Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trial Day Seven - Letter from Parent of Victim

There is a new post from Wednesday's court proceedings below this one. I got this letter from a parent of an ayres victim tonight. (Thank you for this letter. It is very meaningful.)

I am the mother of one of ayres victims, a victim who has nothing to gain by this fiasco other than to hopefully see the truth be told and justice served. A real long shot.

Ayres is guilty of the charges against him. Ayres is the most vile subhuman.  He was trained in an esteemed profession, he took an oath to do no harm, he then used his profession to impose his perverted prurient interest on the most innocent among us.  He has victimized helpless children, not adults whose psyche's are formed.  He has victimized innocents who had no way to protect themselves.  He continued with his victimization knowing full well the damage he was causing, interfering with the normal healthy development of these children.    He has left horrific scars on countless victims.  He is responsible for all of this.  That is his legacy in life --  He has harmed innocents.

For ayres to profess to be innocent is a joke.   He is as guilty as they come.  He deserves every bit of the inconvenience that these legal cases have caused him in stress, depression, financial loss.   He is worse than worthless.

For any professionals who have supported ayres, who have believed him, I say that you are sadly mistaken.  You need to  look at yourselves and ask why you are so blinded.   What are you afraid of?  Does the fact that he fooled you make you question your own competence?   It should.

He is guilty.

A mother who wishes she could change history.

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  1. This letter is heartbreaking. Thank you for your sharing it with us.