Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Hearing to Determine Future of Ayres case: No Decision Made Today

I don't have full details, but a parent of a victim who attended this morning's hearing says that no decision was made today about a retrial for Ayres' mental competency. Another hearing on this matter is set for this Wednesday, June 29.

While a date of August 22 was discussed among the attorneys for a retrial of the competency, prosecutor Mckowan told the mother of the victim that "there probably won't be another criminal trial."


Yesterday in Delaware, the notorious pedophile pediatrician Dr. Earl Bradley  who was indicted in February 2010 on 470 counts of raping and molesting children was CONVICTED yesterday - a mere SIXTEEN MONTHS after the indictment. 


  1. My friend's friend is a pro tem judge in San Mateo County. He was working at the Redwood City courthouse this week. He said he heard earlier this week that the DA said that the first criminal trial was very expensive and they don't want to spend the money on a second trial.

    But what about the victims?

  2. Also seems likely that if incompetent, he will get "outpatient" scam treatment rather than mental lockup?

  3. The San Mateo DA's office blew the first trial by not bothering to check to see if Ayres was lying about being trained to give genital exams to boys in therapy in Boston. It would have taken one phone call to find out that this was in fact, an outrageous lie.

    Because the DA didn't bother to check this key fact at all, several jurors believed Ayres had been trained to give genital exams to boys in therapy in Boston.

    Was this incompetence, or an unconscious act of sabotage on the part of the San Mateo DA's office? Where was the DA's killer instinct on this case? Why did they fail to nail him when dozens and dozens of other DA's offices from around the country have convicted pedophile doctors (most noticeably Dr. Earl Bradley in Delaware, in just sixteen months) have succeeded?

    Seems like the prosecutor in the first trial was too busy doing things like falsely accusing a mother of an Ayres victim of spreading confidential information from the DA's office to this blog and warning her that she had evidence on her, and had files on her- which turned out to be nonsense. .. Or accusing victims' advocates of being in cahoots with Ayres' lawyer.

    DA Wagstaffe told the mother of a victim during the criminal trial that prosecutor Mckowan often "went off on tangents and sometimes we have to rein her in."

    Why in God's name would they put someone like that as a prosecutor on the Ayres case? The prosecutor only became a lawyer at age 40 ( she was a bartender in Alaska before that) and didn't have a ton of experience. Why was there not more supervision of her prep work for the criminal trial?

    Why did she say she could not find doctors who would confirm that Ayres was not trained to do physicals while AYRES' OWN LAWYER could find not a single doctor who could confirm that he was trained to do so?

    Did the DA's office not put a more experienced proseutor on the case in the hopes that they WOULD fail?

  4. To Anonymous at June 24, 3:01 pm:

    The mother of the victim who spoke to the prosecutor today said that the prosecutor said he won't go to any mental lockup. So that means some sort of scam outpatient treatment.

  5. The Attorney General's office should retry the case. There is a clear conflict of interest with the San Mateo District Attorney. They hired Ayres to evaluate boys.

    Parents and victims should contact the California Attorney General's office and request a change of venue.

  6. Remember: there's still the Boston option. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office in Boston has demonstrated far more of an eagerness to find Ayres victims than San Mateo ever did.

    Massachusetts has a "stop the clock" law, which means that they can prosecute Ayres for molesting boys there because he moved out of state.

    Boston victims should come forward.

  7. This past March, I was contacted by a 71- year- old man named Ben Doe. He told me that when he was ten years old, he had been a patient of a child psychiatrist named Dr. T. B. at Judge Baker in Boston in 1949.

    Ben revealed that Dr. T. B. had performed oral sex on him on a number of occasions.

    Dr. T. B. worked at Judge Baker and Boston Children's Hospital from 1947-1981.

    Dr. T. B. was at Judge Baker when Ayres was there- as well as Dr. Don Rife, who was busted in three states in the 1980s and 1990s for molesting young boys.

    For 61 years, Ben Doe didn't tell a soul about the molestation, until he told his wife this past winter.

    Ben then contacted a lawyer and got his patient records from Judge Baker. Ben Doe talked to me openly about how the molestation had colored every aspect of his personal relationships from that time on. He told me in April it felt empowering to have finally broken his silence after all this time.

    I just learned that Ben Doe died in May - just two months after first revealing his molestation.

    Dr. T. B. died in the 1990s. I don't believe Ben was his only victim. If there are others out there, please contact us here.

  8. "I'm not strong enough to pursue anything. It makes me very depressed. The (San Mateo) police, courts, city officials will never tell the truth. It will make them look bad. No way will they do that for me."

    - email written by Ayres victim Alan Doe in October 2005, two weeks before he was killed in a motorcycle crash.

  9. Is this Dr. T. B. - Ben's predator child psychiatrist from Judge Baker?

    Tully Benaron (1906-1996): obituary by Max Day, November 13, 1996.
    Judge Baker Guidance Center, Putnam Children’s Center.

  10. Yes The victim Ben Doe alleged that it was Tully Benaron who molested him. Judge Baker president Robert Franks was notified about the Benaron allegations in 2016. If there are other Benaron victims out there they should contact President Franks