Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Where is the Outrage?

Two items of OUTRAGE, both coming from my review of the San Mateo Daily Journal this morning:

The first item is a letter to the Journal, sent by two San Mateo County residents expressing their outrage at the poor job San Mateo county has done of controlling molester william hamilton ayres, who molested many young boys while he was alleging to provide private psychiatric treatment and  psychiatric evaluation services and court testimony for the County Juvenile System.

You can read the letter at the San Mateo Daily Journal. I've copied it here:


Why is there no public outrage in San Mateo County over the William Ayres’ child molestation charges when similar charges in Pennsylvania brought rapid public outcries from the whole country? Do we value football more than the lives of young boys? Sandusky, unlike Ayres as a doctor, did not take an oath to “do no harm,” and boys were not sent to him for psychiatric treatment.

Ayres’ attorney is now using dementia as an excuse for his being unfit to stand trial or remain in custody at Napa State Mental Hospital for ongoing evaluation. If the County had acted on complaints filed in the ’80s and ceased sending referrals to Ayres, some 40+ young men would not still be seeking justice, to say nothing of the three victims who are now dead and will never have justice. Let us hope the county court will follow Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti’s statement that Ayres “belongs locked up” and not continue to treat him with deference and “kid gloves.”

Carol Abrams
Barbara Ross
San Mateo

The second outrageous item is an article in the same newspaper. There is an article this morning talking about charges against yet another alleged San Mateo County child molester, this one arrested last week. The article talks about Kyle Clifton Vogt's molestation of at least four girls, at least one of them very young, and of alleged threats he made to the girls if they spoke up. My problem with "The Daily Journal" is the same that it has been frequently in the past:

I think that The Daily Journal is trying to present an "impartial" reporting perspective on the matter. But as they have often done in the past, they keep ascribing blame to child molestation victims by describing the events as a "sexual relationship" as if the matter were some kind mutual... well... relationship. This is incompetence on the part of the Journal at best, and maliciously abusive and damaging on take-away. Here's the ACTUAL language that the Journal had the gall to print:

"A man arrested last week for having an ongoing sexual relationship with a girl beginning when she was 5 likely has at least three other victims and maybe more, according to South San Francisco police."

-March 06, 2012, 05:00 AM Daily Journal staff report

Is there a child molester friendly editor on the Journal's staff? Perhaps this is just a regurgitation of language that appeared in a police report, perhaps it is just poor editing (By the way, I checked SFGate, and they are reporting that the investigating officer uses words like "rape" and "molestation." I don't see the word "relationship" in the SFGate article.)  Either way, it's reprehensible and disgusting, and they keep doing it over and over.

Let me give the Journal a helpful tip to figure out wording when in doubt:


Stupid fucking morons. 

UPDATE 3/7/2012: We now know who the fucking moron at the San Mateo Daily Journal is. Bill Silverfarb wrote this, this morning:

Kyle Clifton Vogt, 36, was arrested Thursday after a two-week investigation by police that revealed he allegedly had carried on a sexual relationship with his girlfriend’s half-sister for at least eight years starting when the victim was just 5.

-March 07, 2012, 05:00 AM By Bill Silverfarb Daily Journal staff
By the way: Police want other potential victims or people with information about Vogt to call them:
(650) 877-8910.


  1. Really bizarre language from the Daily Journal. I can think of no other paper that uses language like that when describing this particular criminal act.

    By the way: at least FOUR victims of Ayres have died- that we know of. There are most likely dozens and dozens of boys who committed suicide.

  2. Looks like someone better sic the Justice Department on San Mateo's failure to investigate how many juveniles were molested by Ayres:

    Alberta Officials Reach Out to Patients of Accused Doc

    Wed Feb. 09 2011 04:30:03

    The Canadian Press

    CALGARY — Alberta's Justice Department plans to send letters to everyone who has ever undergone a court-ordered exam by a prominent Calgary psychiatrist who is facing sexual assault allegations from more than 20 of his former patients.

    The letters notify former patients, some of whom are still in jail, that Dr. Aubrey Levin has been charged with sex crimes and ask anyone else with concerns to come forward.

    Levin, 72, was frequently used by the courts to assess people and provide expert opinions at hearings. He was arrested last March and has since been charged with assaulting 21 male patients, most of whom, police say, where ordered to see him by a judge.

    Alberta Justice is reviewing all criminal cases in which Levin offered testimony to ensure there were no miscarriages of justice. As part of that process, spokesman Josh Stewart says the Crown has reached out to everyone who was ordered to be under Levin's care.

  3. What is needed is a federal investigation into the thousands of juvenile court cases that Ayres was involved in. The Justice Department needs to reach out to every single boy who was evaluated by him in a court session.

    As there is evidence that Ayres made bargains with them - "Let me molest you and you won't go to juvenile hall", it is more than likely that Ayres sent boys to California Youth Authority who resisted his advances. This is a violation of their civil rights . The entire County's mishandling and misconduct in this case MUST be investigated by the Justice Department.

  4. Excerpt from news story after Dr. Aubrey Levin was arrested for assaulting patients in court-ordered sessions.

    Alberta Justice says it will review all cases in which Levin was an expert witness to figure out if any testimony has been tainted.

    “We’ll be looking over every single file this doctor had any conduct with and, unfortunately, when something like this happens everyone looks back over the last 20 years with clients to see how bad it was,” says Adriano Iovenilli, a defence lawyer.

  5. Conflicting statement by Ayres about his memories of victim Greg Hogue.

    From San Jose Mercury News: "Police Seize Doctor's files; Patients Allege Abuse as Teens", by Sean Webby and Renee Khoury. April 26, 2006

    " Hogue says he told his mother what happened two years later, and she contacted police. But the case was not prosecute; Hogue said he never got a clear explanation why.

    Ayres said he could not recall Hogue or his case, but he categorically denied the molestation."


    Cut to the criminal trial, July 2009. Ayres' lawyer Doron Weinberg and Ayres repeatedly told the jury that Ayres' memory was failing, he was having large gaps in remembering things, etc.

    So how come with his memory allegedly failing, in 2009 Ayres suddenly claims to remember Greg Hogue and his case, even testifying that he remembered the books he showed Greg with pictures of genitalia and how he had to dig way back for on the top shelf, to find the book" and that he showed it to the police? I recall Ayres testifying that he remembered Greg's case very well.