Thursday, June 16, 2011

Competency Trial Day Eight - In the News

NOTE: The jury is still deliberating. They will return tomorrow, Friday June 17, 2011 at 9AM to continue deliberation.

Joshua Melvin has posted this evening's article in the MercuryNews. Please go read it.

Joshua mentions that in McDougall's closing statement, he says:

"Step back and think of this as humans,"  "He's not competent to assist in defending himself in the most important (moment) of his life."

ayres is not human. One must have a soul to be human. ayres has already faced the most important moment in his life, and it was that moment in which he surrendered his soul to follow his perverse, prurient sexual fascination with the first young boy. he re-confirmed the surrender of his soul each and every time he selected a new young victim, and he did it even though he was trained to understand the bleak damage that it would cause his victims.  Over and over and over and over again, he demonstrated willingness to participate in Evil.

ayres is an empty husk, a bankrupt proposition: devoid of value. his life has long since been forfeit.

Personally, I hope the weight of the lie in McDougall's statement does not press on the hearts of the jury. They too, are innocent bystanders burdened by the evil that william ayres has wrought.


  1. Ayres especially needs to roast in hell for what he did to Mark Doe.

  2. On Day Seven of the competency trial, you reported that Dr. George Wilkenson "related a pair of questions that he asked ayres. In January, he asked ayres if he had any three wishes, what would the be. Ayres answers were: Legal problems solved, physical ailments solved, all of his lost cash back. "

    It's very telling that Ayres didn't include a wish to repair the broken relationship with his own daughter.

  3. My bet is that ayres started molesting boys when he was a teenager in Ohio.

  4. Ayres answers were: Legal problems solved, physical ailments solved, all of his lost cash back. "


  5. Wilkenson seemed to think that ayres' answers the second time around (Stop wars, help people be kind, social justice) were an indication that ayres' mental health was improving.

    I think that it shows that ayres has no mental impairment - He remembered that Wilkenson said that his first answers were selfish, and he modified his answers to more socially acceptable answers because he is driven by his narcissistic need to appear superior.

  6. So he decided to go with beauty pageant answers.

    Most folks also use "save the world" answers for job interviews.

    Also, it could be interpreted as sarcasim and pejorative.

    I'll bet on the later.