Tuesday, April 10, 2012

To Victims of Father Michael Kelly of Stockton; Lockeford; Modesto; Sonora; San Andreas and Ceres, CA: Please Come Forward

UPDATE January 14, 2014:
Kelly has just been CRIMINALLY Indicted, and request for extradition from Ireland has been filed.
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Update: 9/12/12:  7:24 EST.

A second lawsuit has just been filed against Kelly by a victim who states that he was sexually assaulted by him at St. Andrew's Church in San Andreas:

If you are a victim or have any information on other assaults by Kelly on children, please contact

Attorney John Manly: 949-252-9990

Update: 5/1/12: 7:23 EST:

Update on criminal investigation into Michael Kelly by the Calaveras County Sheriff's office


The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office has been investigating additional allegations made against the priest. Kelly has reportedly returned to his native Ireland. If additional charges are brought against Kelly, it could potentially lead to him being extradited back to the U.S.

Sheriff Gary Kuntz has released the following statement, "The Calaveras County Sheriff's Office is currently completing interviews with persons associated with the Father Kelly case. Attempts are being made to locate potential witnesses and victims, however this effort is complicated by the fact that many persons now reside out of the area. One Detective from the Sheriff's Office is specifically assigned to the case, and it is the intention of the Sheriff's Office to submit a report to the District Attorney within the next 30 days."

The Sheriff's Office notes that no further information will be released until the full report is submitted to the DA's Office.

Update: 4:11/12: 6:25 pm EST:
Someone's posted a "Looking for Victims of Father Michael Kelly"  on Craigslist  for Sacramento.

Update: 4/11/12: 8:40 am, EST:
An article today in the Modesto Bee, "What's Next For Former Valley Priest Kelly after Verdict?" states that in addition to Stockton and Lockeford, Father Mike Kelly also worked  at the following parishes and organizations:

* Our Lady of Fatima in Modesto, from 1973-1979
* Modesto Youth Soccer Association, which he helped found in 1976
* Early to mid 1980s: Cathedral of the Annunciation in Stockton
* Sonora: spent  a decade in Sonora from 1987-1997
* San Andreas, 2000-2002
* St. Jude's in Ceres from 2003-2004
* St. Joachim's Catholic Church, Lockeford, 2004 -2012, until forced to step down

The Modesto Bee also reports that  another victim states that he was sexually assaulted between 2002 and 2002, when he was 10 years old.

According to John Manly, lawyer for the victim in the civil case where Kelly was found guilty of sexual assault last week, the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department is investigating whether criminal charges should be filed.  Yesterday, in the comments section of a Stockton Record about the Kelly case, the Sheriff's department asked victims to contact them.

Please report any information related to potential victims of Michael Kelly to:

Calaveras County Sheriff's Department
891 Mountain Ranch Road
San Andreas, CA 95249
(209) 754-6500

Or contact 9-1-1 if there is a current threat.

Original Post: 4/10/12
On April 6, 2012, Good Friday, a civil jury unanimously found Father Michael Kelly, who for the past 8 years has been working as a priest at St. Joachim's Catholic Church in Lockeford, of sexually assaulting a 37 year old man when he was 10 years old and an altar boy at the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Stockton. 

The Stockton Record talks about a defining moment in the trial:

Both Kelly and the plaintiff testified, and the alleged victim's courtroom breakdown was one of the defining moments of the trial, according to a man who attended multiple hearings.

"He was in Day 2 or 3 of testimony and cross-examination, and he had an outburst," said Tim Lennon, of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. "He pointed and yelled, 'You raped me, I was just a kid,' and it came from the very core of him as a person. It hit me to my heart, and I assume it had a similar effect on the jury."

Another victim of Kelly's will be getting his day in civil court later on this year. Both of these victims are out of statute for a criminal case. However, we have been told that there are many, many more victims of Kelly out there who have yet to come forward. Some of them may  be within statute for criminal prosecution.

The two victims who have spoken out so far have paved the way for the others out there; please break your silence and come forward.

One of Kelly's likely victims died not long ago. I know the family of this likely victim. When someone is sexually molested, those closest to him - spouse, children, parents, siblings, are  scarred by it as well.

If you are a victim, or know of one, or have  new information regarding Kelly's illegal activities with children, you can email me: balfour.victoria@gmail.com.
Or leave a message at 650-549-5241 and I will return your call.

