyway, which ism to bad because molesters are not to popular out in the main population. My final comment is to the authorities of San Mateo county, your lucky I'm not living anywhere close or I would be on their doorstep everyday speaking out about their incompetance. The amount of molesters out there must be huge because most boys will not discuss these type experiences while they are at that vulnerable age, they are to embarressed, and by the time they are adult enough to deal with it they usually will just put it behind them and bury the memories, which tells me for every person that does get caught molesting many more are getting away with it, otherwise there wouldn't be serial molestors who do it over a period of years or decades as with ayers and sandusky,again anyone who has been in the position as a victom has no doubt about the perpetratorws guilt when they here the stories that the victoms tell, they are all so familiar. Parents any time an adult mail, DR. coach, clergy, teacher is spending an unusual amout of time with your child be suspicious. Most adults are not interested in spending time with children that are not their own. Ask yourself why is this person being so friendly. Ayers used to by his victoms games and I have heard stories about othe child molestors spending money on their victoms, parents get a clue.
    David Gross

  2. Hi, David-

    Thanks for your strong comments. Actually, a number of psychiatrists DID KNOW what Ayres was up to with boys. Some of them had known since the 1960s but no one wanted to speak up and call out another doctor.

    Last year I met a 90 year old psychiatrist from Menlo Park named Dr. Mcclain Johnston. He told me he and his colleagues "had been hearing stories about Ayres and boys since the mid-1960s." When I asked him why no one reported Ayres, he said, " NO ONE WANTED TO GET INVOLVED."

    Clearly, as the County had been paying Ayres hundreds of thousands of dollars since the 60s to molest boys- including the San Mateo DA's office itself, they were clearly in no hurry to get a conviction- if they wanted one at all.

    In Pennsylvania, the DA's office put their most seasoned prosecutor - one who had a national reputation and had dealt with very high profile murder cases- on the Sandusky case. Sandusky was charged in November of 2011 and CONVICTED JUST EIGHT MONTHS LATER. They knew how to get the job done in a speedy fashion.

    I agree with all of your statements about the County's handling of the Ayres case.

  3. David

    PS: The civil cases against Ayres are going forward. Perhaps they might be more successful than the criminal case was.

    You could write a letter to the California Attorney General to complain about San Mateo County's mishandling of the case.

  4. At the outset of the trial, Matt Sandusky, Sandusky's adopted son started out as a supporter; by the end he had gone to prosecutors and offered to testify that his father molested him too.

    Experts say that pedophiles frequently molest their own children.

    Wonder if Matt Sandusky's actions struck a chord somewhere in Robert Ayres, Ayres' son..

  5. Mckibbin is also being sued by his Canadian victim and his family. The victim's family is represented by San Jose attorney Robert Allard. Allard was just named the California Lawyer of the Year in the field of Public Justice.

    Allard also represents a number of victims in the Keith Woodhouse molestation case in San Jose. Woodhouse, 25, - who went to Valley Christian High School in San Jose and worked for many church groups, camps, and day care centers, was arrested last year for molesting young children at a day care center.

    At least 12 victims have gone to the police, but it is believed that there are many more victims of Woodhouse out there.

    Attorney Robert Allard is asking that other victims of Woodhouse contact him:

    866-433-6797 (Toll Free)