Friday, October 21, 2011

San Mateo County - Come have sex with our children!

Armando Lopez-Galvez

It seems that Armando Lopez-Galvez likes to have sex with young girls. Good thing he lives in Redwood City, which is part of San Mateo County!

He was apparently able to enjoy a young girl, and when the Belmont Police caught the man and told the San Mateo County prosecutors about 5 or six months ago, they reacted swiftly, and with great focus to make sure that the disruption to the poor, misunderstood man's life was minimized.

Between the San Mateo County DA, and the San Mateo County judges, they managed to bargain the fine citizen's charge down to a no-contest plea on only one count, sparing the man from potentially serving 10 to 12 years in prison on multiple charges.

They managed to get him down to a 308 day sentence with credit for time served! He does have to suffer through 3 years of probation, and will have to refrain from contacting the young girl, but thankfully, and as per usual, San Mateo County will NOT be burdening him with having to register as a sex offender. The County understands that a man should be able to violate 13 year old girls if he needs to!

If only the Belmont Police would quit pestering citizens who want to have sex with children, then the County would finally have some peace!


By the way, AS USUAL, The San Mateo Daily Journal seems to confuse the phrase "illegally fucking children" with "sexual relationship."   Talk about being a mouthpiece for San Mateo County's strange predilections.

This has been YET ANOTHER unfortunate edition of: San Mateo County - Come Have Sex With Our Children!


  1. Unbelievable.

    DA Wagstaffe's too busy kissing the a** of his pal San Mateo Sheriff Greg Munks to be bothered to attend to such piffling matters as 13 year old victims of sex abuse.

    Greg Munks is the Sheriff Wagstaffe wrote a sickening, fawning letter of support to, after Munks was caught in a brothel for underage girls (who were probably trafficked) in Las Vegas.

  2. Today the 90 year old retired Menlo Park psychiatrist informed me that he had heard the stories about Ayres and boys from other psychiatrists for THE LAST FIFTY YEARS.

    When asked why the doctors didn't report Ayres, this psychiatrist said, " I guess they didn't want to get involved."