Friday, June 17, 2011

Competency Trial Day - Day 9 - Deliberation

Updates for Friday, June 17, 2011 whenever I can get them:

9:00AM Jury is scheduled to resume deliberation.

11AM Court clerk indicates jury is still in deliberation.

2:00PM Clerk reports that the last entry shows the Jury went to lunch. So no verdict yet.

3:00PM Jurors seen on break, back to work at 3PM.

4:00PM Michael Stogner reports that jurors are still at work, and appeared relaxed and seemed to be getting along with one another.  Court clerk line is now closed, If we are able to hear more from Mr. Stogner, we'll relay it to you.

4:PM Michael reports that the jury has left.

Looks like they'll be back on Monday. 


  1. Thanks for the updates. It is much appreciated!

  2. I second that Thank You SO much!

  3. I am guessing no verdict today.

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  5. Mark Doe: thinking of you today.