You can also contact Tim Lennon at SNAP, for victims of priests:  sflennon@gmail.com   

Finally, congratulations to lawyer John Manly for his victory on this civil case. Manly, who appeared in the Academy Award nominated documentary "Deliver Us From Evil" about another Stockton pedophile priest named Father  Oliver O' Grady, has been working for victims in priest abuse cases for many years.


  1. A member of SNAP who attended the civil trial reports that Kelly supporters who attended the trial muttered "Liar" under their breath when the brave victim testified about having been raped by Kelly when he was ten years old.

    1. Your so called victim is a liar. There is no other way to put it. Those people muttering are obviously realistic.....

  2. Statement by Dave Clohessy, Director of SNAP ( Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests) on the disgraceful behavior by some of Kelly's parishioners in the courtroom:

    A support group for victims of clergy sex abuse is calling on Stockton’s Catholic bishop to “rein in his flock” after parishioners rallied around a priest who was found guilty of sexually molesting an altar boy.

    Leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, are writing Bishop Stephen Blaire about some church-goers at St. Joachim Parish in Lockeford who are backing Fr. Michael Kelly. After a two month civil trial, jurors determined that Kelly sexually abused a child.

    SNAP says that the public actions by parishioners – both during the trial and since – have been insensitive to victims and will likely deter others who may have seen, suspected, or suffered child sex crimes from coming forward.

    During the trial, a minority of parishioners from St. Joachim and elsewhere packed the courthouse in support of Kelly. One parishioner approached a member of the jury, trying to persuade him to let Kelly go. Some of Kelly’s backers have also written letters to newspapers admonishing those who have accused Kelly of wrongdoing.

    “It’s dangerous because it creates a hostile atmosphere where others who may have knowledge of this abuse, or other abuse, will be afraid to come forward,” said David Clohessy of St. Louis, SNAP’s director. “Bishop Blaire should step forward to rein in his flock and help them find ways to show support for their priest that don’t involve intimidating victims.”

    SNAP is encouraging parishioners to NOT hold future rallies either in their parishes or near the courtroom in an effort to prevent victims and witnesses from being intimidated. They also are sending a letter to Bishop Blaire to encourage him to prevent the further stifling of victims.

  3. When choosing his victims, Father Michael Kelly liked boys who were fair-haired and blue-eyed.

  4. Kelly flees to Ireland:


    STOCKTON, CA - A Diocese of Stockton priest recently convicted of three counts of child molestation and under investigation for an alleged similar crime has gone back to Ireland.

    Father Michael Kelly, who served at St. Joachim's Catholic Church in Lockeford, was convicted April 13 in a civil trial of molesting a former altar boy at the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Stockton in the mid-1980s.

    With the conviction, Kelly, who had continued to serve at St. Joachim Catholic Parish in Lockeford, was removed from his duties by Stockton Bishop Stephen E. Blaire.

    In a separate case, Kelly has been under a criminal investigation since last September on allegations he molested an altar boy at St. Andrew's Catholic Church in San Andreas in the early 2000s.

    1. Any criminal investigation that I know of usually concludes within a few days, they either have a criminal or not. OR ongoing investigations are because they are trying to catch someone in the act, or they build a case on their current actions (usually for crimes like drug sales or gang activity). I believe this will wait till the time runs out, cuz it is better to get a check than see someone innocent sit in a jail cell and get no money. Pathetic!

    2. Really? Criminal investigations conclude in a few days?

      The person who made this comment needs to call up law enforcement and district attorney's offices and run that line about criminal investigations "concluding in a few days." They won't be able to stop laughing.

      Let's look at the Dr. William Ayres molestation case:

      Search warrant on Ayres' home: March, 2006.
      Arrest: April 2007.
      Length of investigation: ONE YEAR AND ONE MONTH.

      Dr. Jeffrey Macdonald, the Green Beret killer in South Carolina: Length of investigation before grand jury indictment: TWO AND A HALF YEARS.

      Heck: I was robbed at a ATM, and the investigation took FIVE MONTHS before a grand jury indictment of the suspect.

      In Boston, the Suffolk County police and DA sometimes investigated pedophile priests for MORE THAN A YEAR before arresting them.

      Sure wish posters would educate themselves about how criminal investigations work before posting such complete nonsense.

  5. Note that Kelly is under criminal investigation for raping a 10 year old boy in San Andreas.

    Hmm... what's the extradition treaty between Ireland and the US?

    Is Kelly going to pay a visit to his old Stockton pal, defrocked Oliver O'Grady, now serving three years in an Ireland prison for possession of child porn?

