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San Mateo County DA Fails Child Molest Victims

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In the matter of the criminal and competencey to assist in defense case against william hamilton ayres, former president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and prolific child molester:

Deputy District Attorney Melissa McKowan stipulated incompetency this morning, indicating that doctor reports show that his "borderline" incompetency will not improve.

Both McKowan and the child molester's attorney were in agreement to proceed with a placement report.

The judge ordered that the Golden Gate Regional Center should create a report recommending placement in a state hospital or otherwise, and should be provided with reports from both prosecution and defense, and that the report should be prepared by August 30, 2011.

There is a placement hearing at 9am on September 7th, 2011.

Criminal Proceedings are Suspended.

Solveig Ayres smiled broadly at the parents of victims as they entered the courtroom.

Karen Guidotti greeted one of the parents warmly after the extraordinarily brief hearing, stating that she knew her and asked in a very light and happy fashion how she was doing. Needless to say, she got an earful.

Note that DA Wagstaffe made repeated promises that it would be Napa or competency trial.

Whores and idiots abound in the courthouse today.

In the News:

Channel 7 ABC News Interviews from this afternoon.

Newspaper Articles:
Brief Aaron Kinney article in Mercury News this morning.

Article in SF Examiner this morning.

Another Mercury News article from this afternoon.

They're popping up all over now.

Additional minor information on the surveillance video tapes: (See full article below this post...)

We have identified the two other men who were dining with william and Solveig ayres on the 18th, who Solveig refers to as ayres' "very, very good friends." (Whatever THAT means...) They are, as we expected the second we saw this video:  Larry Lurie, M.D., and Robert Kimmich M.D, both San Francisco shrinks and past presidents of the  Northern California Psychiatric Society, a pathetic organization from which a great number of past officers were signatories of a letter pleading for financial help for child molester ayres while he was on trial. (Lurie was also the author of the lovely letter)

Lurie is sitting immediately to william ayres' right, and Kimmich is sitting to Solveig's left.

According to the Private Investigator's report, this lovely little bunch of lunch buddies had a good chuckle about ayres' incompetency gambit during their little lunch break:

"Both men spoke about the effects of Alzheimer’s and the unidentified man said that its only benefit was that “you can mention it in front of the lawyers ‘case it’s serving a purpose” which was greeted by laughter from all seated at the table. 

Lurie should know about Alzheimer's: He's been writing practice guidelines too... wonder if there's a chapter on what the symptoms would look like, for example, if you wanted to make it seem as if you're symptomatic? Why yes, there certainly is!

It's interesting that Lurie is such great friends with ayres, who claims that he was "trained" to give "physical exams" to children in treating them. After all, Lurie says THIS when comparing his hobby of sculpting to treating patients:

The “tactile, hands-on” nature of this art form is particularly intriguing to him, Lurie noted. “I had thought of becoming a surgeon, but didn’t feel I had the skills, but even thinking about that specialty must have meant that I like the touching aspect. Psychiatry, in contrast, is so hands off.

Even "very, very good friend" Lurie exposes ayres' lie.

San Mateo County: Come Have Sex With Our Children!


  1. Wagstaffe made a promise to a San Mateo Supervisor on August 16 that there were only two options on the table: "Retrial or Napa."

    But then on August 20, he told the mother of a victim that retrial was NOT AN OPTION and could not justify taxpayer's expense.

    He also permitted his own prosecutor Mckowan to tell families of victims - as recently as AUGUST 8- that neither Napa or a retrial was an option.

    Deputy Police Chief Callagy also stated at the end of June that there would be no retrial.

    How could Wagstaffe then tell the Supervisor on August 16 that retrial was an option?

    Someone's got to answer here.

  2. If Ares is sent to Napa is the minimum stay 6 months?

    Why is the SF Examiner saying a deal may be cut?

  3. It is demoralizing. Yet we must all continue the good fight wherever we are and whomever the perps are.
    I am flabbergasted that no one with sense can se ethe self interest in San Mateo Counties DA office in protecting themselves from the lawsuits that will be filed by the victims the same courts and DA's office that sent them to Ayres in the first place!

