Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ALERT: Status Conference

[Original Post by DS: 07/26/2011 6:10PM PST]

There was a "status conference" today that we were not aware of ahead of time. My last check was last Thursday, and the court clerk reported no change at that point, so it must have been scheduled Friday or Monday.

There is ANOTHER Status conference scheduled for NEXT MONDAY, August 1, 2011.

One of the parents talked to office staff at the DA's office today. Staff checked the notes and indicates that the conference today and the one scheduled for Monday were to make sure that things are still "on track" for re-trial of william ayres' in the matter of his competency to defend himself against criminal child molestation charges.

As of this afternoon, anyway, the August 22nd competency re-trial is still scheduled.


  1. It has been brought to my attention that the San Mateo District Attorney's office has NOT been notifying the in-statute victims about hearings.

    Before the criminal trial, one family repeatedly contacted the DA's office in writing and verbally, requesting that they be notified of ALL hearings, as the DA is required to do through Marsy's law.

    The family says that the prosecutor NEVER responded to any of their requests and never notified them of hearings. This is a violation of victims rights.

  2. Wait until you see what you get when you go to the County of San Mateo District Attorney's website and click on the "Victim Services" link.

  3. Wagstaffe didn't even tell San Mateo County Times reporter Josh Melvin about the Ayres conference yesterday.

    Melvin's former colleague Michael Manekin learned the hard way when he found out that Wagstaffe had hid the Cardell Brown sex abuse case from the press.

    Although Wagstaffe likes to pretend he's open and transparent with the press- even sending out a daily list of court cases to them- for some reason he omitted to let them know that Cardell Brown, a counselor for a San Mateo County group home, had been raping boys. I only found out about it because I got a call from lawyer Tom Gundlach, the civil lawyer for the boys who wanted to know why there hadn't been any press on it. By the time I heard of it, the DA's office had made a plea deal with Brown. Not of a word of it to the press.

    No doubt Wagstaffe didn't want any more victims coming forward to file lawsuits against his precious county.

    Let's hope Josh Melvin has learned his lesson about Wagstaffe.

  4. A medical colleague of Ayres has just informed me today that other colleagues have seen Ayres out and about, appearing to be fully mentally competent.

  5. You'd think they'd have a moral obligation to report such behavior to someone.

    Although, at this point, it wouldn't surprise me at all to hear that they don't want to get involved with getting a molester off the street.

    And I don't know who the hell they'd report to that would give a rip, even if they did decide to do the right thing.

  6. I see you have some new photos in the montage...is that Etta Bryant in the red beanie? And who is the other new man in the back?

  7. Etta Bryant is indeed in the ugly red beanie thing.

    Not sure what other guy you're talking about. If you're talking about the pansy looking dude in the back right behind ayres' office door, that's Rich "Big Dick" Gordon, the asshat assemblyman for the 21st district. He keeps sending me email claiming that he's honored to represent me, but my queries about helping to get the "Lifetime Achievement Award" (which Dick Gordon nominated ayres for) rescinded fall on a deaf ear. NO responses to emails, TWO facebook queries deleted with no response. As assemblymen go, he's a worthless pile.

  8. Oh... maybe you meant on the left side, nuzzling up to Solpig?

    That's ayres' twit son Robert. He kisses up to daddy because he wants to spend all that money that daddy got from parents, who were unaware that instead of treating their children, Robert's soulless father was molesting them. Yeah... Robert wants to roll around in that cash...