Friday, April 27, 2012

Article in Mercury News on ayres hearing

This post is decidedly Not Safe For Work. 
If you are a parent of a victim, or a victim of ayres, this post will be VERY upsetting. Sorry.

This was your final and only warning.

There is a new article  in the Mercury News <pdf> on today's hearing regarding releasing child molester william hamilton ayres from Napa State Hospital, where he has been locked up for the last six months justly, in accordance with the law, following his claims that he was suffering dementia, and therefore couldn't defend himself like a man against his multiple accusers in a court of law.

I suggest you click the link and read the article first, so that you clearly understand my frame of mind before proceeding to read the rest of this post.

The article discusses the content of the motions submitted by the defense, including letters to Grandsaert from the child molester's adult children, pleading for the release of the child molester from Napa, citing the difficult time he's having there; having difficulty being able to differentiate between food types, and such...

According to the Mercury News article, the molester's son, Robert Ayres, a poorly reviewed actor/director in the Chicago area, wrote the following in his letter to the court:

...there is no hope for his father's condition to improve, and keeping him at Napa, separated from his family and without stimulation, serves only to punish him. "It's utterly heartless and unconstitutional to deliver a punitive ruling when my father's presumption of innocence remains intact after the prosecution's failure to convict him in 2009"

The idiot son doesn't seem to understand that his child molesting father chose to use an incompetence defense, and due to the heinous nature of his continuous, decades of crimes against multitudes of young boys, the state law allows for his incarceration at a state mental facility. There is no violation of constitutional protections.

There is no violation of presumption of innocence. At any time, ayres can come clean, and admit that he's not demented, and face the possibility of criminal trial, meanwhile the taxpayer is providing him with safe room and board, and forcing him to take the appropriate medications that are needed given the condition that he is alleging to suffer, and which he was refusing to take on his own.

If ayres and his dumb-shit son wish to sue ayres' scumbag attorney for recommending this course of action without prepping him for the inevitable outcome, then they should do just that. I suspect that the scumbag attorney has his case well documented, and that ayres, and vapid Solveig and dipshits Robert and Barbara were fully aware of the likely outcome, and there will be no such lawsuit.

Jackass Robert doesn't seem to have a firm grasp on what "utterly heartless" really means - his father molested many young boys while charging their parents for his access to them.

All of the creature comforts that the spoiled shithead and his sister enjoyed growing up were paid for with money from parents whose children were molested by ayres, and by taxpayers who were paying ayres to "evaluate" young boys in the juvenile court system. This went on for decade after decade.

For Robert Ayres and Barbara Ayres:
For decades, your father continually asked boys to describe how they masturbated, while playing with his cock in his baggy pants, and then when that wasn't enough for him, he jacked the young boys off,  he made them piss into dixie cups while holding their dicks, and he stuck his fingers up their asses to massage their prostate glands,  telling them that it would be OK if they came, while his face was INCHES from their penis. When they tried to get away, he jammed his finger in harder, trying to see if he could successfully force them to ejaculate on his face. These were 9, 10, 11 year old boys.

THEY WERE NINE, TEN, ELEVEN YEARS OLD, Robert, you stupid fucking turd.

ayres would take the blood money that he was paid by the parents for enjoying their boys. He would take the money home and buy nice stuff for Robert and Barbara. Robert has such a "good heart" that he's whining now about his dear old dad being locked up after working so hard to molest all those boys so that Robert and Barbara could live the good life.

All of those young boys will suffer for their whole lives, Robert, so that you could grow up in a nice Hillsborough house. They will drink to oblivion, they will take drugs, they will act out against society and authority because nobody stepped up to protect them, and they trust no-one, they will end up in prison, they will suffer more heart disease, digestive disorders, and cancers than others who have not been molested, some will get in violent fatal accidents, some will commit suicide.

Did you like the house that our parents bought for you at the cost of our souls, you spineless, ungrateful prick?

