Thursday, June 30, 2011

New information in Merc News

New Information:

Joshua Melvin has published a new article in The Mercury News.

It seems that although the competency re-trial is scheduled for August 22, the DA will be deciding the week of July 18th if they intend to just accept ayres' "incompetence" claims.

As per usual, ayres' asshole defense weasel has "no comment" about the blood money he is accepting from ayres, who charged parents for the time he spent molesting their young boys. ayres may also have received money to assist in his defense from any number of dipshit sham shrinks in the area (like these incompetent, quack shrinks).

The asshole defense weasel supports his family with money that is earned via the pain of victims all over.

Good job defense weasel.

Go read the article.


  1. Off topic a bit, but congratulations to reporter Josh Melvin and his wife on the birth of their son, Elliott, on June 27, 2011.

  2. Melvin's article says:

    "District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said the decision should come the week of July 18. For now, attorneys have set an Aug. 22 date for the competency retrial.

    "I certainly understand the feeling that justice has not been able to be achieved in this case," he said. "That's how we feel too."

    Really, Steve? Why then, are so many parents of victims and victims coming forward now to say that the prosecutor on the case, Melissa Mckowan and the DA's office "never gave a s*** about the victims and are describing the prosecutor as "incompetent" "slipshod" "disorganized " and "highly unprofessional?"

    Most importantly: Why on earth would a DA's office keep a prosecutor on this case who was the subject of a internal investigation last fall because of allegations that she deliberately withheld inculpatory evidence about Ayres' training that would have proved Ayres' guilt and then tried to cover it up?

    Many observers of this fiasco are speculating that it's possible that the DA put Mckowan on the case and then failed to supervise her because they KNEW she'd blow the case. Perhaps San Mateo County Times Editor Glenn Rabinowitz is right in his theory that the DA doesn't want to win this case for fear of lawsuits against the County.

  3. Have you ever tried to sue a county? It may as well be a felonious offense to even think about filing a claim.

    No, what the county is really worried about is appeals and the overturning of all of those cases where youths were remanded into custody on the word of the pervert doctor, who probably threatened to withhold positive reports unless there was an appropriate production of youthful seminal fluid.

    Juvenile cases, CPS cases, every one of them that he has touched for years and years and years and years would be subject to judicial review -- and rightfully so.

    The already fiscally burdened county would collapse under the weight of this mess.

    Better to have all of the good old boys slap each other on the back, do a little "Oh, shit -- he's senile" wink-wink, nudge-nudge deal, with the side promise to Ayres that he won't get locked up, so that he keeps his trap shut.

  4. To Anonymous on July 1, 2011, 10:18 am:

    VERY astute comment. You nailed it.

    The headline for Josh Melvin's story in the Palo Alto Daily News today read,"DA May Drop Effort To Retry Ayres Case. "

  5. Defense counsel can only be said to receive blood money if she is paid with criminal proceeds or is being paid to facilitate an ongoing crime. That is not the case here.

    It is the adversity in our lives that defines is it is how we chose to live in response to it.

    Your own anger and obcession has gotten the best of you, not Ayres.

    Ayres is ancient history. Move on or do not, but don't blame some lawyer who has zero to do with your misery--which at this point you are wallowing in.

  6. ayres received the bulk of his income from patients in his private practice and from seeing referrals from the juvenile system, schools, and other county sources.

    ayres was not practicing medicine with many of the young boys he saw.

    ayres was molesting many of the boys he saw during the period of time that he was charging parents and the county for psychiatric treatment.

    Because ayres' primary earnings were inclusive of earnings from A) FRAUD and B) MOLESTATION, therefore the money that Jonathan McDougall is receiving (or expecting to receive) IS blood money.

    ayres is not suffering dementia to the point that he can assist in his own defense, and therefore ayres is engaging in an ongoing crime (more fraud) and he is pushing his attorney into dangerous territory in being an accessory to this fraud.

    Some corrections:
    "Your own anger and obcession has gotten the best of you, not Ayres."

    obsession not obcession

    I understand the attack you are trying to impart in this sentence, but the way you've phrased it makes no sense.

    ayres' lawyer is a HE not a SHE, as best we can tell. (But YOU actually knew this, didn't you?)

    On your comments:
    "It is the adversity in our lives that defines is it is how we chose to live in response to it."


    "Ayres is ancient history. Move on or do not, but don't blame some lawyer who has zero to do with your misery--which at this point you are wallowing in."

    Funny that you'd choose to talk about being defined by how we choose to live, while you're coming to MY blog to attack ME for being frank in my discussion about some patently evil folks.

    Looks like I'm not the only one who needs to get over myself. Being a lawyer is not something to be especially proud of.

  7. To Anonymous on July 9, 2011 , 8:50 am:

    Question: Have you ever been raped?

    Some of Ayres' victims were.

    Unless you were one of his victims , you have no business making comments about how they should deal with their trauma.

    And if you think this is "ancient history" then don't bother coming on to this site and talking nonsense.

  8. I can't believe how long this has gone on. It is truly a miscarriage of justice

  9. Anonymous @July 17, 2011 12:33 PM:

    Well, I suspect that it's about to get a whole lot worse.

    The DA has suggested that this week (Week of the 18th) they will be deciding what to do next.

    I won't be overly surprised if they wait until late Friday afternoon to make an announcement, if they even make an announcement.

  10. I was not an ayres victim but I was a victim. I was meant to be a writer and my abusers meant to porevent that by destroying my mind. For the most part they succeeded. I can function mostly by faking it but I cannot put most of my thoughts into words. It was my ability to do this that most angered my racist abusers.
    I mention this because it is the lack of persons with knowledge of the real affects of sex abuse combined with ability to express that in written word that allows this dismissal of victims in society to continue.
    Here I fully expect it is one of the perps friends posting dismissive things but in general we as a society in all cultures that I know of dismiss and minimize the victim of sexual assualt using ignorant phraseology and POV's to justify it.
    I had meant to be a champion of the people and as the result of my abuse ended up here in middle age just one more of the millions of victims of the Spartan ethic that permeates and undermines out nation and human society as a whole.
    I am thankful for people like Ms. Balfour and DeepSounding who can lend a voice to those of us left mute by the abuse, circumstance and lack of education.