  6. Link to Oliver O'Grady's prison stint for child porn: http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2012/0131/1224311002517.html

  7. How does a man who passes two telegraph tests stand "guilty"?

    1. Uh.. I think you mean a Polygraph test? Also, comments are MODERATED here, as it indicates when you post. There's no need to re-post your comment 6 times when you don't see it instantly.

      Polygraph tests are not reliable. Here's what the American Psychological Association (APA) has to say about Polygraph tests. Please pay attention to the bold areas - they're relevant:

      "Most psychologists agree that there is little evidence that polygraph tests can accurately detect lies."

      "There is no evidence that any pattern of physiological reactions is unique to deception. An honest person may be nervous when answering truthfully and a dishonest person may be non-anxious. Also, there are few good studies that validate the ability of polygraph procedures to detect deception. As Dr. Saxe and Israeli psychologist Gershon Ben-Shahar (1999) note, "it may, in fact, be impossible to conduct a proper validity study." "

      "Evidence indicates that strategies used to "beat" polygraph examinations, so-called countermeasures, may be effective. Countermeasures include simple physical movements, psychological interventions (e.g., manipulating subjects' beliefs about the test), and the use of pharmacological agents that alter arousal patterns."

      "Most psychologists and other scientists agree that there is little basis for the validity of polygraph tests. Courts, including the United States Supreme Court (cf. U.S. v. Scheffer, 1998 in which Dr.'s Saxe's research on polygraph fallibility was cited), have repeatedly rejected the use of polygraph evidence because of its inherent unreliability. Nevertheless, polygraph testing continues to be used in non-judicial settings, often to screen personnel, but sometimes to try to assess the veracity of suspects and witnesses, and to monitor criminal offenders on probation. Polygraph tests are also sometimes used by individuals seeking to convince others of their innocence"

      That's why the polygraph tests were not admitted, and very likely just a ruse by the defense attorney to rile up folks such as you, who blindly support child molesters.

      It's all moot now, since "Father" Kelly has in a cowardly fashion fled the country in light of further developing charges.

    2. Here's what the same organiztion (APA) has to say about repressed/recalled memories:

      "at this point it is impossible, without other corroborative evidence, to distinguish a true memory from a false one."

    3. Great point!

      It's followed by this:

      Obviously, not all therapists agree that false memories are a major risk with psychotherapy and they argue that this idea overstates the data and is untested.

      Several studies have reported high percentages of the corroboration of recovered memories, and some authors have claimed that the false memory movement has tended to conceal or omit evidence of (the) corroboration of recovered memories.

      Herman in her theory of recovery from chronic Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder writes that one of the major recovery stages is the remembering and mourning of the repressed material of traumatic events.

      There's More! Shall I continue?

    4. Here's more about repression of memories:

      "What we DO know is that both memory researchers and clinicians who work with trauma victims agree that both phenomena occur "

      "Some clinicians theorize that children understand and respond to trauma differently from adults. Some furthermore believe that childhood trauma may lead to problems in memory storage and retrieval. These clinicians believe that dissociation is a likely explanation for a memory that was forgotten and later recalled."

      "It's important to state that there is a consensus among memory researchers and clinicians that most people who were sexually abused as children remember all or part of what happened to them although they may not fully understand or disclose it. "

  8. I have not seen it listed, but let's not forget the Altar boys who served him at the Presentation Church in Stockton in the early 90's!!!! Very disturbing, those victims need to come forward as well....

    1. I served for Presentation in the 1990's and not once did Father Kelly ever try to do anything. All of this is bullsh*t and I hope you all suffer in Hell.

    2. @AG:

      Ah, ha! So, you're a practicing Christian then. Good to know. Perhaps we can continue our lovely discussion in hell then?

    3. To Anonymous: Apr 16, 2012 07:28 PM

      You said: I have not seen it listed, but let's not forget the Altar boys who served him at the Presentation Church in Stockton in the early 90's!!!! Very disturbing, those victims need to come forward as well....


      If you have any personal knowledge of any abuse at the Presentation Church in Stockton in the 1990's, please contact me at: balfour.victoria@gmail.com

      Thank you for your interest.

  9. I believe "AG" is the same person who sent me a profanity-laced email to me at my personal email address. Young man: I don't believe the Catholic Church would approve of your language or style of communication. Most un-Christian of you.

  10. Two new victims of Kelly will be filing lawsuits against Kelly in the next few weeks.

    We also encourage the Kelly victim who contacted SNAP to come forward to law enforcement. Attorney John Manly in Irvine, California would also like to hear from you.