And yet the two of you greedy asshole kids sit there and whine about your molester father's legal state, and you weep that the taxpayer has taken good care of your father, in spite of his crimes, getting him the medicine and psychiatric care that he allegedly needs; all because you're not going to inherit as much of the money that your father got for molesting all of us, if you don't speak in your child molesting father's defense.

None of us will ever fully get out from under the "Utterly hearless, punitive ruling" that your father made against us. We were ACTUALLY innocent of any crime, and yet your father was judge, jury, and executioner against us, so fuck your ignorant "unconstitutional punitive ruling" rant, you chickenshit little twerp. 

Unfortunately, there were apparently at least two occasions in which Satan decided to fuck your cunting mother, and he was actually able to get himself off. Do you suppose she had to dress like a little boy?

Fuck you, Robert and Barbara.


  1. Don't forget that Ayres gave boys alcohol and then raped them.

    Don't forget that Ayres gave a blow job to at least one juvenile, and most likely hundreds more.

    Don't forget that Ayres bargained with juveniles, saying that if they let him molest them, then he would make sure they didn't go to juvenile hall or California Youth Authority.

    Don't forget that he kept one boy so drugged up at Belmont Hills Hospital so that the boy kept falling down.

    Don't forget that Ayres - who took this same boy at Belmont Hills out on weekends to buy record albums, comic books and action figures for him and who lied to the boy by saying that he was billing his parents, when in fact the parents knew nothing about these little weekend excursions, THEN came to visit him in the hospital on another occasion. The boy was lying in bed with no shirt on. Ayres started rubbing the boy's head, then massaged his neck and back and his hand slipped further down. The last thing the boy remembers is blacking out.

  2. Hey Barbara and Robert:

    How about all those boys Ayres molested in juvenile hall, who are now serving life in prison for what your father did to them, like giving them blow jobs?

    How about victim A. Y. who was evaluated by Ayres at juvenile hall, where Ayres upon undressing him, expressed extreme displeasure at the fact that the boy had a "full head of pubic hair" but then went ahead and molested him anyway?

    How about the fact that A. Y was so freaked out that he chose to go to Camp Glenwood instead of going back to Ayres to be molested?

    How about the fact that A.Y. died an untimely death at a young age that is most likely tied to the abuse, leaving behind two children and that he now has a grandchild he never got to meet?

    How about the victim who parked his car on a Los Angeles freeway in 2011 and then ran headlong into an RV, dying instantly?

  3. Hey, Barbara:

    If you cared so much about your sick f**k of a father, how come you never showed up for his trial?

    Are you and Robert solely concerned that your inheritance will be pissed away on your father's criminal proceedings?

  4. Wasn't Robert molested too? Is he an alcoholic?

    1. FYI... Robert is an excelent human being, a good son, an excelent actor & director, fine friend, and is not an alcoholic.

      He & his family are victims of an over zelous group of procecutors, who have bought into the lies of a similar over zelous gorup of unfortunate individuals who are off their medications.

    2. FYI:

      Robert is not an "excelent(sic) human being" -- he's a sack of shit. His directing is generally reviewed poorly, as is his piano playing.

      Robert's family are victims of his perverted father, who molests young boys -- and their own blind inhumanity.

      I think they need to change the filters on the water fountains at Sonepar Management US... They're letting lead or mercury leach into the water supply...

      Is this your company's official position on victims of child molestation?

  5. Why don't the families of the victims who committed suicide get to send letters as to why they believe Ayres should be retried for child molestation ?

  6. Three weeks ago on the front page of the Palo Alto Daily Post, lawyer Robert Allard blasted the San Mateo DA's office for their lax plea bargain in the Scott Mckibbin child molestation case. He said " It's open season for pedophiles in San Mateo County."

  7. They sure don't care about pedophiles at the San Mateo DA's office.

    There have been several stories about pedophile Father Michael Kelly here, who molested young boys up in the Stockton, CA diocese.

