Friday, September 9, 2011

ayres Fiasco Makes Front Page Examiner

[Original Post by DS: 09/09/2011 10:30PM PST]
The ayres commitment fiasco has now made front page news in the San Francisco Examiner, in a story by Mike Aldax. The story talks about the delay granted before commitment, and it also discusses a newly developing angle that ayres has to take care of health issues before going to Napa State (if indeed that ever actually happens) This is not something that was made clear in the courtroom, but apparently Karen Guidotti - the prosecutor's supervisor and chief deputy to DA Wagstaffe - told to the press at some point.

The three ring circus of different stories from the DA continues...

Significantly, the article discusses some of the human damage that ayes has caused to his victims, including alcohol and drug abuse, dangerous behaviors resulting in the death of some victims, and indeed, deep depression and even suicides.

Meanwhile stories are now in many papers and other news outlets all around the country. Many tell the same, or slightly modified versions of the Mercury News story released to the Associated Press:

Santa Maria Times, Sacramento Bee, MySanAntonio Texas, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Texas, Marin Independent Journal, The Republic of Columbus Indiana, KTVU,  FoxReno, CT Post of Connecticut, and many others.

Please have a look at the Private Investigator's report and videos, if you haven't already seen them. 


  1. The Examiner said," Many of Ayres’ victims have suffered from depression, alcoholism and drug addiction, Balfour said. On Aug. 7, a 48-year-old victim committed suicide by running into oncoming traffic in Southern California, she said. In February, a 44-year-old victim died of complications relating to alcoholism, she said. Others have ended up in state prison, while others have filed civil suits against Ayres, she said."

    It's about time papers started talking about the impact of the sexual assaults on the victims.

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  2. He cant win. He cannot be allowed to win. I hope McKowan's feet are being held to the fire by someone.