  4. It will depend on the report recommendation and is up to the discretion of the judge. Some reports indicate (specifically about this case) that it could be something like 180 days in Napa, then release. But note that the judge said state OR OTHER arrangement. Some news reports are indicating he will always be locked up somewhere.

    It is mostly up to the judge now, but the DA and prosecutor have been telling families different things all along, and entirely other things to the press. All of this deception serves to deflect backlash and public outrage. Since day one, they've just wanted this to quietly go away.

  5. Thanks for responding Deep Sounding. I know this is a tough day for the families and victims.

    This is a smack in the face of justice.

  6. The Golden Gate evaluation place is run BY SAN MATEO COUNTY. This is ANOTHER conflict of interest.

    Has anyone bothered to check to see if Ayres did any work for him?

  7. The more that Steve Wagstaffe lies and dissembles, and tells one thing to a SAN MATEO SUPERVISOR and another story to the mother of a victim in the COURSE of 24 hours, the more families will fight back.

    Don't they realize that this is not going to go away?

  8. Wagstaffe. Is.Going. Down.

    You can bank on it.

  9. By our count, in the last six days San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe has told at least FIVE different stories to people, including a reporter; a San Mateo Supervisor and an anguished mother of a a victim about what he intended to do with the Ayres case.

    Although he told the Supervisor on August 16, 2011 that the only options on the table were "Napa or a retrial" less than 24 hours he told the mother of the victim that a retrial was NOT an option, and he could not justify the cost to taxpayers. But it was his own prosecutor (who is now being investigated by a government agency for egregious misconduct on the Ayres case, as are Guidotti and Wagstaffe) who bungled the case and lied about inculpatory evidence and wasted the taxpayer's money.

  10. Yes, I'm reading many of the news stories out there, and it seems that each reporter was either TOLD or UNDERSTOOD something slightly different about what the commitment might be.

    I think the most accurate accounts are the ones who say that it's largely up to the Golden Gate Regional Center and the whim of the judge.

    The DA can influence the GGRC with their report, I'd guess. It would be good to get a copy of that report to see if they're being totally honest about wanting ayres to go to Napa forever.

  11. They all look like they belong on The Jerry Springer show. Maybe they can rent La Vie out and Solveig can run around like Helen Keller eating off all of their plates!

  12. Anonymous @August 22, 2011 9:57 PM:

    LOL... Did Hellen Keller eat off peoples plates? I guess I do have a vague recollection of that...

    You made me spit out my tea.

    I needed the mood lightener.

    Solveig Keller (Writing letters in the palm of ayres' hand): "D i d y o u m o l e s t a n y b o y s t o d a y ? C a n I e a t y o u r b r o c c o l i ?"

  13. The DA NEVER intended for Ayres to go to Napa. Do you honestly think he is going to act demented enough to go there? No, he will be perfectly competent during his evaluation, so he can go to that rest home right near his house.

    The SF Chronicle article says today: "If his competency is restored, which is unlikely given his diagnosis, Ayres could face another criminal trial in San Mateo, Wagstaffe said."

    Huh? On August 20, 2011, in a phone conversation with a mother of an Ayres victim, Wagstaffe said they would NEVER retry him as they couldn't justify the cost to the taxpayers.

    Just four days before that Wagstaffe told a San Mateo Supervisor that there were only two options "Napa or a retrial"

    The DA's office had a deal going to get Ayres into a rest home at the end of June. Wagstaffe didn't want to admit that because he knew it would make the public angry. But prosecutor Melissa Mckowan couldn't shut up about it and was blabbing to everyone all over the place that Napa and a retrial were never an option. When Wagstaffe found out on August 20 that his prosecutor was spilling the beans on their secret plan, he got pissed.

    This is the most corrupt AND dysfunctional office I have ever seen.

    Not to mention that he is fully competent to stand trial.

    Read more:

  14. In between throwing out his lame reasons for not retrying Ayres " he was using a walker"; " I can't justify the expense of a retrial to taxpayers," Wagstaffe said to the mother of a victim "He's a bad guy."

    No, Ayres is a child rapist.