    There is a San Mateo connection to the Kelly case. A man who lived in San Mateo was molested by Kelly as an altar boy.

    That man was arrested for molesting one of his young children. He did the same to the child that was done to him by Kelly. But prosecutor Mckowan (same prosecutor on the Ayres case) after telling the family of the victim for two years that she was going to nail the child's predator, overnight decided with no explanation that she was dropping the case. Mckowan in a highly bizarre and unprofessional manner told a reporter that she believed that the mother had had made up the charges in her divorce case, despite the mother having two years' worth of emails from Mckowan saying that she was going to nail the pedophile.

    The molester of the child, who was himself molested by Kelly is now dead, as is his brother, also believed to be a victim of Kelly.

    Mckowan is being investigated by the California Bar for bizarre misconduct in both the above case and in the Ayres case. Probably wouldn't have mattered to her that the perp she was supposed to prosecute had been molested by Kelly as a child. No one in the DA's office gives a rat's ass about victims.

    1. San Mateo PD is also at fault. I brought them info on a person who tried to molest me. This person was working at a local toy store at the time . But since it was several years since the incident, they interviewed him and never arrested the guy. So back to the toy store he went.

  8. How come Ayres told Mercury News reporter Sean Webby in April 2006 that he had no recollection of victim Greg Hogue, the victim who told the paper that he had filed a police complaint against Ayres in 1987?

    How come three years later during his criminal trial Ayres- who claimed massive memory loss- suddenly had crystal clear recollection not only of Greg and his complaint, but the name of the principal at Greg's school, and what he told the two police officers who paid him a visit, and how he had to reach "way back on the top shelf " in his cupboard to retrieve the photo book of genitalia that Ayres had showed Greg, while trying to masturbate him at the same time?

  9. Heck-

    If the Ayres "children" are writing letters to the judge, then the victims and their families should have the right to be writing to the judge too. Oh, wait, Grandsaert already told the courtroom in September 2011 that a letter sent to him from a victim's advocate was unethical and illegal.

    As the Ayres children are not part of this criminal case, they should not be permitted to write letters to the judge at all. Why isn't he calling their letters unethical and illegal? The only evidence should come from Ayres' doctors.

    Why does Grandsaert have different standards here? Favoritism towards Ayres, the former contractor for the San Mateo County courts?

  10. If the Ayres children get to write letters to the judge, then the DA's office should ask all fifty victims who have come forward to write letters to the judge too.

    Also, the family of the victim who is no longer with us, who was given alcohol and then raped by Ayres at age 12, should also be permitted to write letters.

    The man who was given a blow job by Ayres as a juvenile should also write a letter.

    The family and widow of the victim who threw himself in front of a truck on a freeway last summer should be able to write letters, too.

    The victim was assaulted by Ayres in his hospital bed should be allowed to write a letter.

    Why hasn't the DA's office asked any of the victims or their families to write letters?

  11. I guess I was too old (17)for Ayres to actually molest when I was a patient of his in 1962 at Judge Baker Clinic in Boston. But he did ask me if I masterbated and if I knew what a blow job was and to describe it. Never asked me anything about what I was there seeing him for (why I hated school so much)and I thought at that time the things he asked me were wierd. I figured at first he was just trying to see what my maturity was but later just thought it was all wierd and all I quit going. Fortunately the only long lasting effect he had on me was never to go to a phsycologest or a shrink the rest of my life...and at times I could hsve used some visits to one or the other...but because of Ayres, never had any faith in seeing one and was actually 'afraid' to go. I'm 67 now, college graduate and have been very successful in life, financially and have two wonderful sons and just a great family life. I feel VERY sad for those whose lives he has ruined by molesting them as youngsters and no punishment could be enough for what he has done....and gotten away with for so many years. He deserves the most punishment possible and even that wouldn't be enough. I will and have done all I can to see that happens. I will continue to help in securing his punishment and hope he gets the absolute max!..joel silver

  12. Thanks for your support, Mr. Silver, as always!