Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Same Old Story

Penn State’s resident evil Jerry Sandusky did an interview with Bob Costas last night (these guys always want to talk about themselves and their interest in young boys:

There must have been a molester’s conference that both Sandusky and ayres attended:

COSTAS: What did happen in the shower the night that Mike McQueary happened upon you and the young boy?

SANDUSKY: Okay, we-- we were showing and-- and horsing around. And he actually turned all the showers on and was-- actually sliding-- across the-- the floor. And we were-- as I recall possibly like snapping a towel, horseplay.

For comparison, here’s from the transcript of the william ayres criminal trial for molestation of many young boys on July 8, 2009 :

Ayres’ Attorney DORON WEINBERG: … Did you ever use the results of a physical examination or observation to simply reassure the patient himself?

AYRES: Oh, Yes. Yes. There was – There’s a case in this issue of organic macula, which is a swelling of one – of one of the nipples. And in that situation you certainly would – first of all, is, you need to check to make sure that they’re – so that you know that it is a physiological condition, which is normal. Because it is quite normal, and you can have it bilaterally or on one side.
     On the other hand, they need to know – many, many boys are very, very anxious about it, and they need to start looking around. And, of course, now I’m finding out that when I was in High School we all were buck naked and ran around in the shower and snapped towels at each other, and then it was thought of as nothing. Now, I guess it’s people are not exposed as much as they used to be.
   But the idea of the nipple is difficult for a lot of boys, so you need to be able to say. “Well, we’ll check it again,”

The parallels between the cases are vomit inducing. There's so much evil to spread around...

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