Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Competency Trial Day Six - Morning Note

[Original Post by DS: 06/14/2011 9:45AM PST]
Some Notes for this morning:

- There is a new post from yesterday's testimony (6/13/2011) immediately below this one.
- Notes for today may be somewhat thin, and as last night, will not appear until later in the evening.

There is a new article in the paper about yesterday's testimony:
Joshua Melvin's story appears in the MercuryNews. Go read it! In the article, Melvin mentions that Amanda Gregory testified yesterday that ayres was upset about his mental problems:

 "He didn't want to be found not competent," Gregory said. "He wanted a trial so that he could be exonerated." 

My comments on this: 

The definition of exonerated includes such language as: "to relieve of responsibility" and  "to clear from accusation or blame" A trial will not achieve this for ayres.

A jury finding of "not guilty" only shows that the case was not convincing enough to convict based on information that the jury was ALLOWED to see, and that the jury was PRESENTED with in a way that is convincing (or not convincing) enough.

Unfortunately, a trial will not achieve the "exoneration" which ayres seeks.

ayres will still be morally responsible for the damage he has caused to so many, and the accusations and blame will still remain wholly intact.

ayres has already settled one civil lawsuit for a substantial sum of money. Were ayres interested in a trial so that he could be legally clear of charges, he could have achieved that goal years ago. That ship has long since sailed.

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