  15. Deep: you have the placement hearing at five am on September 7. They wouldn't start that early, would they?

  16. Has anyone checked to see if Ayres or his former colleagues at Peninsula Psychiatrics did any work for Golden Gate regional center? If so, um, wouldn't that be a conflict of interest for the County to evaluate him there?

  17. Also, why are they rushing through this evaluation process of Ayres at Golden Gate? Can they honestly do this in one week? The DA is acting like they're scared.

    They should be.

  18. Sounds like they want to make it a fate accompli before anyone can act to correct their perversion of justice. I think if they get him through this process of following through with this nonsentence Ayres atty's will be able to claim double jeopardy or somthing like that.
    My personal veiw is that since this all has been deliberately and in a calculated manner steered down exactly this path nothign that is going on under the supervision of this DA or his deputies is leaglly binding to anyone and Ayres can be rearrested and charged at anyt time in future for these and whatever other crimnes come to light if and when someone who is in State Gov over them and has a conscience and a brain looks at this.
    I'm a bit prejudiced but even to mny eye these things look corrupt especially the shennanigans of Ms. McKown. I am pretty certain San Mateo's financial interest in not convicting Ayers alone made it necessary for themn to recuse themselves and ask for another DA's office to step in and prosecute this case. The way it was done and the results of what they did with it scream out loud to me that they have bothced this intentionally to limit their liability when victims do finally start getting into court they can be negotiated down into much lower settlements, if any at all are made, with Ayers not being convicted as compared to him being A convicted pedo. WIth him not being convicted it will be much harder to make a claim.

  19. One victim was given alcohol laced with a drug and raped by Ayres in his office when he was 13.

    Ayres said, "If you let me do this to you, I will make sure you don't go to juvenile hall."

  20. Another victim remembers that Ayres had him "so drugged up" that he could barely stand up.

    He was in that drugged up state and lying in bed when he was sexually assaulted by Ayres at Belmont Hills Hospital.

  21. The victim at Belmont Hills Hospital who was drugged up by Ayres remembers blacking out in his bed as Ayres was assaulting him.

  22. The "evaluation" that the judge has ordered for Ayres at Golden Gate Regional Center (where it appears Ayres may have done some work) to decide where he is going a sham. It's pretty clear that the DA cut a deal two months ago to send Ayres to a cushy rest home. To give doctors only one week to evaluate Ayres is unheard of. Pretty clear they've already "evaluated " him. Normally it takes three to four weeks to evalute someone about which hospital they would go to.

    Sounds like DA Wagstaffe panicked when presented with evidence by the private investigator last Friday that Ayres was mentally competent and has asked the judge to ram this process as fast as they can so the parents can't do any more damage to his little deal about Ayres being too incapicated to stand trial, and get him into a cushy rest home close to his house in San Mateo.

    Since June 24, the prosecutor on this case has been telling families and victims since June 24 that Ayres will "never go to Napa" and that they are allowing Ayres' lawyer to look for a cushy rest home for him.

    Wagstaffe,however has been trying to keep the rest home deal a secret from the public, because he knew they would be outraged. When he found out on August 20, two days before the hearing, that his prosecutor had been blabbing all over the place about their rest home deal - he was furious.

    By our count in the six days before the hearing, Wagstaffe told at least SEVEN different stories to people, including a San Mateo Supervisor; two reporters and outraged parents, about what he was going to do with the Ayres case.

    To one Supervisor he insisted that a retrial was a strong option. Less than 24 hours later he told the mother of a victim that a retrial was NOT an option because they couldn't justify the taxpayer's money. The next day, the day before the hearing, he told a reporter that they were still seriously considering a retrial.

    The TWO government agencies who are already investigating Wagstaffe and his prosecutor for their misconduct on the Ayres case have already been notified about the DA's dirty tricks from the last week.

    Stay tuned.

  23. The prosecutor will prove to be Wagstaffe's downfall.

  24. A reader over at Websleuths, a former resident of San Mateo County states that Ayres has done work for Golden Gate Regional Center.

