Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Ayres Victim Comes Forward: Molested in 1966!

Last week a 58-year-old man bravely contacted this blog to let us know that he too, had been molested by Ayres -   in 1966 !  This makes him the earliest known victim of Ayres. 

That means that Ayres molested boys in San Mateo for almost 40 years.

This new victim told us that he was 12 years old and at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall when Ayres abused him. The assault took place before Ayres did his sex ed series on KQED called "A Time of Your Life" (  a  program that one of Ayres' former partners described to us as "disgusting" and said that it appeared to him that  that Ayres  had used the creepy program  to "procure" boys.)

In 1994, this victim wrote a letter to the California Medical Board stating that Ayres had molested him. They did nothing..... And then, when the San Mateo police were working to get their search warrant on Ayres in 2005-2006 and found out about this victim's complaint to the medical board, for some reason, they say they were unable to find the man, even though they knew the state where he lived, and he has a very uncommon name!

This victim did not know that Ayres had been arrested until last week, when he Googled his name. 
He thinks that his search on Ayres was likely prompted by the Sandusky/Penn State abuse case.
What is incomprehensible to him, he says, is that Ayres had gotten away with his pedophilia for so long. 

We told him that in San Mateo the culture of protectionism and conspiracy of silence in San Mateo concerning Ayres was even worse than it was in the Sandusky case. San Mateo  Children's Services, the medical community, juvenile judges like Marta Diaz who according to  San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe  warned the police who were investigating Ayres in 2002 Ayres to be "real careful with Ayres- because he and I are friends" and then continued to send boys to Ayres for the next two years - were all complicit. According to one reporter who worked for the San Francisco Chronicle in 2005, Wagstaffe went so far as to tell him  that Judge Diaz had actively interfered with the Ayres investigation, and that back in 2002, there had been a "power struggle between Diaz and the DA's office", with Diaz telling the police, "Don't investigate Ayres."

It was just last month that a 90-year-old psychiatrist  named Dr. McClain Johnston in Menlo Park told us that he had been "hearing stories about Ayres and boys for the last fifty years - since the mid-1960s." Asked why he and other doctors hadn't reported Ayres, he stated, "No one wanted to get involved."

There have been media reports that because of the Sandusky scandal, there's been a fairly dramatic increase in the number of victims of sexual abuse reporting it to the authorities. We believe that this victim is not the only one whose memories of Ayres were jarred by the Sandusky case.

We urge the others out there to contact us at this blog. This includes victims in Boston from 1959-1963, and victims in Wisconsin, where Ayres attended the University of Wisconsin Medical School.  

This past March, I was contacted by a 71- year -old man who had been molested in 1949 by a child psychiatrist at Judge Baker, where Ayres worked. This child psychiatrist and Ayres were there at the same time.

We know there are victims who were assaulted by Ayres long before 1966, and we want to hear from every one of you. 

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  1. Wagstaffe used even stronger language about what Judge Marta Diaz did when he spoke to reporter Alan Gathright from the Chronicle and Jason Dearen from the County Times in July 2005. Wagstaffe told the reporters that Diaz "actively interfered" with the police investigation into Ayres in the fall of 2002. Wagstaffe told the reporters that there was a "power struggle" between Diaz and the DA's office about Ayres. Wagstaffe stated to the reporters that what Diaz said was "DON'T investigate Ayres. He and I are friends."

  2. Dr. T. B., the child psychiatrist who molested the boy at Judge Baker in 1949, worked at Judge Baker and Boston Children's Hospital from 1947-1981.

    Dr. T. B. was at Judge Baker when Ayres was there - (1959-1963. He also was there with Dr. Don Rife( 1964-1966) who was busted in three states in the 1980s and 1990s for molesting young boys.