Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Surprise: ayres not demented enough to enjoy Napa

[Original Post Date: 02/25/2012: DS]
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Apparently there was a hearing last Friday (02/24/2012) in the ayres case. Surprise!
(I'm not sure why the victims who filed police reports are not told ahead of time about this shit. Seems like we should be. In fact, it's very likely this blog wouldn't even exist if the victims had ever received consideration from the DA, and been treated with a modicum of dignity before the trial. I know, I know... it's not the DA's job to treat people with dignity. Wagstaffe is Aces. )

According to articles in the Mercury News and the San Mateo Daily Journal:

ayres' attorney, Scumbag McDougall is still alleging that his client is demented (in spite of video and reports showing otherwise.)  BUT: Scumbag also claims that ayres is having such a difficult time at Napa, that the doctors should be forced to report on his condition earlier than their planned August evaluation.

There will be a hearing on April 27, 2012 at which Scumbag McDougall will apparently argue that william hamilton ayres is so demented that he needs to be NOT tried for for molesting many young boys while alleging that he was practicing child psychiatry, AND he needs to be released from Napa because he's SO demented that he needs to have non-locked-up, outpatient treatment.

Sounds like a logical argument right? My money says the court is going to eat it up.

According to the Mercury News, Karen Guidotti from the DA's office - the who jauntily greeted the mother of one of the victims outside the courtroom  immediately after her office conceded to ayres' bogus dementia defense - said that based on her take from reading initial reports, it's too early to release ayres. She also speculates that ayres is not having a great time at Napa (fucking Sherlock Holmes working in San Mateo, we have...) She also tells the Merc that she is sure that Scumbag McDougall "will do whatever they can to get him out of there, just as strongly as we feel that he belongs locked up."

The San Mateo Daily Journal says that Guidotti says that the DA's office will " “absolutely” argue vigorously against any change" " Note that the Journal included air-quotes around the word "absolutely."

By "Absolutely" I'm sure that what is meant is that they'll have an underling stand up in court, rather than have Wagstaffe himself show, and say that they really, really, really would like ayres to stay locked up, and then the court will shrug and say: "nutin' we can do," and then, POP, there will be another child molester roaming the streets of San Mateo again.

Both articles seem to be unclear about what happens after the 6 months of by-law lockup, but the San Mateo Daily Journal article says that Scumbag McDougall has the burden of proving that ayres can be adequately "treated" outside of lockup.

Child molesters should be "treated" to long-term prison beatings in my thinking, but alas, I live in San Mateo county, and molesters here are most frequently "treated" to a slap on the wrist and slobbering praise over their military service.

Anyhow, put April 27, 2012 in your Disappointment Book. We'll post times when we get them.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Anonymous Ayres victim : One Year Ago

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the death of an Ayres victim, from alcohol abuse. He left  behind many, many  friends. I met some of them at a memorial party last March. I remember how they all talked about his  unique laugh.

Sadly, in the five years that I knew this victim, who shall remain anonymous -  I never heard him laugh once. I did however, hear him cry on a number of occasions --  always when we were discussing Ayres.   The  pain in his voice was so acute that it would haunt me for days afterward. In the summer and fall of 2005, when there was no police case against Ayres and it looked as if there never would be, it was the grief and pain in this victim's voice more than anything that made me to resolve to fight for the victims and to try to get a criminal case going against Ayres.

In March 2011, at his memorial party, I learned that before he died,  the Ayres victim alleged to his counselor at rehab and to some of his closest childhood friends  that when he was about 12, Ayres had given him alcohol laced with a drug and then raped him. His friends told me that the victim recounted how Ayres had said to him, "If you let me do this to you, I will make sure you won't go to juvenile hall."

How many other juveniles did Ayres ply with alcohol and drugs and then violently assault ? How many are afraid to come forward?

Thousands, most likely. Ayres started working for the juvenile courts in San Mateo almost immediately after moving to California in 1963.  We know that former Juvenile Judge Marta Diaz was sending  boys to Ayres up until December 2003, when the first molestation civil suit against Ayres was filed. (This is the same Judge Diaz who, according to San Mateo DA Steve Wagstaffe told the police to "stop investigating Ayres" in the fall of 2002, as she and Ayres were" friends.") The fact that San Mateo County was paying Ayres all of those years to molest and rape juveniles like this victim is just mind boggling, and the fact that they have so far been disinclined to look at their own role here is just as shocking.

I am glad I got a chance to tell the Ayres victim before he died about that for all of his aloofness with the police who were investigating Ayres, he nevertheless was a key lynchpin  in this case. I believe that in his death he is continuing to be a strong motivating force for justice. If there are any victims who were molested as juveniles in Boston or California, and for whom this victim's story resonates, please come forward.

Finally, I want to thank Deputy Police Chief Mike Callagy for paying the Ayres victim  a visit at his home just before he died, to offer his help.

If you were assaulted by Ayres at Judge Baker Guidance Center in Boston; Boston Children's Hospital or Rosslindale Detention Center in Massachusetts between the years of 1959-1963, please contact
Sgt. Detective Robin Demarco at the Boston Police Department's Crimes Against Children Unit:
Office number: 617-343-6186 or 617-343-6183. 

Photos of Ayres as he looked at a younger age (around the time he was in Boston):

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Scumbag Molester Wives

Seems like a common theme that the wives of child molesters are incapable of recoiling at the nasty, subhuman behaviors of their scumbag husbands, even after their depraved activities come to light. It seems to me that this behavior is probably the result of GUILT, not disgust. I suspect that at some level, these moronic spouses knew what their perverted husbands were up to, and when they are caught, the spouses angrily blame the victims, the prosecution, and the press, rather than expressing the more appropriate disgust at the  perpetrator  and the damage the perpetrator has caused.

Very cowardly indeed.

In the clip below, pervert child molester Jerry Sandusky's wife "Dottie" Sandusky attempts vehicular homicide against a reporter and camera operator who were standing on the public sidewalk in front of the molester's house, doing a news report about the pervert coming outside his house to watch schoolchildren while on house arrest. 

Also in the clip is Joseph Amendola, Jerry Sandusky's scumbag attorney, who himself had sex with a 16 year old child while he was around 50 years old. In the video, he's making pathetic excuses for his client or something. I didn't listen. 

Dottie Sandusky's behavior is more extreme, but very similar to the behavior of other wives we've talked about here: 

Solveig Ayres, the wife of william hamilton ayres, who molested many young boys while he was claiming to practice child psychiatry, has taunted parents and victims, made pig-like snorting noises in court when officials mentioned victims, invaded private conversations between victims and police officers, and other similar bad behaviors. She continually made ridiculous excuses trying to explain away her pervert subhuman husband's despicable behavior.

Dr. Colleen Halloran, pediatrician wife of Bernie Ward, a local radio personality and collector of child pornography (including the involvement of infants) and who fantasized about having sexual relations with his children and their friends, had this to say about her disgusting husband's evil behaviors:

"The justice department sure hasn't got any of the real terrorists out there, they got us into a war that was based on a lie, they can't control the economy, they can't control gas prices, but oh boy, they got that really dangerous criminal Bernie Ward off the street and have destroyed his family. I thank you all very much,"

I suspect that these wives all know way more than they're letting on, and it's disgusting that they did nothing. If so, they are just as much to blame for the continuous abuse as the perverts themselves are.