    She states: "I can assure you that Ayres had dealings with Golden Gate Regional Center. All children in the foster care system who have any level of special need or early intervention need have been evaluated for decades by the CA Regional Centers. That's one issue that the foster system usually makes sure is covered as children with high need will be deemed eligible for higher levels of Title IV-E foster care funds. In other words, the child gets more services and the counties get more funds to "oversee" them. The foster parents (almost always highly specialized) also get a higher stipend. A psychiatrist is always on the team of evaluators for each child. The CA Regional Centers serve children from birth to age 21.

  25. The blog that is monitoring www.sfredbook, where convicted felon Dr. Roger Levin from Menlo Park ( very close to where Ayres lives ) has run a secret forum where he bragged about molesting children, asks whether Ayres and Levin have ties.


  26. In last week's surveillance report by the investigator hired by the families of victims to tail Ayres, the investigator stated that Ayres said to his lunchmates in San Francisco, " There were teenagers standing there with their pants down mooning some cars that were passing by the crowd."

    He just can't keep away from the subject of boys with their pants pulled down.

    Wonder what went through the minds of two doctors sitting with Ayres at lunch- Dr. Larry Lurie and Dr. Robert Kimmich. They have been two of Ayres' staunchest defenders. Did the comment give them pause for at least a moment?

    How they can defend a doctor who gave 13 year old boys alcohol laced with a drug and then raped them is beyond belief.

  27. A poster named Ohiogirl on the Ayres thread over at Websleuths asked why Wagstaffe was hot to get over this case.

    This response was posted:

    "Wagstaffe is hot to get this over with because his OWN OFFICE hired Ayres to evaluate boys. Back in the 1980s, a prosecutor named Marta Diaz in the San Mateo DA's office frequently hired Ayres to evaluate boys. We believe other prosecutors in the DA's office hired Ayres as well

    Then when Diaz became a juvenile judge, she sent hundreds of boys to Ayres.

    In the fall of 2002, when the police first began to investigate Ayres, Diaz tried to get the police to stop investigating Ayres saying "Ayres and I are our friends."

    We know that in 1979, Ayres gave a 13 year old boy in his office alcohol laced with a drug and then raped him. Ayres stated to the boy, "If you let me do this to you, I will make sure you don't go to Hillcrest Juvenile Hall."

    Ayres was under contract to Hillcrest Juvenile Hall for at least thirty years. There are no doubt hundreds of more boys out there he raped with the promise of not sending them to juvenile hall.

    Wagstaffe doesn't want the County to be held liable for millions in lawsuits had there been a conviction."

  28. In September 2009, an attorney who was a detective in sex crimes in Santa Clara County in the 1980s (next county to San Mateo for those who are not from California) told me that they had also received molestation complaints from victims there .

    The attorney did not remember what happened with those complaints.

  29. This story is no longer just about Ayres.

    It is about Ayres and his ties to the DA's office and to the juvenile courts, and a county that is still protecting him because they don't want to be held liable.

    The AG's office investigates conflict of interest in cases. This is a clear cut example of conflict of interest if there ever was one.

  30. In the news today:

    GEORGETOWN, Del. (AP) — Former Delaware pediatrician Earl Bradley will spend the rest of his life in prison for committing horrific acts of sexual abuse against scores of young patients over more than a decade, a judge ruled Friday.

    Bradley, 58, showed no emotion as Judge William Carpenter Jr. sentenced him to 14 life sentences without parole for 14 counts of first-degree rape. Bradley also was sentenced to more than 160 years in prison for multiple counts of assault and sexual exploitation of a child.

    Under state law, a life sentence is mandatory for a person convicted of rape against three or more separate victims.

    "You will never be in a position to harm a child again," Carpenter told Bradley, saying the serial pedophile had violated the trust of his patients and their families, the morals of the southern Delaware community of Lewes, and his oath as a medical professional to do no harm to his patients.

    "You have severely violated that trust, and you have shamed your profession," Carpenter told Bradley.

    Before sentencing Bradley, the judge addressed the families of his victims, some of whom have struggled with broken relationships stemming from their ordeal and guilt for allowing the doctor to be alone with their children.

    "You must realize that you are not at fault, and that you and your children have done nothing wrong," Carpenter said.