Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Word on the street

Johnny the Shoeshine Boy says that ayres checked himself into Napa last night (10/25/2011).

10/27/2011 Update: There is now an article in the San Mateo Daily Journal stating that the prosecution has been informed of ayres' surrender to Napa State.


  1. Weird comment by prosecutor in Mercury News story:

    "Ayres won." Never heard a prosecutor sound so triumphant. She's got some major crossed wires going on there.

  2. Perhaps Ayres might meet some of his victims at Napa. We know there were some at Atascadero.

  3. its sick making. I feel it, the prosecutorial protection of the abuser to protect the gov from liability, rather personally. When I remembered the prosecutor in NJ gave no help or direction and manipulated me with a long line that laid a huge guilt trip on me for surviving as well as I have (I was 47 alone and never had a relationship last more than a year that's 3 in total) When I realized what had happened 5 days later after I pulled out of the tailspin he inflicted on me I called leaving an angry message telling him off for what he did. I got a policeman at my door the following week ordering me never to call that prosecutors office again! Apparently he was afraid of me, 3000 miles away. It took another year and a half during which I appeared in court by phone trying to get records before someone told me where I could file a police report. That department gave me the run around. I was left to figure out that was the step I should have taken as soon as I recalled, myself. No one I asked offered that info to me including that prosecutor who sent armed men to my home to stop me from making the complaint.
    Figuring that out took a year. Recently I spent $12,500 on an attorney to appeal an illegal and unjustifiable OPRA ruling still trying to get my records and I now believe that I may have been misrepresented by him as I should not have lost as all laws directly state I am correct and the opposite side admitted it had an unsupportable position! I think he made a deal with the opposing DAG.
    I guess I'm venting my stuff over this BS, my point is that the the people in NJ too are making these choices based on financial concerns. I recall during my research on the rulings I got from the process of OPRA requests that I found a law or executive order that is still standing in NJ which makes it illegal for any employee of the state, county, city or any government entity within the State of NJ to release any information that might be used in future by anyone to sue the state or any of its entities for any purpose.
    Whether or not it exposes illegal activity I seem to recall is specifically designated a non-factor in the decision to withhold the item. Meaning if it is proof of illegal activity it is especially important to keep it from release!
    I'm guessing there is a similar form of self-serving protectiveness going on in San Mateo and they tell themselves stories similar to the one the prosecutor laid on me about being alive and it being so long ago to justify denying justice to the victims.
    People are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling!