Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DA Backtracks on ayres Lockup Delay

There is a new article in the San Francisco Examiner about the delay to william ayres' commitment to Napa State Hospital to "treat" his alleged dementia, which allowed him to escape retrial on charges that he molested many young boys under the guise of providing psychiatric care.

The news article talks about the fact that prosecutor McKowan made one claim to the press -- The Court didn't provide necessary paperwork -- while DA Wagstaffe made an entirely different claim about availability of bed space. It also mentions that the DA claims that the judge denied a prosecution request to lock ayres up while awaiting a bed at Napa State.  (How did Wagstaffe know that this was requested, if he didn't know that McKowan had claimed that the court was responsible, or that the judge had threatened contempt?) The article also repeats the 11-1 guilt vote on ONE charge for the criminal trial, even though news stories at the time reported that this was the case for SIX of the charges.

NOBODY seems able to get their story straight.  At least they could all make an effort to tell the same lies.

Note: Reports from private investigators seem to show that ayres is in fact competent, at least as far as his defense at trial is concerned: competent enough to joke with medical colleagues about his alleged dementia and its relation to his defense maneuvers. (The medical colleagues who were enjoying the big joke with ayres and his vapid wife Solveig were:  Larry Lurie, M.D., and Robert Kimmich M.D, both San Francisco shrinks and past presidents of the Northern California Psychiatric Society, a pathetic organization from which a great number of past officers were signatories of a letter pleading for financial help for child molester ayres while he was on trial.)


  1. Good post, Deep.

    Let the record show that Wagstaffe told Examiner reporter Mike Aldax yesterday that his Chief Deputy DA Karen Guidotti "forgot" to tell him that Ayres wouldn't be going to Napa on October 6 as scheduled, and that she also "forgot" to tell him about the emergency October 3 hearing.

    I believe Wagstaffe will let ALL of his staff hang out to dry before he will let himself admit to being caught in one of his hundreds and hundreds of lies over the course of his career.

    Of course he knew about this. If parents found out about the hearing on September 28, five days before the hearing, do you mean to tell us that Wagstaffe didn't know about it?

    Either that or he's not quite the "micromanager" he claims to be to the press.

    What a slimebucket.

  2. This is not the first time that Mckowan and Wagstaffe have told stories that are polar opposites.

    All summer long, Mckowan was telling anyone who would listen that Ayres was not going to Napa; that Ayres was going to a rest home and that there would be no retrial.

    Wagstaffe, when confronted by Supervisor Dave Pine about Mckowan's statements, told Pine that it was "either a retrial or Napa."

    We know both Wagstaffe and Mckowan are congenital liars.

    It's very clear that Wagstaffe has no control over Mckowan and has atrcocious managerial skills.

    He's a sneak.

  3. On second thought, it would make sense that Wagstaffe doesn't give a rat's ass that Mckowan slanders people, as he himself is a serial congenital liar.

  4. Questions the reporters should be asking:

    Wagstaffe told Aldax, the Examiner reporter, that the judge has denied requests by prosecutors to remand Ayres into custody until the hospital is ready for him.

    Exactly when were these "requests" made? Were they made at a hearing? If not, why not?

    When did Grandsaert deny these requests? Why weren't these "requests" by the prosecutor ever made public?

    - Why did Mckowan say that the delay was due to "missing paper work" by the court while Wagstaffe said it's a shortage of beds?

    Isn't Wagstaffe concerned that his prosecutor is feeding such blatant misinformation to a reporter about the status of this high profile case? Or is Wagstaffe lying about the shortage of beds?

    - Why would Mckowan say it was the court's fault when Grandsaert threatened to put Napa under contempt?

    - Has anyone tried to ask Grandsaert about his threat of contempt against Napa?

  5. The California Bar is investigating Mckowan for making up a series of lies about her non-actions in the Ayres case. Also about her slanderous accusations about victims' families and prosecution witnesses.

    California Bar is also investigating Chief Deputy DA Karen Guidotti for covering for Mckowan's lies and for telling innocent citizens who were slandered by Mckowan that it would "accomplish nothing" to criticize Mckowan.

    California Bar is also investigating DA Wagstaffe for coveringf for Mckowan and for failing to take action against her.

    There's more, but that's all we can say for now.

    Like many other fools, Wagstaffe has failed to realize that it's the coverup that's gotten him into trouble.

  6. Would be nice to hear from other people...