Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Another Blog Covers ayres Story

Another blogger covers the story about the DA and court allowing ayres to continue delaying and running around free.:

The blog PRACTIKEL: The only website worth visiting! has some rather strong opinions about the justice system as it applies to child molesters. The blogger would rather not have them taking up space in our public institutions - they offer up a rather more permanent solution -- a solution that Random Task would probably agree with.

Oh, Behave!


  1. This morning, a retired 90 year old psychiatrist who practiced in Menlo Park, California (in San Mateo County, where Ayres worked) told me casually that he and other shrinks had been "hearing stories about Ayres and boys for decades. "

  2. Why did these doctors not come forward when they were needed?

    Are they having regrets about not coming forward or are they silently sitting back and letting victims suffer?

    Maybe all it would take to smoke ayres out of his hole would be to find one decent, ethical, physician to report what they know to the authorities and take a stand!

  3. I was refraining from comment, but as long as you've opened the door:

    I have no love at all for a shrink who is old and who probably thinks that he is wise, yet sat there and did nothing, and continues to do nothing. It's shameful, and just further demonstrates that this is not a profession that is to be admired. It's just another slap in the face that God allows someone who stands by and allows evil to happen around him to live until a ripe old age. These people might as well have been perpetrators themselves.

    Very few shrinks have spoken out. I do appreciate those who have.

    It is too late for ayres. The DA was presented with a option so that they could escape embarrassment, and they ran with it. ayres will never be punished for his crimes unless he's caught in the act -- Not all that improbable, but even then, San Mateo county treats its child molesters with kid gloves even when they aren't well connected.