Thursday, June 16, 2011

Competency Trial Day Eight - Brief Updates

[Original Post by DS: 06/16/2011 10:15AM PST]

At 10:05AM the prosecution wrapped up their closing statement, Break until 10:20AM.

At about 11:00AM the jury was handed the case.

2:15PM - No word yet.

3:20PM - No word, no observer in court. Clerk reports no verdict yet, but I think it's possible that there is some delay between actual verdict and computer update.

4:10PM - Court office closes at 4pm  G#*%#!! Keep Checking the news for info. I'll report here when I know anything.

4:20PM - Just got word from Michael Stogner that the jury is finished for the day, but not done deliberating, and will be back in court tomorrow at 9:00AM.  (Thanks for keeping us so well posted for the past week, Michael!)


  1. Thanks for the updates, Deep. Wish there were more commenters on this site.

  2. I wonder if the prosecutor is regretting her actions in the first trial. She wouldn't be here if not for her horrible actions.
    You get what you ask for.